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Super Mario Run 9 rate Super Mario Run features a gameplay that is nostalgic to long-time fans and quick to grasp and play for the other casual players. It also features a kingdom builder mode where you can expand your kingdom and a Rush mode where you can challenge other players’ game progress to climb up the leaderboard. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Super Mario Run is a mobile platforming game created by Nintendo, it is the second mobile developed by the popular console publisher for their attempt to join the mobile game industry. The game combines some of the elements from platforming and endless runner for a quick and easy gameplay, you can also build and expand your castle where you can customize the buildings and decorations. There is also the Rush mode where you can challenge other players’ game progress and see if you can beat their scores for a chance to earn reward items.


Based on the characters of the Super Mario franchise, the game features Mario receives a letter as he was invited by Princess Peach to visit her at the Toadstool Castle where she will be baking a pie. As Mario visits her, he was interrupted by his arch enemy Bowser, who once again kidnapped the princess and Mario has to save her again by going over to different castles.


The interesting part in Super Mario Run is how it maintained the original feel of a Super Mario game while still making it more casual friendly in a mobile platform. As there may be a lot of players who don’t know about Mario and Luigi, and this can be a good introduction to the game franchise.

Starting off in the game will put you in a short tutorial stage that explains the basics of the gameplay, Mario automatically runs at the start of the level and you cannot reverse his movement and he automatically leaps over enemy Goombas and Koopas when near them. You can tap on the screen to make him jump or press and hold on the screen to jump higher, you can use this opportunity to break bricks or step into enemies or even wall jump to higher ledges.

What makes the game really fun for a mobile game is how it was designed, instead of porting the traditional platformer gameplay, it combines the elements of endless runners that make Mario run on its own without any additional controls and add the elements of platforming by jump on obstacles but on a much simpler control by just tapping on the screen. This allows players to play the game with just one hand and can be enjoyed in short durations without forcing the players to invest more time to it in a single playthrough, and it eliminates the use of a virtual control layout that has become a problem for mobile games to make a proper control for platformers.

You can complete a series of levels to unlock more stages, all of the levels have one objective; to reach the end of the level within the time limit. Along the way, you can gather power ups such as mushrooms to make Mario grow to allow him to break bricks and jump to higher areas, you can also gather coins that you can use for your castle. In every level, you will notice that there are five purple coins scattered across the levels, when all are collected, you can unlock a special reward.

There are 6 stages in the entire game with three levels each and an end level boss stage, however in the free version, the first stage is only available and to play the rest of the stages, you must purchase the retail version. Some players may feel that the business model is a bit of a let-down since it was labelled as a free game, unfortunately only a small fraction of the game is actually free and it feels more of a demo.

Aside from completing levels, you can build your own castle with the Kingdom Builder, this features a whole new game mode where all of the coins that you gathered from levels can be used. You can place buildings and other decorations to your kingdom where you can use the coins to purchase new items for your decorations. In order for your castle to become bigger, you need to level up your castle, to do so you must collect Toads in the Toad Rally missions. When you win in the challenges, you can earn a certain number of Toads to join your kingdom, and once your castle level increase, you can also unlock more decorations for your kingdom.


With so many players trying out Super Mario Run, you can add them to your friends list or challenge them in the Toad Rally missions. You can select opponents in the challenge where you must beat their attempts on clearing a level. In order to win, you must collect as many coins in the challenge, and if you do, you can earn more coins and Toads for your kingdom. Do take note that this consumes Toad Rally tickets in which you can purchase more with real money or earn them from in-game rewards.

Graphics/ Sound

The game features a vibrant world similar to the Mario console games. The 3D models and backgrounds fit well to the 2D side-scrolling aspect of the game and the game runs smoothly the whole time. The iconic voice of Mario is also present, voiced by the talented Charles Martinet to give life to the character, the soundtrack features some remixes of the classic tunes from the original game and added some original scores that keeps players in the mood to play more.


Overall, Super Mario Run still has the same magic from the classic Super Mario games, but in a more simplified gameplay that are appealing to casual users. The only downside is that the main game is required to be purchased in order for players to fully enjoy it, and majority of the casual players will skip this immediately as they prefer not to spend much on a mobile game that they will stop playing after a month. But if you are a type of gamer who enjoys mobile games and is willing to purchase a game that is worth the value, then you may very well be enjoying Super Mario Run.

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New Game Added: Super Mario Run

by Richard May 3, 2017
Super Mario Run features a gameplay that is nostalgic to long-time fans and quick to grasp and play for the other casual players. It also features a kingdom builder mode where you can expand your kingdom and a Rush mode where you can challenge other players’ game progress to climb up the leaderboard. Super Mario Run: Collect coins Bowser in Super Mario Run Super Mario Run: Toad rally Read More
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