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Train Station: The Game on Rails 9.3 rate If you love anything locomotive, you should really check out this game. In this game, you are the proud owner of a train station as well as a fleet of the very best trains from all periods of time! From the old coal-based steam trains to the sleek new maglev trains. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you love the magnificent machines that go choo-choo when you’re small? How about now? If you love anything locomotive, you should really check out this game - Train Station: The Game on Rails! In this game, you are the proud owner of a train station as well as a fleet of the very best trains from all periods of time! From the old coal-based steam trains to the sleek new maglev trains, there will definitely be a type of train that you’ll like! Learn how to manage your station for a profit and move on to differently-themed stations once you’re done with the previous one. No matter if you’re a collector of trains (yes, you can collect the beautiful trains in this game) or just an admirer of trains, you can become a railroad magnate in Train Station: The Game on Rails! Try the game out for an exciting new experience!


The game starts off with a clear-to-understand tutorial whereby you are introduced to your train station as well as your very first train!

The gameplay is fairly simple in Train Station: The Game on Rails. You will have different trains running different business for you. Once they are done, collect your profits or materials from the trains by unloading it. Then, send your trains back on the rails to another journey to earn you more money and materials!

Train Station: The Game on Rails offers a huge variety of locomotives, such as steam, diesel, electric and maglev, for you to purchase and send out on journeys. By the way, locomotive is the front part of the train that is driving the train forward - It is like the cockpit of a plane. Each train will have their own power value and tax value. Power determines how many wagons they can have while tax is the cost for sending the trains out. Usually, the tax for the trains will increase as the value of the train increases.

Each player starts off with 4 train slots. This means that you can have up to 4 trains running at the same time. You can easily increase that by spending a small bit of in-game money on train slot expansions. You can also purchase 2 more train rails, allowing you to have up to 3 different trains to be at rest at your station. However, if you have too many trains, you could decommission any one to the depot for storage.

There are many different types of journey in which you can send your trains to too! However, bear in mind that shorter journeys are more profitable overall. If you couldn’t wait for the trains to return, you could spend a little bit of the gems that you’re given to speed your trains up. Gems can also be used to purchase a lot of things that you couldn’t get otherwise. They can then be replenish by spend some real money on the game.

What’s the use of a locomotive without its wagon, right? There are mainly 3 types of wagons – cargo, passengers and mail. Cargo wagons attached to a locomotive are the only way for you to earn materials. Passengers and mail wagons go hand-in-hand and will reward you with cash instead! There are also special wagons, such as pig wagon, intercity diner or the tiger stock wagon (the one that you can see in circuses).Wagons often has set bonuses if you match it with the correct locomotive. For instance, the locomotive, Puffing Bill can be coupled with Lakeside, a passenger carriage, and Gembrook, a mail wagon, for an increase of 10% in profits!

The materials that you’ve collected from the cargo wagons can then be used, coupled with some cash as well, to improve your station. How? Well, in this game, you can buy buildings from the shop, such as saloons, cottages and warehouses in your station that will boost up your number of passengers available which you can then transport for a nice profit margin. These buildings will also periodically generate mail that you can send later on to earn some earnings too. There are even special buildings like the embassy which increases flag capacity (that will be explained later) and architect that will increase the passenger limit of your trains in the station.

If you ran out of space, you could always spend some in-game cash on buying a second street or even a third for you to place your buildings on. You can also beauty up your train station with decorations from the shop as well! These decorations will give some experience points when purchased. As you progress in the game, you will also unlock new locomotives, backgrounds, building themes and decoration themes. There are new locations for you as well, such as polar, meadow, harbor, metropolis and Rio.

Let’s not forget another important aspect of the game – the flags! Flags provide passive bonuses to your train station such as increasing your passenger limit for your passenger wagons. You can also increase the income you generate from each passenger. However, these flags last for a certain duration and will need to be replaced from time to time.

In a social game like Train Station, neighbors are necessary too. You can earn extra mail by picking up parcels at your neighbors’ stations. You can also earn some extra cash by helping your friends to send out their express trains. Who knows? They may just return the favor! Random trains will also arrive at the loading docks of your station from time to time! You will then need to load them up and send them on their way.

Last but not least, the game provides achievements as a way to encourage players to reach greater heights with their train stations. Each achievement has 3 stages and once you get all 3 stars, you will earn a nice stack of money, materials or even exclusive stuff like an achievement-only wagon!


There are over 1.2 million likes on its Facebook fan page and that definitely speaks volume about the popularity of the game! The community over at the game’s fan page often enjoys benefits like free flags, money and materials. There are also events that players can participate in for the chance to earn free gems or special offers whereby you can finally get that locomotive or theme that you wanted at a reduced price! It is even a great place to meet and chat with fellow train enthusiasts or to find neighbors for the game.


The game’s 2.5D and somewhat cartoony graphics are stunning. The train models and the background have incredible details that are sure to astonish you! The music in Train Station – The Game on Rails is pleasant and sounds soft in the background. Although there are only 2 different tracks, one for your station, while the other is for Mr Bill’s, and that they are both on loop, the music doesn’t feel annoying. The sound effects are awesome – the train sound is very realistic, particularly the horn tooting part.


Train Station: The Game on Rails is an excellent train game whereby you are given the chance to manage your very own train station as well as to collect all the beautiful trains! It boasts having the largest collection of gleaming trains from all periods, all of which you can buy. Furthermore, in this game, you’ll be earning your profits and materials from sending your trains on journeys of varying duration's. The money and materials can then be used to build up a small town or a large city around your train station to supply it with passengers and mails that you can deliver using your trains. Best of all, it has amazingly detailed graphics and is free-to-play! So, hop on board the express and start your journey to become a railroad tycoon today!

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New Game Added: Train Station: The Game on Rails

by Aethyna Feb 9, 2015
If you love anything locomotive, you should really check out this game. In this game, you are the proud owner of a train station as well as a fleet of the very best trains from all periods of time! From the old coal-based steam trains to the sleek new maglev trains. Train Station: The Game on Rails Yard Steam Train in Train Station: The Game on Rails Train Station: The Game on Rails Sitting at a Platform Read More

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TRAINSTATION-Most addictive app ever.

Great game. But most of the time you cant get train sets as too many gems are needed and you cant complete contracts fast enough to earn them. Come on playstation give us a break we don't all hav...Full Review
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