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Ticket to Ride 10 rate Dive right back into the railroad boom of the 18th century by playing this digitized version of one of world’s most beloved board games, Ticket to Ride! Compete with up to 4 other players or against intelligent AIs to claim train routes and get your tickets punched. Rack up those score points and climb the leaderboard to the very top! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ticket to Ride is a beloved strategy board game that’s centered around the railroad boom in the USA and across the globe in the 18th century. In this game, you’ll compete with other players or the clever AIs to claim train routes using train cards that you draw from the deck just so you can get your train tickets punched. It may sound really easy but once you really get into the gameplay, you’ll realize how strategically deep it is.


If you’ve played the physical board game before, you should be familiar enough with the rules to simply skip the tutorial. If not, the game provides a comprehensive tutorial, both in text and interactive formats, for new players to learn from before playing the game on their own.

Basically, in this game, you’ll need to claim routes and punch tickets. To begin, every player in the game will be given 3 tickets to choose from. You can pick 1 to 3 tickets depending on how confident you feel about getting those tickets punched. When clicked on, each ticket will show you the stations you’ll then need to connect via routes. Once you get that done, your ticket will then be punched. You can always get more tickets if you want since the more tickets you complete, the more bonus points you’ll earn at the end of the match.

The routes you take, however, isn’t set in stone. Instead, you can choose the longer route to take just so you can maximize every train route you claim. This is important because you have a limited number of train cars to place on the board whenever you claim a route. Each train car you use will earn you 1 point so it’s best to use as many train cars as you can before the game ends.

To claim a route, you will also need to have the corresponding Train Cards. These cards come in many different colors and you’ll need to have enough cards of the correct color before you can claim a route. Some routes are grey in color and this simply means that they can be claimed using cards of any single color. Similarly, there’s also a unique Train Card called the Locomotive card. These cards work much like the Wild card in many card games (UNO comes to mind here) and can be used to match any color you need.

Sometimes, you’ll see routes that run parallel to each other. These routes are special in the sense that they are counted as 1 route but you can claim them simply by completing any one of the two Train Card requirement. However, if you’re playing with more than 3 players, the routes will then be considered as two separate routes, allowing players to claim the same route twice.

Like many board games, Ticket to Ride uses a turn-based system, which generally means that you and the other players will take turns making a move, be it drawing 2 cards from the deck or from the card display area (except Locomotive cards), picking more tickets to complete or claiming a route. The game will end when any one of the players in the match has 2 or fewer train cars left.

Points will be tallied up at the end and every ticket you complete will add some points to your overall score. Do take note that the player owning the longest completed route in the game will also gain a nice 10 extra points.

After going through all of that, the game doesn’t really seem hard to learn, right? In fact, even if you have no inkling of what the game is all about, by the end of the tutorial, you should be able to competently claim routes and get your tickets punched. The strategy part of the game, on the other hand, you can learn (or develop your own) later as you play more matches.

Aside from its gameplay, the game also provides you with 4 different game modes to enjoy. You can go “solo” and play a match against clever AIs or you can opt for the multiplayer mode and go online to play against actual real players. If you have some friends over, you can set up a LAN party and have some fun playing the game. You can even try the Pass and Play option if you have the game on your mobile and pass the device on to the next player whenever the previous turn ends.

Like many of the digital board games produced by Asmodee Digital, Ticket to Ride stays true to its physical form in every aspect possible. However, due to its digital format, I’d say this game is definitely a lot more convenient to play… mainly because there’s no need to set it up beforehand or to clear it up afterward.

Similar to the physical forms as well, Ticket to Ride has plenty of expansions (or DLCs) to offer. Each expansion comes with a brand-new map which usually includes special rules and additional cards. For instance, the British expansion will add Tech Cards into your gameplay, making the game slightly more challenging, while the Asian expansion (Tibetian to be exact) will include mountainous areas and a new Mongolian horse turn counter.

If you love playing Ticket to Ride, you simply have to get some of those expansions. The extra rules and cards do make a huge difference – they help to change the gameplay up a bit, giving you a couple more hours of play time before you’ll decide to move on to other games.


Ticket to Ride has a niche community of board game fans and as such, there isn’t a whole lot of players to play a round of multiplayer match but since you can start a game simply with just 2 players, the queue isn’t exactly very long. However, I would recommend grabbing a few friends to play the game if you don’t like the idea of waiting.

Graphics/ Sound

Ticket to Ride has a pretty nice art style, which is prevalent back in the day but not so common in this day and age. I really like the soundtracks used here as well. The old-school piano music, the sort you’d expect to hear in an old-timey saloon, really brings you back to the rail boom era.


Ticket to Ride is a rail-themed strategy board game that managed to make its physical/original version proud. Aside from the wide variety of expansions and game modes available, the game is also really easy to get into but can be quite hard to master. If you love strategic games in general or if you have enjoyed playing Ticket to Ride before, then this digital board game is definitely a game you’ll want to buy.

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