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Valhalla Hills 10 rate Guide your Vikings across various maps in an attempt to reach the Bifrost bridge. Build up your Viking settlements to ensure that your people are well-equipped and fed before taking on the monsters that guards the portals head on! Do you have what it takes to return to Valhalla? Play now and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being the God of Builders doesn’t exempt you from Odin’s wrath. You were casted down from Asgard to the mortal realm as punishment for your mistakes. However, there’s a glimmer of hope! You might just be able to go back to Valhalla if you can prove yourself as worthy by gaining sufficient honor in Odin’s name. How can you do that though? You’ll need to guide your group of Vikings across various maps through portals, each of which containing icy guardians in an attempt to reach the Bifrost bridge. Build up your Viking settlements to ensure that your people are well-equipped and fed before taking on the monsters head on! Do you think you have what it takes to regain your position as the God of Builders? Try Valhalla Hills today and find out!


You are Leko, God of Builders. Since you were a toddler, you’ve shown an amazing affinity to building. However, due to a mishap on your part, Odin the all-father is furious. As punishment, you were casted down to Earth.

All is not lost as there’s a way to redeem yourself though! You will be given another chance if you could make your way to the bifrost, the bridge that links the godly realm of Asgard with the mortal world. You’ll be given the Vikings you need, but it still depends on your building, resource management and planning skills to your populace happy enough to continue working for you. Don’t forget that danger lurks at the portals that will bring you one step closer to Valhalla as well. So, do you think you could utilize your skills to return to Asgard?


You get to create up to 3 different profiles in Valhalla Hills, so you can share the experience of playing this game with your friends. That being said, the game offers 2 kinds of game modes at the moment – normal and open. Normal game will allow you to earn achievements along with the new features that come with these achievements. For instance, the achievement of collecting 30 fruits from bushes will unlock the “hunter’s hut” which will allow you to assign workers to hunt wildlife for meat and skins.

Open game, on the other hand, unlocks all achievements from the start but the game difficulty will be a lot tougher right from the get-go. You could also unlock the “Viking-way” mode later on once the game implements it into the game. This mode will bump up the difficulty of any existing game modes, and is perfect if you’re looking for a bit more challenge.

Furthermore, each map you play in is procedurally generated so you could play the game again and again without getting bored. Not to mention, you could also easily randomize the “seed” (a.k.a. the map) which will change the maps’ width and height. However, you aren’t allowed to input your own numbers into the width and height of the map. This would be a great feature to be added to Valhalla Hills in the future!

To survive in Valhalla Hills isn’t very difficult. However, the tutorial can be made into a more interactive form so as to guide newbies through some of the basic stuff. I personally had wasted minutes trying to get my Vikings to collect the materials given at the very start of the game... without realizing that I don’t actually need to do that. Resources are automatically picked up and use when needed, but you could set up a storage box that will act like a stockpile for your Vikings to stash these valuable materials.

The main basic resources in Valhalla Hills include wood, stone, tools and food. Wood is among the most important as you’ll need it to build anything at the beginning while stone is only needed later on. Tools are also vital, thus, the woodcutter and the toolsmaker hut are the most important structures you’ll need. Don’t forget to craft a stone axe at your toolsmaker so your worker at the woodcutter can get to work.

Once you have a steady supply of wood, it’s time to focus on food. Your Vikings will automatically collect berries from bushes when they are hungry in Valhalla Hills. However, berries will soon run out, especially when your population is growing, and you’ll need definitely another food supply, namely meat or fish. Of course, do remember to craft the required tools – fishing rod and hunting spear – so your Vikings can start collecting food for your growing village. You could also set up your own wheat farm later on, once you have the associated achievement unlocked.

There are many things that you’ll need to do once the resources you need are taken care of. One such example is the dormitories. Set up tents for your people to sleep under to increase their happiness and allow them to regain their energy more quickly. Eventually, you’ll be able to build advanced resource-production buildings like thesawmill, bakery and stonemason too.

So, you may wonder... what’s the purpose of setting up a village? Well, you’ll need to have the village to ensure that your people can survive to the next day. Once that’s settled, you’ll then need to shift your focus to the portal instead. Each portal is guarded by hostile guardians and you’ll need some soldiers to help you take care of them. There are military camps where you can assign Vikings to, so they could be mobilized to attack any guardian that comes out of the portal once it is activated. You could also attempt to appease the guardians by providing sacrificial offerings at the altar, but that often don’t work. After all guardians are defeated, you can then move on to the next map via the portal. By steadily taking one step at a time, you’ll reach the entrance of Valhalla in no time!

There are plenty more features that you’ll uncover on your own as you play Valhalla Hills such as the very helpful game-specific statistics tab and the pause and fast-forward buttons. Despite being an early access game, Valhalla Hills has the look and feel of a completed game. It is definitely an impressive feat!


As Valhalla Hills is technically not an MMO game nor a multiplayer-based game, it doesn’t have a lot of social features in it. However, if you enjoy chatting about this game to other players, you could do so by dropping by their game forum or their Steam page. Don’t forget to share this game to your friends as well if you find it as entertaining as I do.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Valhalla Hills is nothing short of amazing. The cartoony visuals, which include the character, the buildings and the background scenery, are well-designed and look very polished. It does remind one of Daedelic Entertainment’s other games such as Torchlight 2 though. In terms of music, the game features soothing and yet catchy Celtic soundtracks that perfectly fit the Viking theme of the game. Overall, the look and feel of the game deserves a 10/10.


Valhalla Hills is an impressive and very well-developed early access game that feels a lot like a completed game. In this game, you’ll need to gain enough honor in Odin’s name so you could return to Asgard with the help of your obedient Vikings. Help the adorable Vikings survive the procedurally generated environments and in return, you can get their help to clear the portal of any frost giants and other monsters. Hop your way across various maps and portals, and possibly – just possibly – you might be able to reach the Bifrost bridge and re-earn your place as the God of Builders in Valhalla! All in all, Valhalla Hills is definitely a game that will appeal to players who enjoy a very simplistic version of games like Craft the World. If you happen to be one of those players, don’t wait! Play Valhalla Hills today!

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Guide your Vikings across various maps in an attempt to reach the Bifrost bridge. Build up your Viking settlements to ensure that your people are well-equipped and fed before taking on the monsters that guards the portals head on! Do you have what it takes to return to Valhalla? Play now and find out! A Thriving Viking Village Defend Your Village Tent and woodcutter hut Read More
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