Check Out StumblePlay for your Next Game!

by Adeaphon Sep 2, 2015
If you are looking for a new game then check out the brilliant StumblePlay where you can find your next game with just 1 click. Check Out StumblePlay for your Next Game! Read More

Support Goliath on Kickstarter

by Aethyna Sep 2, 2015
Inspired by indie survival games like Don’t Starve, robot games like MechWarrior and co-op games like Borderlands, Whalebox Studios has come up with this amazing mashup game, Goliath. Read on to find out more! Wooden Goliath vs Giant boar Read More

New Game Added: Shaiya

by Aethyna Sep 2, 2015
Choose to join the Vail and the Deatheaters under the banner of the Goddess of Darkness or rally with the Elves and Humans under the guidance of the Goddess of Light in this timeless MMORPG, Shaiya! Participate in exciting PvP events and tournaments or group up with other players in fun-filled raids. Try it today! White tiger mount in Shaiya Shaiya: Raid Dragon horse mount in Shaiya Read More

New Game Added: Deepolis

by Aethyna Aug 23, 2015
Deep underneath the ocean, a deadly war rages between 3 powerful confederations – the Nauts, the Scions and the Jafnhar, in Deepolis. Explore depths of the ocean and complete randomly assigned quests. Collect and sell resources to earn money to purchase new and better submarines. Sounds fun? Well, play now! Underwater base in Deepolis Deepolis: Skonos Combat in Deepolis Read More

New Game Added: Farm Tour

by Aethyna Aug 23, 2015
Match up 3 or more ready-to-be-harvested veggies on the board for a chance of getting super veggies or even better... the pink flower. These powered veggies will come in handy particularly against the many obstacles in the game. Need some help? There are many boosters that you can buy as well! Vertically striped veggie in Farm Tour Farm Tour: Pink flower Ice tiles in Farm Tour Read More

Support Divinity: Original Sin 2 on Kickstarter

by Aethyna Aug 31, 2015
If you’re enjoyed Divinity: Original Sin before, then you’ll already know how great the game was and are now excited over this exciting sequel. However, if you have yet to experience this incredible game series, you’ll definitely want to check it out! Divinity: Original Sin 2 Read More

New Game Added: Zoo Mumba

by Aethyna Aug 21, 2015
Set up your very own virtual zoo by building animal habitats and populating them, with a variety of animals. Take good care of them and you can even breed them later on. Place additional buildings and booths while ensuring that your zoo is clean at all times to keep your visitors coming back for more! Pond in Zoo Mumba Zoo Mumba: Welcome to the zoo Refreshments in Zoo Mumba Read More

New Survey Added: Favorite Dinosaur in Dino Storm

by Aethyna Aug 14, 2015
Love riding around on your dinosaur mount in Dino Storm? Which one of the following is your favorite? Favorite Dinosaur in Dino Storm - Survey Option 1 Favorite Dinosaur in Dino Storm - Survey Option 2 Favorite Dinosaur in Dino Storm - Survey Option 3 Read More

New Game Added: Pirate's Solitaire 3

by Aethyna Aug 21, 2015
Set off on an exciting adventure in search of the infamous Captain Flint’s treasure in this solitaire game based on Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island classic, Pirate’s Solitaire 3! Engage in levels of solitaire via the in-game match-2 mechanic. Challenge yourself and play the "Sea Dog" difficulty as well. Try it now! 2 arches in Pirate's Solitaire 3 Pirate's Solitaire 3: Joker card Starfish in Pirate's Solitaire 3 Read More

Support Eco on Kickstarter

by Aethyna Aug 28, 2015
Collaborate with other players to build a civilization in a finite shared world by keeping the world as sustainable as possible in Eco! Eco Read More
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