10 Things Hardcore Gamers Miss

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Here in WWGDB we took upon ourselves the challenge of reminding you younger fellas and nostalgic old gamers (as ourselves), the top 10 things about games that disappeared over the ages, or at least stopped getting the deserved spotlight in games today. WWGDB - 10 Things Hardcore Gamers Miss

1. Games Being Hard
Back then: There used to be levels in games your couldn't pass for days!
If you didn't have the precise timing, click down fast enough, sacrifice yourself on a purple death orb (We're looking at you Dave 1!) - you needed to do it over, and over, and over - Until you made it.
There was no such thing as a "difficulty level", There was just the game itself.
Today: even the "Hard" levels aren't really difficult.


2. Single Player Mode
Back then: Most Games were focused on Single Player mode, letting you play anytime without having to socialize with a 11 year old boy from Taiwan and a 65 year old from Croatia.
Today: Some games have 3 levels of Single Player, and hundreds of maps for Multiplayer.

3. Gameplay
Back then: Due to bad graphics, game developers had to put a special emphasis on good gameplay, Interesting things to do, New game mechanics.
That's how we got the first C&C, Wolfenstein, Heores of Might and Magic and many more new game genres!
Today: Oh! Look! Stunning 3D graphics!

4. Being Offline
Back then: You used to install a game, and just go ahead and play it! it was there on your PC. and then - The DRM nation attacked!
Today: games that don't even require you being online (Aham, Diablo 3) demands you'll be connected to Steam/Battle.net/Uplay/etc. Slowing the game, having connection issues and god forbid if the Internet's down you can't play!

WOW Queue

5. Story Telling
Back then: Plot used to be a big thing back in the good old days.
Quests ruled the land, and even RTS games such as Warcraft (not world of), invested greatly in a good story and interesting characters.
Today: Bang! Pow! Anyone said 3D Graphics?!
(To be fair - there are games with good story telling, but they usually fall in the gameplay department)

6. Buying a Whole Game
Back then: There was a time when you bought a game, and you'd get the entire game you paid for.
You'd Buy the floppy/CD, install the game on your computer, play it for 0.5-2 years and wish you'll get a sequel one day.
Today: You buy a game, it's 3 DLCs and the special Pre-purchase pack. 3 months later the 2 new DLC and 3 more characters separately sold, and so on every few months.


7. 2D Graphics
Back then: Quest for Glory, GTA 3, Mortal Kombat, Civilization and more showed us how cool 2D graphics can be. you can do extremely awesome stuff with this. and as seen with Telltale games - a more 2D direction, even for a 3D game - works like a charm.
Today: It's not a real game if it's not 3D!

8. Winning the game as the Objective
Back then: You had to step on turtles, eat mushrooms and defeat the bad guy.
Today: Achievement Unlocked - achieved 20 achievements!

9. Single game type
Back then: If you were playing a shooter game, you'd shoot. If you played a RTS - you'd conquer.
Today: it's a farm-RTS-roleplay game, where you build armies of orcs to harvest cabbages to build cities.

10. Cheat codes
Back then: Your game used to suck if you couldn't be in God Mode, get all the weapons or wouldn't die from falls. ADDQD guys! IT IS A GOOD DAY TO DIE!

That's our top 10 reasons why games used to be more fun.
Disagree with our list? Want to share your frustration? Have your own list? Tell us in the comments!

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