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Zone4 8 rate Choose from different fighting styles ranging from striking to grappling and fight your way to the top in Zone4! Battle against evil fighters that terrorize the city or challenge other real players in a competitive match through the game's ranked tournaments. It’s time to prove your skills in Zone4... do you think you can make it? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Zone4 is a massively multiplayer online action brawler game that features a classic gameplay of beat ‘em ups that were popular in the arcades. You can get to pick a character and select your preferred fighting style that are unique to each other and you can perform different set of combos from juggles to throws. It also has a variety of game modes that caters to both casual and competitive players such as PvP ranked battles up to arcade solo missions.


The game tells the story of the Zone4 as one of the premiere fighting capital where it held its Free Fighting Championships which was founded by the legendary martial artists Roddy Hart. Once attracted by the best fighters around the world, it has now been infested by corrupt fighters who are exploiting the tournament with drug abuses, gambling and cheating. As a result, Zone4 has become a ground zero for mysterious deaths to famous fighters. But a small band of fighters are trying to fight back against the corrupt and restore the once respected city once again.


Zone4 features a beat ‘em up type of gameplay, which is a popular multiplayer game in the arcades. You can get to roam in areas surrounded by enemy units, you will fight your way through to clear the enemy to complete the stage. You can fight them alone or with other players to easily defeat the enemies. In some cases there will be bosses at the end of the stage where you must defeat it in order to complete the area.

In the game, you start off by picking your preferred character, there are six characters to choose from which only provides different appearances as there are no significant differences in stats whoever you pick. The only thing that will have any significant impact on the gameplay is when you select your preferred fighting style, you pick either a Street style or a Rush style; Street style involves more on striking attacks where landing perfect combos can be extremely deadly while Rush are for grab attacks that are rather devastating if you managed to accurately catch your target. Each of the style has four sub categories of fighting styles, where each provides different move sets and you can switch to a different style once you reach level 10.

The controls are somewhat different, instead of the standard WASD for the movement, you will be using the directional keys on your keyboard, and the ASD are for performing actions in the game (A for counter and evade, S for grab moves and D for strike moves). The F acts as an item pick up action that lets you pick loot or weapons that are scattered in the area. Q, W, and E are for your special attacks, you can only perform these actions if your power meter is high and they are a good form of counter attack when got pinned on a combo or a good finisher to your combo. The number keys act as your shortcuts to items such as healing potions.

You can land different kind of combos, where you can use the directional keys to change the type of attack or combining it with grab attacks, you can also end your combo with a combo finisher or ultimate finisher to land more devastating damage to your opponents. Evading attacks will help you avoid damage from incoming attacks and if you time your evasion before an attack hits you, you can land a counterattack move that will damage your opponent and leave them for an opening.

You can get to try different game modes by roaming around the map in Zone4, you can get to interact with other NPCs to buy equipment or items, and even get your quests where you can earn rewards. There are two modes that you can take, the PvP for those who are into friendly or competitive matches against real players, or the Arcade mode where you fight enemy AIs in classic beat ‘em up style whether you fight alone or with other real players.


There are a lot of active players in Zone4, so you won’t ran out of players to play and interact with. The map also acts as a public hub where players can meet up with other fellow players for quests, friendly matches and even buying player-sold items. The Clan system is also present where you can join clans for exclusive perks and fighting other rival groups in PvP tournaments.

Graphics/ Sound

Zone4 has cartoony, cel-shaded visuals to provide a light-hearted theme, and it reminiscence to the classic beat ‘em up games that are colourful, animations are also smooth and spot on the well-known martial arts moves. The music features some modern hip-hop vibe which provides a chill-out mood on the lobby and map section and an intense beat during battles.


Zone4 is a fun multiplayer game where you can play with your friends in a classic beat ‘em game or challenge other players in either 1 on 1 or team battles. Though the controls may need some tweaking such as the ability to remap the keys to the players’ comfort. If you are into classic beat ‘em up games, you will going to enjoy Zone4 whether you play all by yourself or with your friends.

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by Richard Jan 31, 2017
Choose from different fighting styles ranging from striking to grappling and fight your way to the top in Zone4! Battle against evil fighters that terrorize the city or challenge other real players in a competitive match through the game's ranked tournaments. It’s time to prove your skills in Zone4... do you think you can make it? Zone4: Gameplay Character select in Zone4 Zone4: Players' shops in town Read More
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