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Oct 19, 2017 | 2 Votes | 1 Played | 1 Reviews Your vote 10 rate Nowadays, there are just too many mahjong games that tried innovating so much that they have deviated from what truly makes mahjong games fun – it’s somewhat therapeutic and relaxing gameplay. lets you enjoy all of that and more for completely free! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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With the emergence of more complicated mahjong games with all of their bells-and-whistles like the most recent Mahjong Trail Blitz, it can be hard to find a mahjong game that provides the simple, relaxing gameplay that has gotten you hooked on the genre in the first place. Thankfully, with, you can finally enjoy a game of mahjong of your own choice without any hassle.


What makes so appealing you may wonder, well, for starters, the game can be played directly from your web browser without any installation necessary. Granted that many people, like me, who may encounter a problem loading the game on Google Chrome (stuck at 50% loading), if you used Firefox instead, the game loads smoothly and perfectly. It’s faster even since you can skip over all the fuss over trying to figure out why your Chrome browser is not working as it should. Oh, and best of all, no sign up is required - Just head over to the website and start playing!

Now, has mahjong games that cater to both veterans and newcomers to the genre. The site has helpfully provided a detailed “How to Play” guide at the bottom of the page to teach the newcomers how a game of mahjong generally works. The instructions are shown through both pictures and text.

Another great thing about playing mahjong on this site is that the variety provided is simply astonishing for a completely free game! boasts of offering more than 150 different layouts, ranging from the traditional Turtle layout to the more modern Dude or F-15 Eagle (jet fighter-themed) layouts. You can easily search for a specific layout you like, browse through all the available layouts through their Layouts interface, or you could just go with a random layout and try to solve whatever layout you get. Interestingly, you can even “heart” a layout you’ve enjoyed so it will be listed under your Favorites.

As mentioned, your mahjong game at can be fully-customized depending on your personal preferences. To do so, you should open up the menu on the left side of the screen. Here, you can enable and disable a variety of options including shuffle, sound, timer, the “Highlight free tile” option, and more. You can even switch on the dynamic camera option where it will zoom into and focus more on the remaining tiles after you’ve whittled down your layout to the last handful of matches.

In the very same menu, you can also choose a background and a tileset you like. There are tons for you to choose from and naturally, you can take your time to mix and match, and eventually find a combination you like. Personally, I’d recommend having a green background (light or dark green, it doesn’t really matter) because apparently, it is better for your eyes; and a traditional tileset with the smaller text because I’m old-school that way. Ultimately, it’s still up to you to make your choices.

What I enjoy the most though is that once you’ve successfully cleared a board, you’ll be rewarded with a fortune cookie which will leave you with a random wise old saying. However, if you just want to play mahjong, you can disable this feature from the menu. There are unlimited hints and undos for you to use as well, if there is a need. They are located on the right side of the screen. is available in multiple languages including German, French, Polish and Portuguese (Brazilian), besides English. But when it comes to the cherry on the cake, the game’s “completely free to play with minimal ads” is one of its best appeals. There is no in-game shop or annoying pop-ups whatsoever, and in fact, if you opt to go full-screen, you won’t even see the ads. Honestly, is just so player-friendly.


As is a relatively new site, the players on the site can be a bit on the low end of the spectrum. However, if you enjoyed playing the game, be sure to share it with your friends, family and even that random stranger you spotted playing mahjong on his/her phone by the street. It’s always great to share amazing games like this one to people you know who will appreciate it.

Graphics/ Sound

Being the simple mahjong game as it is, the sound effects in this game is kept to the minimum. However, when it comes to graphics, the variety provided (as mentioned) is just astonishing, especially considering that the game is completely free to play. Not sure if the devs will be adding more tilesets and backgrounds though if their game took off but even as it is, the selection available is quite generous.


So, to sum this all up, is a pretty awesome online mahjong game that, firstly, is completely free to play, and secondly, has an impressively in-depth game customization aspect, allowing players to create the sort of mahjong game they want to play. Of course, the game has plenty more advantages than just those two points and that is exactly why this game so much more interesting to play than any other browser-based mahjong games. is currently in its beta phase which means that the game is still under active development. So, if you happen to have any suggestions, you can send them over to the developers as well and who knows? The devs may just take your suggestions into consideration and implement them in the next update! Blog

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by Aethyna Oct 19, 2017
Nowadays, there are just too many mahjong games that tried innovating so much that they have deviated from what truly makes mahjong games fun – it’s somewhat therapeutic and relaxing gameplay. lets you enjoy all of that and more for completely free! Highlighted tiles Fortune cookie in Making a match Read More

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