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Tasty Town 10 rate Developed by the people behind “World Chef”, Tasty Town is definitely a step-up in every way when compared to the original. The gameplay is greatly enhanced with the addition of a farm, a fun time-management mini-game in which you operate a food truck, and a guild-like system called Chefs Club. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Developed by the very people behind “World Chef”, Tasty Town is definitely a step-up in every way when compared to the original it is based off on. For starters, the gameplay is greatly enhanced with the addition of a farm where you can plant, grow and gather your own crops, and rear various farm animals; a guild-like social system called Chefs Club, as well as a fun time-management mini-game in which you operate your own food truck. There’s even a nice little storyline that helps you set your sights on the highest accolade you can earn from the High Cuisine Critics!


Admittedly, the storyline in Tasty Town has a pretty weak start. Apparently, you’ve had some of the best food in a restaurant you visited and this incident had inspired you to set up your own restaurant (It’s more like a diner at first though!) in hopes of turning your quiet little town into “Tasty Town”! However, in order to do that, you’ll need to attain the highest possible honor granted by the renowned High Cuisine Critics.

That’s not all! The game also provides you with a series of story-driven quests which introduce you to each of the game’s main characters while providing them with some depth (generally, aspirations and a personality).


The gameplay in Tasty Town is very similar to World Chef in many ways. The game retains its simple controls and an easy-to-grasp gameplay, allowing players to dive straight into the thick of things in the game.

In this game, you’ll be cooking food via the various cooking stations you set up, serve the food to your customers, and collect your well-deserved coins. In addition to the wide range of chefs to recruit and cooking stations to build, you’ll also get a ton of variously themed décor to place around your restaurant.

There are many other buildings around your restaurant that you can unlock, once you’ve reached the required level, such as the Academy, which allows you to train your chefs so they can produce higher quality dishes and also unlock new ones; Slice of Luck, a wheel of fortune where you can spend the Horseshoes you’ve earned from helping out your friends for a chance at getting an amazing prize; Social Market where you can sell any surplus you may have and buy foodstuff from other players; Chillout area in which private functions are held; and Dock where you can sail to far away islands to procure rare and exotic ingredients.

There’s also a delivery truck area where you can fulfill special delivery orders to get special materials which you’ll need to expand your restaurant, clear away obstacles on plots of land, and upgrade your storage space.

However, Tasty Town isn’t an exact clone of the game it is based on. Instead, it has several interesting new features which greatly supplemented its gameplay. For instance, you are now able to build your own farm. Here, you can plant, grow and harvest a variety of crops, as well as to raise several different types of farm animals. Your chefs can then turn the fresh produce into mouth-watering dishes for your customers.

The unfortunate thing about the existence of this new farm is that the game combined, what was previously separate, storages for ingredients and cooked food. This means that you’ll be short on storage space quite a lot of times in this game.

There are also special customers who will drop by your place now and then. These “Rush” customers have limited patience to wait for their food to arrive and require a rush on their order. In return for putting up with their request, you’ll gain books which you’ll need to train your chefs.

Nevertheless, the best part about the game is definitely the time-management mini-game called Tasty Dash. Basically, in this mini-game, you’ll be operating your own food truck and the goal is to serve as many customers as you can within the time limit while making sure to reach your sale target for that day. To play, you’ll need to serve a couple of customers first to earn the tokens needed to boot up a level.

The gameplay in Tasty Dash is really fun, to say the least, but personally, I think the game is intentionally designed so that you will feel pressured to spend your precious premium currency, gems, on purchasing new stoves and drinks dispenser just so you can serve your customers faster. But if you can manage to suppress that urge, you will find that even with limited kitchen equipment, you can still make the target if you serve your customers strategically.

Also, bear in mind that Tasty Dash is a mini-game within its actual game, Tasty Town, and as such, it isn’t exactly as well-designed as a full-blown time-management like Cooking Craze, Diner Dash or Cooking Fever. However, for a mini-game, it is a pretty well-made and entertaining distraction from the usual restaurant-managing gameplay.

In terms of monetization, you can use real cash to buy gems and gold coins (game currency). The gems you buy can then be spent on premium-only items and chefs or to speed up processes that are designed to force you to wait in the game.


Interestingly, Tasty Town has greatly expanded the social features that were previously available in World Chef. In addition to the usual friend system, you can now create or join a Chefs Club and work with your club friends to achieve specific goals. However, I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that the game has removed the SOS feature which allows you to ask friends for help with an order. You can still ask your friends for help for truck deliveries though!

Graphics/ Sound

Now, although Tasty Town has greatly improved on the original game in several ways, the one thing it doesn’t really change is its graphics. Apparently, many of the visual assets in this game is exactly the same as in World Chef.

Considering that this game isn’t exactly “World Chef 2.0”, I don’t see why they didn’t spend a bit more funds and effort in switching up the graphics a bit. The all-too-similar graphics only give players the misconception that this new game is 100% the same as World Chef. Not a good way to attract new players to play the new game, I’m sure.


Despite the “recycled” visual assets, Tasty Town is definitely a step-up from its predecessor, World Chef although the game’s technically not a sequel. There are so much more for you to do aside from cooking food and serving them – you can produce your own fresh produce at your farm; enjoy a fun, time management game where you operate a food truck; as well as visit friends and work together via Chefs Clubs.
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New Game Added: Tasty Town

by Aethyna Dec 12, 2018
Developed by the people behind “World Chef”, Tasty Town is definitely a step-up in every way when compared to the original. The gameplay is greatly enhanced with the addition of a farm, a fun time-management mini-game in which you operate a food truck, and a guild-like system called Chefs Club. Tasty Town: Recruit various chefs Time management mini-game in Tasty Town Tasty Town: Food truck Read More
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