Wild Terra's Exciting Major Update 8.22

by Aethyna Feb 1, 2017
This major update brings a ton of new features, including new monsters, game mode, siege mechanics and more! Wild Terra's Exciting Major Update 8.22 Read More

Valentine Arrives Early in ourWorld!

by Aethyna Jan 31, 2017
Check out the amazing load of Valentine-themed goodies that await you in ourWorld! Valentine Arrives Early in ourWorld! Read More

New Game Added: Zone4

by Richard Jan 31, 2017
Choose from different fighting styles ranging from striking to grappling and fight your way to the top in Zone4! Battle against evil fighters that terrorize the city or challenge other real players in a competitive match through the game's ranked tournaments. It’s time to prove your skills in Zone4... do you think you can make it? Zone4: Gameplay Character select in Zone4 Zone4: Players' shops in town Read More

New Game Added: Florensia

by Richard Jan 11, 2017
Florensia is a fantasy based MMORPG that allows you to explore its massive world on land or at sea. Featuring a deep skill system and a good range of character classes to play with, players will be conquering the dungeons and high seas. You can even customize your personal ship to your liking. Florensia: Escaping from a huge sea creature Character selection in Florensia Florensia: Cute chick mount Read More

New Article Added: Roblox vs Minecraft

by Aethyna Jan 17, 2017
While both Roblox and Minecraft are equally popular in their respective free-to-play and buy-to-play fields, this article will attempt to answer the age-old question of whether Minecraft is better than Roblox and vice versa. Roblox vs Minecraft preview image Read More

New Game Added: Anarchy Online

by Richard Jan 11, 2017
Anarchy Online is a classic MMORPG which was the first sci-fi-themed MMO of its time back in 2001. It is one of the known MMORPGs that introduces unique quests, instance missions and in-game advertisements. It also focuses on a deeper character development with its skill enhancements. Anarchy Online: Piloting your spacecraft Holiday themed costumes and vehicles in Anarchy Online Anarchy Online: The dreaded boss, Pandemonium the beast Read More

New Game Added: Versus: Battle of The Gladiator

by Richard Jan 10, 2017
Versus: Battle of the Gladiator is an online action game that is heavily utilized for player versus player battles. Featuring classic characters of gladiators, knights and samurais fighting against each other in a classic gladiatorial deathmatch. It also features different equipment and mods as well as skill customizations. Versus: Combat begins Waiting for battle in Versus Versus: Team deathmatch Read More

Ellipsis is Now on Steam!

by Aethyna Jan 26, 2017
Can't get enough of Ellipsis on your mobile? Well, you'll love it even more now that you can play it on your PC! Ellipsis is Now on Steam! Read More

New Game Added: Silkroad-R

by Aethyna Jan 26, 2017
Explore a vast and breathtaking world by travelling on the legendary Silkroad and fighting off various creatures and enemies that have made a living out of killing and eating travelers or pillaging the traders’ caravans in this amazingly timeless 3D MMORPG. Will you be the guardian or the scourge of the Silkroad? Silkroad-R: Beautiful graphics at mid resolution Taking a quest in Silkroad-R Silkroad-R: Cool costumes Read More

New Game Added: Warface

by Richard Jan 25, 2017
Warface is a MMOFPS game that's set in an alternate modern world. It has similar gameplay to popular modern shooters, and features different game modes to cater for both single player and multiplayer. Sounds fun? Leap into battle now and coordinate with your team to win the match! Warface: Getting a kill Team assist in Warface Warface: Premium graphics Read More
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