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War of Crown 10 rate Take command of the individuals and soldiers at your disposal to defeat the all empowering God of Darkness. Your tactical knowledge is going to be the reason you win all of your fights, with brute force only having a minor role to play, but will your team manage to do it? Time to find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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War of Crown is an SRPG, similar to games like Final Fantasy: Tactics, but nowhere near as slow-paced. Through completing missions, going through the story, and completing events as they crop up, it will give the player the chance to level up their favourite characters, equip them with the best gear they can come across and delve deeper and deeper into the story; providing that the story catches your eye to begin with.


The story for the game starts off with the God of Destruction trying to destroy the world, only to be thwarted by the very first Hero king, who proceeded to sacrifice himself to destroy the God of Destruction.

With the king gone, the world fell into disarray over who was set to be the next ruler and was eventually given up on, since all of the kingdoms involved were destroying one another for an answer that they were never going to get. Many years into the future, a force called the Empire took over and expanded throughout the globe, claiming the world as its own. From here, this is where the player jumps into the fray to follow along with this story – no matter what direction it goes in!


When the game starts up, you’re introduced to a brief tutorial that introduces you to the basic mechanics of the game and a little bit of story on the side that you’ll rather quickly find yourself coming to ignore.

The controls effectively boil down to “tap this to walk here” or “tap this to attack” but while it may be that simple, it’s this simplicity that makes the game what it is. Because of the simple nature of the controls, you can jump into this game without having ever played an SRPG before and already have a solid amount of knowledge on what it is that you’re expected to be doing.

Once the tutorial is done and dusted, you have the right to do pretty much whatever you like from there onward. Depending on if you’ve collected equipment, you can place it on your favorite characters, unlock some new characters from the slot machine system that is completely down to luck on what you get or just head straight out into the field again.

Something I’ve found myself appreciating about the game the high-ground advantage you very rarely see in these types of games anymore. How it works is this: if you’ve got a character on a taller structure and their opponent is on a lower part of the level, the individual with the height advantage at the time will deal more damage to them, while the person on the lower-ground will hit less as well. Due to this addition, it provides a lot more tactical decisions; at the very least with your ranged characters.

On top of this, there’s also a mechanic that has a rock, paper, scissors way of working, similar to that of the Fire Emblem games. Depending on what element that attack or character is, that can either do more damage against the element it is strong against or less damage on the element it is weaker against. This change requires the player to actually change around their party from time-to-time, so that they can’t go all in on a team of fire elementals, when the stage is filled with people who are specifically going to use the water element against them.


A big feature of the community aspect of this game is the friends list. With every battle you pick a “friend” to borrow on your next adventure and by the end of it you can add them to your friends list to either have a chat with or to regularly use their “lead character” for your future endeavors. You can also quite easily gain access to the online forum to ask questions, interact with your fellow players, and even discuss certain tips and tricks to perfect your play.

Graphics/ Sound

From a graphical standpoint, the game does have a rather anime-style going along with it that manages to accentuate the visuals for the all the characters in-game. More or less everyone the player comes across, be they NPC’s or new characters for you to add to your team, they have plenty of detail and nice art put into them. Going along with this, there’s also plenty of colour spread throughout the game and it only helps to improve just how good the game actually looks on mobile devices.

Both the music and the audio regularly seen in combat is of a high standard, as the music gives a real sense that you’re in an epic-fantasy world and the music reflects that. When you’re in combat, whenever a strike or an ability lands a hit on another opponent, the sound that comes from it is quite satisfying, but it could give off the impression of similarity if you’re using the same party in this game 24/7.


Overall, War of Crown is a pretty darn solid SRPG with solid mechanics and gameplay, strong audio and great music, and on top of all this it’s quite the visual treat to have on your mobile device; be it Apple or Android. War of Crown’s story may not be the strongest part of the game for players looking for a new SRPG, but the overall experience is one that you won’t want to miss if you are at all a fan of Final Fantasy: Tactics or the Disgaea series, as the game gives a strong impression of both of these.

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by Other Contributors Jun 11, 2017
Take command of the individuals and soldiers at your disposal to defeat the all empowering God of Darkness. Your tactical knowledge is going to be the reason you win all of your fights, with brute force only having a minor role to play, but will your team manage to do it? Time to find out! War of Crown: At the tavern Hero upgrade in War of Crown War of Crown: Combat Read More
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