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Bomb You – A New Era of Shooting Games

Experience a tactical shooting game like no other with Bomb You! Bomb You – A New Era of Shooting Games

Game Hollywood announces that their brand new 3V3 tactical shooting game Bomb You has been featured by Google Play. The game has been featured only 2 weeks after it’s official launch.

Bomb You has opened a new era of shooting games in Brazil. The multi-hero system will attract the players who like strategy in their games. To become the top in the Arena won’t be easy, players must master all the exclusive and unique skills of their heroes.

Since the game launched, the community has grown incredibly quickly and Bomb You players are joining the game’s group and page on Facebook and sharing their best strategies to advance in the game together.

The tournament Torneio Bomb You 2018 has just started. The players who participate will have the chance to win a cash price and in-game rewards worth more than 10,000 brl. This will be the real battle among the best players. Some influencers are participating too, Sidao do Game, Adeh, Ei Nerd and more are joining Bomb You as ambassadors. They will participate in events, battle with other players and do Live streaming sessions on their Facebook and YouTube channels. They will share their best strategies and cheer for the players to win the tournament.

Bomb You brings back shooting action and strategic battles. A wide array of heroes with unique strengths and skills will be the players’ allies to win in the battlefield. Also, there are several game modes to choose from. Its high-quality graphics run smoothly thanks to the advanced game engine that will assure you to bring the ultimate shooting gaming experience! Create your ultimate team and enter the adventure!

Game Features
1. Build your team with 4 kinds of Heroes: Archer, Assassin, Warrior, and Mage.
2. Multi heroes 3v3: Control 3 heroes with different skills in one battle.
3. Competitive Multiplayer PVP Arena: Prove your strength and climb to the top of the rankings.
4. Collect War Souls to make super combos.
5. Multiple training: different ways to enhance your heroes.
6. Exclusive skins for every Hero help you improve both appearance and power.
7. Build your unbreakable Fortress and conquer others’.
8. Battle Live Stream: Share your adventure with players from all around the world.
9. PVE: Battle against monsters in a thrilling adventure.
10. Guild System
11. In game events with rewards for everyone.

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