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XIII - Lost Identity 9 rate Pursued by mysterious strangers who want to do him harm and wanted for the assassination of the President of the USA, XIII's life becomes a whirl of conspiracy and intrigue, more so when he lost his memory after recovering from a murder attempt! Help XIII find his identity while unveiling the secret behind "the Black Sun"! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pursued by mysterious strangers who want to do him harm and wanted for the assassination of the President of the United States of America, XIII's life becomes a whirl of conspiracy and intrigue, more so when he lost his memory after recovering from a murder attempt! Join XIII in his quest in XIII – Lost Identity to find his true self by searching for clues in the many important scenes he visits in the game. Then, piece together the clues through the many different types of mini-games in the game! Don’t forget that XIII is being hunted by many unknown villains in the game and it’s up to you to defend XIII from deadly attacks! Help XIII find his identity while unveiling the secret behind "the Black Sun" in this mysterious hidden object adventure game, XIII – Lost Identity!


The story in XIII – Lost Identity is based off on a comic book series of a similar title. In the story, an elderly couple that goes by the names of Abe and Sally found you while on one of their many morning walks at the outskirts of a rural town in the middle of nowhere in North America. You were severely injured from a bullet wound in your head and your killer/s has left you for dead. Thankfully, it happens that in the rural town, there’s a retired surgeon, Martha, living there and she is the couple’s friend. With Martha’s help, you regain consciousness and have survived the ordeal… but at a cost, you’ve lost your memory and your identity – head wounds often cause that!

You tried finding your past by racking your brains as you imposed on the hospitality of the kind couple, but it seems your past came looking for you! One day, after a fishing trip with Martha, you are shot at by an unknown man, and in response, you deftly and instinctively took him down. Rushing into your benefactors’ house, you discovered that Abe and Sally were killed by those men. Now that you know your past is tied to something much more dangerous, you will have to find out what your past is more urgently than ever, lest more of the Samaritans who helped you are placed in harm’s way again. Thanking Martha for her help, you set off to the big city with a photo that the assailant had on him when he attacked you to discover your identity and past… but you didn’t know you’ll be getting more than what you’ve bargained for!


The game starts off with a very intriguing dialogue to get the mystery of the story running. XIII – Lost Identity provides a short text-based tutorial to help those of you who have not played a hidden object game before. There are also, thankfully, tutorials for each of its many mini-games.

As it is a hidden object game, you’ll need to use your power of observation to locate all the different items of interest in your list, which is displayed at the bottom, in the hidden object scene provided. Just click to pick the item up. There are other “modes” of to the hidden object gameplay. Instead of lists of items, sometimes, you are given silhouettes or a request to find X number of a particular item. Most scenes are recycled (replayed) at least twice and thus, unlike the free-to-play versions of hidden object games, you won’t need to replay a scene over and over just to get that “5 stars”.

In XIII – Lost Identity, you will be penalized if you click several times on a specific area on the hidden object scene that does not contain the object/s you seek. If that’s the case, the screen will go dark for a few seconds and you won’t be able to find any items within that period of time. There is also a zoom function to allow you to see smaller objects more clearly, as well as a feature that enables you click and hold to move the scene around so you can collect some of the hidden objects that are at the very edge of the screen more easily.

If you have any difficulty with finding an object, there’s a helpful “clue” button at the bottom left corner of the screen. The clue will reveal one random item in your list by highlighting it out using some sort of radar. Once you’ve used a clue, you will have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. However, you may notice that there’s a number stated on the clue button. This indicates the number of clues you have… and that number is limited. These clues are shared across the many scenes in the entire game, so be sure not to blow off all your clues in the first few scenes, leaving almost nothing for the rest of the scenes!

Nonetheless, there’s a couple of ways you can earn extra clues which will be added to the total number of clues you have in XIII – Lost Identity. One of them is by searching for the bonus object, which is technically in the form of a golden star. Find that and you’ll earn a free clue! However, for timed games, finding the star will instead reward you with extra time!

