Zombies Ate My Pizza

by Aethyna
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Zombies Ate My Pizza 8 rate Play as 1 of 2 classes in this cheese-eating zombie-infested world and help your military team clear out zombies from critical strategic zones! Cash in on some money in the process and buy new and much powerful weapons as well as armor! It’s a man-eating world out there... can you survive? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you have plenty of penned up rage against zombies after watching the latest episode of the Walking Dead or any similar TV series or movie, you’ll surely love this crazy arcade-like shooter/RPG game, Zombies Ate My Pizza! In this cheese-eating zombie-infested world, you are a part of a team of elite military personnel, who are trying to survive and scavenge for supplies. Play as 1 of 2 classes and help them clear out zombies from critical strategic zones while cashing in on some money in the process to buy new and much powerful weapons as well as armor! Be careful of zombie bosses though – they do pack quite a punch! It’s a man-eating world out there in Zombies Ate My Pizza and you’ll need all your wits to shoot your way through the hordes of zombies while carrying out vita military missions for the greater good!


To start playing, you’ll have to choose between the 2 classes available – grenadier or trooper. Grenadier wields weapons that harness the devastating electromagnetic radiation and are masters of crowd control and healing skills. Troopers, on the other hand, are strong and fast, and are able to target enemies with blazing speed, delivering their lethal strikes quicker than the eye can blink! Although you are not provided any option to customize your character, you can choose between getting a male or a female character. Don’t worry too much about your choices though, if you didn’t like your created character, you could just hop over to a new server and play a new character!

The controls in Zombies Ate My Pizza are really easy to grasp since it is fairly arcade-like. You’ll be using WASD to move your character and left clicking to shoot using your main gun... or, if you prefer, you can just hold that button down to start spewing bullets! Sa you progress, you’ll be given a side arm which will automatically start shooting at any nearby zombies whenever you stop firing using your main gun. This feature does make the game a tad bit automated, but it does help out a lot, especially when you’re too busy running around trying to dodge all the incoming projectiles.

During combat, your bullets will also automatically regenerate at a rather fast pace, so technically, you’ll never run out of bullets, but you do have to give it some time to regenerate. Oh and let’s not forget about the various unique abilities that each class has! These abilities are usually very powerful and can potentially take down quite a lot of zombies, if you aim it right, at the same time! However, these abilities have their own cooldowns, so you unfortunately cannot spam them.

Like any MMORPG, Zombies Ate My Pizza contains plenty of quests for you to complete. Quests in this game have auto-pathing and usually involve going on missions in various locations. Missions cost stamina to play, but if you managed to complete the mission, you’ll get experience points, money and souls. Not to mention, you don’t just mindlessly kill all the zombies in the zone. Instead, there are some pretty interesting special zombies that make each battle so engaging! For instance, there are zombies that can suddenly pop shields, making them much tougher to kill and there are zombies that can launch spells at you from a distance.

At the end of every mission, you’ll usually encounter a boss zombie. Bosses in this game have multiple health bars and all of them have special abilities, making them truly hard to take down sometimes, especially if you want to try to get hit as little as possible. Thus, here’s a quick tip - don’t make your character step in or go near anything that looks remotely dangerous. Oh and some of them even have a berserk timer, so if you encountered one of these bosses, it might be best to just forsake any idea of dodging incoming spells and take those bosses down... pronto!

After you’ve successfully completed a mission manually, you can then “blitz” it while you’re offline. Blitz here means that your character will automatically run through the mission again and again until the stamina you’ve allocated runs out. This is a great way for you to burn through your stamina quickly and let your character earn some experience if you didn’t have much time to play on that day. Moreover, Zombies Ate My Pizza contains plenty of locations for you to enjoy massacring zombies in, ranging from the many rooms on the airship “headquarters” to the many sections in a strategic military base that your team wants to capture. These locations contain items or a specially designed layout that you can use to your advantage during combat as well! For instance, you can shelter behind walls and barricades to avoid getting hit by enemy spells and you can even shoot at a gas cylinder so it will explode, taking along with it a horde of zombies... just don’t be too close when that happens or you’ll be injured too!

As you level up, you’ll face tougher zombies. You’ll then need to ensure that your battle rating is good enough to take on those zombies or you’ll be annihilated by the zombies... that’s for sure! There are plenty of ways for you to improve your character’s battle rating, including equipping superior gear and weapons or upgrading your weapons using souls you’ve earned from missions and upgrading your armor using gold. You can even socket gems into your items to gain additional attribute bonuses.

Don’t forget to invest the skill points you get every time you leveled up into your skill tree too! Do take some risk and experiment a little to find the perfect build for you. After all, you will get a free reset before level 35 and that’s when you should be more serious in deciding where to put your skill points! There is also a gene system that can be used to greatly increase player battle rating by granting attribute bonuses too.

What’s the point of getting your character buffed up without getting the chance to show off your skills as well, right? You can have fun dueling other players in arena, cross-server arena or even massive militia wars. There are also world bosses and other events that you can participate in if you’re not a fan of PvP. Besides these features, the game offers a whole lot of other features which you can eventually unlock, including titles and amazingly... wings!


The community in Zombies Ate My Pizza is rather large – there are 150 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. If you enjoy meeting and playing with your new friends, well, you can head over to the fan page or you could also go to the game’s forums at R2 Games’ site as well! Besides adding friends, you could even get followers in Zombies Ate My Pizza! Who knows? If you’re good enough in this game, there might be people who are interested to “follow” (not in a literal sense) you!

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Zombies Ate My Pizza is very upbeat and contains a sense of foreboding and urgency which is perfect for games with a zombie apocalypse theme! The sound has quite a nice variety as well since the game provides a different music while you’re at the headquarters. This new music is more inspirational and is rather nice to listen to. The graphics in this game aren’t comparable to some of the other browser-based games, but it’s pretty good in a “retro” way. It is also possible that the graphics are designed in such a way in order to emulate and pay homage those arcade shooter games of old.


In a nutshell, Zombies Ate My Pizza is an arcade-like MMO shooter/RPG game that has only 2 character classes for you to play with but it has a crazy shoot-everything type of gameplay. The best part is that some of the zombies can even “shoot” back by throwing fireballs or toxic blobs your way! Its boss fights are truly challenging, particularly if you want to minimize the damage your character will take, and if you managed to take it down and complete the mission, you’ll be well-rewarded! To be strong in this game, you should keep increasing your battle rating... this means plenty of weapon and armor upgrades using souls and gold respectively, investing skill points into skill tree, purchasing superior gear and earning plenty more attribute bonuses via other unique methods, like through the gene system or by obtaining a pair of wings! So, are you ready to blast your way through hordes of ravenous zombies in Zombies Ate My Pizza?

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New Game Added: Zombies Ate My Pizza

by Aethyna Jun 10, 2015
Play as 1 of 2 classes in this cheese-eating zombie-infested world and help your military team clear out zombies from critical strategic zones! Cash in on some money in the process and buy new and much powerful weapons as well as armor! It’s a man-eating world out there... can you survive? Using ability in Zombies Ate My Pizza Zombies Ate My Pizza: Zeus Boss battle in Zombies Ate My Pizza Read More
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