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2D Mahjong Temple 8 rate The temple principle’s daughter was feeding the temple rabbit when she looked away for a brief second. The rabbit seized the chance at freedom and ran off... when the temple monks are conducting the morning prayers! Help her retrieve the runaway rabbit by playing levels of mahjong games in 2D Mahjong Temple! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The temple principle’s daughter was in charge of feeding the temple rabbit. However, when she looked away for the briefest of seconds after feeding him, the rascal ran off into the temple... and more so, when the temple monks are conducting the morning prayers! Help her retrieve the runaway rabbit by playing challenging levels of mahjong games. There are no hints available and you’ll have to play the level until you get it right. If this sounds like the mahjong game for you, well, hurry! Go after this long-eared rascal before something happens to him in 2D Mahjong Temple!


Mahjong games are, most of the time, fairly easy to play. In 2D Mahjong Temple, this is no different. In fact, taking the difficulty in solving most of the levels in this game into account, 2D Mahjong Temple can be considered as rather easy and beginner-friendly!

There are 2 game modes in this game – story mode and relaxed mode. Both modes are not time-based, though story mode will allow you to enjoy mahjong games of different layouts while the relaxed mode only provides you with 1 layout to play with. In story mode, there are up to 60 different layouts or levels, whereby you’ll be given a different background and soundtrack to listen to after you’ve completed every 10 levels.

Ready to play? Awesome! What you’ll need to do in this game, or any mahjong game, is to match pairs of tiles with the same pictures on them together in order to remove them from the pile of mahjong tiles that is called the “layout”. There are many different layouts in this game and some of them can be pretty hard to solve. If you fail a level, don’t give up! Keep trying again and again until you managed to solve the level!

Furthermore, tiles that are blocked, meaning that they have other tiles on top of them or if they are flanked by other tiles on both left and right sides, cannot be matched until the offending tiles are removed first. Thus, the best advice here is to remove tiles that stacked upon other tiles first and tiles that block other tiles second. The tallest stacked tiles should be your priority as they usually block important tiles underneath them. Also, if you see 2 same tiles side by side, it’s best, for most of the time, to split them up and use them separately.

There is also a combo meter in the form of a blue bar masquerading as the pillar of the statue at the right side of the screen. By matching tiles consecutively, you can keep the blue bar maxed out for as long as you can so to earn more golden carrots (score points). Therefore, in 2D Mahjong Temple, speed is not the main issue in scoring high amounts of points. Instead, you’ll need to rely on strategy in combining tiles, so you won’t get backed into a corner with no more moves, as well as getting the combo up at all times.

Not to mention, your goal in 2D Mahjong Towers is very simple. You just need to remove all the mahjong tiles from the playing field by matching them up. As mentioned, although the layouts in this game are generally easy to solve, some levels can be deviously tricky and rather challenging. For these tough levels, once you ran out of valid moves and your layout is not yet solved, it’s game over for you. Thus, sometimes, multiple replays are a necessary part of the game as you’ll need to get through your current level before you can access any other levels.

There may be times when you get so frustrated over a particularly tough level to the point of giving up. Well, hold on for a moment. You don’t have to give up just yet as 2D Mahjong Temple provides useful helpers to give you a hand. There’s an undo button that will only pop up once you start to play. You can only undo your most recent move once though, so you won’t be able to undo the entire game back to its original layout in order to start over (well, you can just quit and replay the level if so).

Besides undo, the game also provides a hint when you’re idle for too long. The game will highlight, with blue swirls, an existing match of tiles on the board for you. There is even a free reshuffle button that you can use when you think you’re almost out of moves to make. Do take note that you can use this button provided that you are not yet stuck. This is because if you’re truly stuck, the game will automatically flash the “game over” sign for you and end the game. Instead, to use this button efficiently, you should use it perhaps 1 match prior to getting stuck, so the game won’t end on you and you’ll get a chance to salvage and perhaps win the game.


There are more than 46 thousand likes on Mahjong Towers’ Facebook fan page! This number may seem small in comparison to “triple A” casual game titles on Facebook, but it’s a pretty respectable number for a niche-based mahjong game. Although the game is still rather active as of current, the fan page seems to be abandoned by the admin of the page. Nonetheless, if you fancy chatting with your fellow players, there are still quite a few recent posts there by players that you can comment on.

Graphics/ Sound

2D Mahjong Temple has really nice and crisp graphics. The mahjong stones or tiles are very well defined and the patterns on them are very nice-looking. In terms of music, the game provides an oriental-styled piano tune that is pleasant and soothing to listen to. Moreover, different soundtracks are provided for different “locations” (or stages) in the game. So, you’ll at least get to listen to 6 different yet similarly themed tunes in 2D Mahjong Temple.


In conclusion, 2D Mahjong Temple is a fairly simplistic yet fun-filled and challenging mahjong game that mahjong players of any level of proficiency can enjoy! Although it is not at all competitive, the game provides plenty of different mahjong layouts in story mode for you to enjoy as well as a relaxed mode to... well, relax! Unlike some other mahjong games that provide customization, this game sadly lacks this feature. However, the game has a set of very beautifully designed tiles and excellent music to serenade you as you play the game. If you need help with any levels, there are several options you can use to, hopefully, turn a doomed level into a successful one. Sound like something you’d enjoy? Well, what are you waiting for then? Play 2D Mahjong Temple now!

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New Game Added: 2D Mahjong Temple

by Aethyna Aug 5, 2015
The temple principle’s daughter was feeding the temple rabbit when she looked away for a brief second. The rabbit seized the chance at freedom and ran off... when the temple monks are conducting the morning prayers! Help her retrieve the runaway rabbit by playing levels of mahjong games in 2D Mahjong Temple! Arrow in 2D Mahjong Temple 2D Mahjong Temple: Beautiful tiles Relaxed mode in 2D Mahjong Temple Read More
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