The second way is by completing the game’s many mini-games, such as jigsaw, tap and shoot, match-3 and sliding blocks, successfully. Each mini-game you managed to complete will give you 2 extra clues. In jigsaw, you’ll need to move and rotate the pieces in order to make them all fit with each other and to reveal the final picture or letter. The controls in this mini-game can be a bit clunky since you’ll need to press the rotate icon before you can rotate and then click on the move icon to move the piece after rotating it. In tap and shoot, you’ll need to fight off the people trying to kill XIII in a shootout. This mini-game depends heavily on your quick reflexes as well as hand-eye coordination as the enemies will pop up randomly in different locations on your screen and you’ll need to click on them to shoot back as quickly as you can! If you hit the target, you’ll earn 20 points and if you miss, you’ll lose 10 points.

The Match-3 game is pretty much the same as any other match 3 games with the exception that its controls aren’t as fluid. Click 2 adjacent pieces to swap their positions and try to get matches of 3 or more tiles of the same color in order to collect them. Collect the required number of tiles to win! For sliding blocks, you’ll need to shift pieces around so that the important piece can be moved from the starting position to the exit. Some items, or in this case, obstacles, are fixed though and you cannot move them. Thus, you’ll need to make use of the gaps in between to move your pieces and make sure that gap is not blocked by any of the pieces.

The mini-games in XIII – Lost Identity are generally fun, but sometimes they can get rather frustrating as its controls are rather clumsy and occasionally downright unresponsive. These games can get really challenging as well. Therefore, you are given the option of getting some help, which will require you to wait for at least1 minute after you’ve started the game before the help button pops out, or skipping the game entirely. To skip, you’ll need to wait 3 minutes instead!


Due to not having a Facebook fan page perhaps, the community for XIII – Lost Identity often hangs out at the game’s allocated forum at Big Fish Games’ website. Feel free to head to the forum to meet your fellow players! They are very friendly and if you need a hand with something in the game, they will be more than willing to help! You can also use the forum to report any technical issues you may experience while playing or discuss about the story with other players too!

Graphics/ Sound

The hand-drawn, graphic-novel-like sceneries and locations in this game are quite pleasant to look at. Although the visuals may not exactly be top-notch, they are acceptable. In terms of sound, XIII – Lost Identity contains music that feels like western outlaw-type music. It may invoke the feeling of loneliness like what the main character in the game is feeling as he tries to find out who he is. He is alone in the world where everyone is out for his head or for the information that he supposedly have before he had amnesia.


All in all, XIII – Lost Identity is an addictive and fun-to-play hidden object adventure game that contains a thrilling spy/detective-like storyline, which is, in turn, based off on a graphic novel. In this game, you play an unknown man who was rescued from death by some kind people in a rural town. Although you lost your memory and you identity, it seems that your past is a truly troubled one as one day, your past came knocking on the door (and murdered 2 of the people who had helped you). Thus, you’ll need to find clues in the locations you visit to discover who you are (or “were”) while protecting yourself from throngs of gun-toting enemies who are hell-bend on killing you. There are also plenty of mini-games to keep you entertained in between scenes. Despite the clumsy controls for most of its mini-games, the game redeems itself by providing nice comic-like graphics and an excellent music that has an “outlaw” feel to it! Can you help XIII uncover his past, defend him from people who want him dead, as well as reveal the secrets behind the mysterious “Black Sun”? Play XIII – Lost Identity to find out!

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by Aethyna Apr 21, 2015
Pursued by mysterious strangers who want to do him harm and wanted for the assassination of the President of the USA, XIII's life becomes a whirl of conspiracy and intrigue, more so when he lost his memory after recovering from a murder attempt! Help XIII find his identity while unveiling the secret behind "the Black Sun"! XIII - Lost Identity: City Kim's room in XIII - Lost Identity XIII - Lost Identity: Photo Read More
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