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One of the hottest names in the Gaming world today. Presented to you is a quick review of the company that brought you Prince of Persia, Assassins creed, Rayman and many more. WWGDB - Ubisoft Entertainment

Who are they?
Founded on March 1986 by five brothers of the Guillemot family in the village of Morbihan France, Ubisoft was founded as a game distributer, initially just in France for EA Games, Sierra Online and MicroProse. By the end of the 80s, Ubisoft expanded to U.S, U.K and Germany. In the Early 90s, Ubisoft expanded further into game development and by the late 90s had put their main emphasis on Online gaming.
Ubisoft's HQ sits in Montreuil, France and the company employs approximately 9,200 people in dozens of studios and subsidiaries. Ubisoft is one of the biggest game companies in the world and was the fourth highest grossing game company in 2013 following Nintendo, Blizzard Entertainment and EA with a yearly revenue of 1.007 Billion Euro in 2013.
During their History, Ubisoft had bought “The Learning Company” Entertainment division which gave Ubisoft the rights for properties such as “Prince of Persia” and “Myst”, also Ubisoft purchased the “Driver” franchise from Atari and “South Park: Stick of Truth” from THQ. Ubisoft Acquired Massive Entertainment from Activion and “Hybride Technologies” company.

Prince of Persia

What do they do?
Ubisoft has a diverse game spectrum but mainly focused on “Boy oriented” games. Most of Ubisofts biggest franchises are action oriented aimed Mostly for PC’s and Consoles.
Some of the biggest Franchises out there belonging to Ubisoft:
Rainbow Six (Shooter game), Assassins Creed (Action RPG), Far Cry (First Person Shooter), Just Dance (Dancing game for consoles), Rayman (Platform), Anno Online (Strategy game), Driver (Racing Game), Price of Persia (Action RPG/Platform) and formally Heroes of Might and Magic (Strategy)
In Addition, Ubisoft has it's online store and game platform named Uplay, competing against the highly popular Steam Platform.


What does the future hold?
Ubisoft is still one of the biggest names in gaming as of today. Many of their franchises are well known and loved. However, Ubisoft gets a lot of criticism about their Uplay service and the DRM system they implemented, allowing you to install a game merely 3 times before it is locked for you, causing troubles for many users around the globe.
We can expect more games and DLCs in "Assassins Creed" and Far Cry Franchises. We’ll see another “Brother in Arms” and “Rainbow six” games coming in 2015. You’ll probably hear about “The Crew” a new installment resembling the Need for Speed games.
We expect to see more games in the “Raymond” and “Prince of Persia” Franchises in the near future as well.


A few games from Ubisoft we love and are newly released (or in open Beta):
Assassins Creed Unity (Action) – Historically fascinating and Action packed.
Rayman Legends – Fun for the entire family
Anno – A RTS game in the near future, resembling the Civilization games.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon – a Futuristic MMO FPS.
Watchdog - A brand new Action open-world with stunning graphics.

If you want more games from Ubisoft, you can check out Ubisoft games list on WWGDB.

Ubisoft is noted for having a female team of developers/testers known as the “Frag Dolls”

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