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Aquascapes 9 rate Have you always wanted a virtual aquarium? Well, check out this amazing hidden object/ aquarium simulation game, Aquascapes. Search for sellable items underwater to fund your creativity in aquascaping your aquarium. Don’t forget to take good care of your fishes too. Sounds like fun? Well, play Aquascapes today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you always wanted a virtual aquarium? Well, start aquascaping your virtual aquarium into something you can be proud of in Aquascapes. In this game, you’ll need to find hidden items underwater via the many hidden object scenes and the various scene types, such as diver mode, gold rush and silhouette. By selling off the items you’ve found, you can earn money to buy new fishes, backgrounds, background add-ons, and decorations to be placed in your fish tanks. Don’t forget to feed your fishes and take good care of them. Clean the aquarium whenever algae pop out and increase the beauty of your virtual aquarium to earn trophies. Sounds just like the game you’ve been looking for? Well, don’t wait – play Aquascapes today!


The game starts off by providing you with a nice tutorial that details the basics of keeping a virtual aquarium as well as how to play the many hidden object scenes in Aquascapes. The game is pretty simple to grasp, so beginners to the game can get started almost right away.

In Aquascapes, the way you can earn money is by going underwater in search of valuable items to turn into cash. The game features 2 game modes, namely “against the clock” (timed) or relaxed (untimed) modes, and also a lot of scenes. Amazingly, in this game, most of the hidden object scenes that you play are not even repeated... except when the scene mode is different.

Scene modes in this game are made up of 4 types. There’s the standard word list mode whereby you’re given a list of the names of the hidden objects that you’ll need to find. However, instead of just giving you objects’ names, sometimes you’ll get specific descriptions like “a circle with 4 holes”. For these phrases, you’ll need to scan the scene for anything that resembles the description. It can be rather challenging and yet it is a breath of fresh air from the usual routine of searching for hidden objects in a scene.

Besides the word list mode, the game also features the diver mode, gold rush and silhouette mode. In diver mode, you’ll just need to find 1 out of 3 items listed, but this process will be repeated for 10 rounds. For the gold rush mode, it requires you to search for all golden colored items in the scene. On the other hand, the silhouette mode should be familiar enough for experienced hidden object players. But for those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a scene mode that basically replaces all the names of the objects with their shadowy counterparts.

Besides searching for the hidden objects required, you can also find up to a maximum of 3 shells in each scene. These shells are important if you want to buy some of the more special fishes and items at the store later on as they function as a special form of currency.

Now that you have enough cash, it’s time to give your default aquarium a nice makeover! First thing first, you’ll need to buy some fishes. After all, an empty fish tank cannot actually be called a “fish tank” since there aren’t any fishes in it. It should be called a “tank” instead! Right, lame jokes aside, you can purchase all the fishes you’ll need at the in-game store. The store in Aquascapes offers up to 17 different species of beautiful and colorful fishes as well as 1 type of sea turtle.

Although you are allowed to choose the fishes’ gender when you buy them (and also their names), there aren’t any breeding options in this game, which is a tad bit unfortunate, but well, no matter. Now that your aquarium is populated, you should tend to your fishes by feeding them using the feeder provided and keeping the fish tank clean of any invading patches of algae using the sponge. Don’t let your pet fishes die on your watch now!

You should also check if they need anything else to make their stay as comfortable as you can. In Aquascapes, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to decorating your fish tank! There are a plethora of plants that you can place to color things up a bit, such as the odd types of corals and seaweeds. You can also place statues, pots and other ceramics, and castles depending on the theme of your background.

For backgrounds, the game has plenty of them (8, to be precise) as well, such as the Wild West themed or the graveyard themed. Each background has their respective add-ons that you can buy and add to the background too. There are no limits for decorations in this game, so do show off your creativity in the aquascape that you’re creating! There are also up to 8 fish tanks that you can own in this game. Interestingly, decorations aren’t only for show in Aquascapes. They will also increase the fish limit for your aquarium and they contribute to the beauty meter at the middle top part of the screen. By filling up that meter, you’ll earn more trophies! Of course, the game even has achievements that you can strive for.


Aquascapes is pretty popular among the Big Fish Games community due to the fame of the game series that it is part of (do you recall Farmscapes and Gardenscapes?). Anyway, like many other Big Fish Games’ games, the game itself doesn’t have a Facebook fan page where players can gather at. Instead, you might want to turn your sights over to the assigned forum section for Aquascape at Big Fish Games’ website. Who knows? You may make a few new aquascaper friends along the way!

Graphics/ Sound

Aquascapes features a pleasant and catchy music with a pirate-y theme. The music is pretty nice to listen to as you play the game. In terms of graphics, the game offers plenty of colorful and cartoony visuals that are similar to the other games in its game series. There’s also the same cool ripple effect when you click on your aquarium.


In short, Aquascapes features a fun and interesting hybrid between hidden object scenes and aquarium simulation. In this game, you can enjoy searching for valuable items to sell while diving underwater so you could earn enough money to create the aquascape that you desire! The game offers plenty of hidden object scenes and scene modes so the search for hidden objects doesn’t feel like a chore. Also, there are plenty of beautiful fishes, plants and decorations available in this game that you can buy to create whatever you can imagine that is suitable for a fish tank. It’s a really good game that is worth every cent that you spend on it. If you’re still unsure, go ahead and try the game’s demo and experience the game for yourself!

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by Aethyna Sep 14, 2015
Have you always wanted a virtual aquarium? Well, check out this amazing hidden object/ aquarium simulation game, Aquascapes. Search for sellable items underwater to fund your creativity in aquascaping your aquarium. Don’t forget to take good care of your fishes too. Sounds like fun? Well, play Aquascapes today! UFO under water in Aquascapes Aquascapes: aquarium Gold rush mode in Aquascapes Read More
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