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StreetRace Rivals 8 rate Enjoy the opportunity to race across many famous cities, such as Los Angeles, Rio, Dubai and Miami, while defeating racers left and right in this thrilling drag racing game, StreetRace Rivals! Go head-to-head with gang-affiliated racers and your competitors, and show them who’s the King or Queen of Drag Racing! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join the world of drag racing today by signing up for StreetRace Rivals, one of the hottest drag racing games on Facebook! Race against random challengers or against established racers in the various racing gangs across a range of famous cities like Los Angeles, Tokyo and Miami! Upgrade your car with your winnings and pimp it up a bit or you could just buy yourself a brand new car! Don’t forget to decorate your garage too! As your name spread through the world of drag racing via the word of mouth, you’ll be getting tougher challengers. Will you be able to prove that you’re the best drag racer in StreetRace Rivals? Play now to find out!


After a brief tutorial with your beautiful guide, you’re given some cash to buy your first car. As opposed to other games whereby you are not given a choice to choose your first car, you are given 3 in StreetRace Rivals, namely the Bug, Scorpion or the Spark. These are the cheapest cars in the game and this is what you’ll need to start drag racing! However, the car you’ve chosen… well, you’ll be stuck with it until you reach the next city. Thus, choose wisely!

The money earning rate is rather low in this game and you’ll definitely need more grinding to earn enough to buy your next car. You may also have noticed that the cars sold at the car shop may not always be the familiar branded cars that you know, such as Aston Martin or Ferrari. In fact, some of the cars are entirely fictional, while some of them do not at all look like their much cooler real life counterpart! Nonetheless, all the cars look awesome… so yeah, no qualms there!

Ready to leave your opponents in the dust? That’s the spirit! Let’s get a race going! To race, you’ll need to pick a race location. StreetRace Rivals offers you the opportunity to race across many famous cities, like Los Angeles (LA), Berlin, Tokyo, Rio, Dubai and Miami. New players start in LA and will move on from there to other cities. Next, you’ll need to pick an opponent. You can choose to race against a randomly-generated challenger or against established racers from gangs in each city. For gang racers, you’ll need to win races against the gang’s lackeys first before you earned enough of a reputation to go head-to-head with the boss of the gang. The first gang you’ll be facing is the Nitroheadz. Once you’ve made up your mind as to whom to take on, click on him or her and let the race begin!

The controls in this game are fairly simple since this is a drag racing game. You’ll only be using 3 keys in StreetRace Rivals – the spacebar for throttle or acceleration, the up arrow key to change your gear and the shift key to use your car’s nitro boost. During the 30-second countdown prior to any race, you’ll need to rev your engine by pressing the spacebar in preparation for the sprint (figuratively speaking)! Keep the lights on your dashboard in the green zone and if you can pull it off successfully, you’ll earn a ‘perfect start’ bonus for that race. However, don’t overdo it by pressing spacebar too long or you’ll lose out on that bonus.

Furthermore, as your car races towards the finish line, you will need to switch your car’s gear at the precise moment when the lights on your dashboard (the same lights you are referring to when you’re trying to get the “perfect start” bonus) hit the green zone. If you did it correctly, you’ll earn another bonus called the “perfect shift” bonus. Shifting your gear too early or too late will cause your car to lose speed and it may cost you the race!

Don’t forget about your nitro boost too! This is a very vital component in any race. The nitro will help you make up the little lost ground in between you and your opponent within seconds and will help you secure that victory!

If you have set your sights on winning every one of your races, then by merely driving any car you can get your hands on will not do! You’ll need to upgrade it and equip it with some modifications to increase its speed. To do so, you’ll first need to get the tools you’ll need! Purchase and add a toolbox to your garage to enable you to perform certain car modifications and upgrades, as well as a drafting table to allow you to perform aesthetic modifications!

For car upgrades, there is a ridiculous amount of modifications that you can perform! Each car can be broken down into sections, namely engine, turbo, gearbox, body, exhaust, suspension and tires. These parts can be further separated into 5 smaller components. For example, the engine can be separated into fuel filter, engine block, piston cylinder, pistons and crankshaft. The best (or worst, take your pick) part is every one of these components can be upgraded individually. This feature allows you almost total control over the stats of your car, but this means needing to grind for even more in-game money to purchase the upgrades you need! In addition, as you tweak your car, be sure to keep an eye on the Car Performance Index (CPI) value of your car. It is the most important indicator to show how good your car is in ¼ drag race compared to other cars and opponents.

Not to mention, after you have the drafting table built, you can then send your car to the bodyshop and customize your car’s looks! You can customize the body, wheels, and windows of your car. For instance, for the body of your car, you can add chrome mirrors, smoked lights, custom roof, or custom hood color, provided that you have the in-game money to spend! You can even change the rims of your tires and the degree of tint on your car’s windows. If you’re happy with how your car turned out after the customizations, well, the not-so-little money you spent for these visual upgrades is money well-spent indeed!


StreetRace Rivals has almost 1.7 million likes on its Facebook fan page. This clearly shows how popular this game is among its players who love racing games. The very active fan page is also a great place to meet up with fellow car and car racing enthusiasts, and make new friends. There, you can also get your hands on some sweet giveaways from time to time. So, be sure to give the page a like if you enjoy playing the game and would like to be kept up-to-date with any important news (such as giveaways) on the page!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is pretty awesome! The cars look very well polished that they practically gleam under the street lights during races. The game also provides a nice techno music that may sound a bit repetitive after awhile. It’s cool that you can even hear the rumble of the engines before you start each race in this game too! The sound effects during drag racing are also very well done!


In summary, StreetRace Rivals is a free-to-play drag racing game that is simple to learn but challenging to master due to its reliance on great hand-eye coordination! Change your gear at the correct time as well as getting the perfect start bonus should set you up to win in every race that you participate in (as long as the CPI of your opponent isn’t too far ahead from yours)! Go head-to-head with gang-affiliated racers and prove your drag racing superiority! Don’t forget to use your winnings to upgrade your car and pimp it up or just straightaway buy a new car! Enjoy the opportunity to race across many famous cities, such as Los Angeles, Rio, Dubai and Miami! Defeat your competitors in StreetRace Rivals today and show them who’s the King or Queen of Drag Racing!

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New Game Added: StreetRace Rivals

by Aethyna Apr 14, 2015
Enjoy the opportunity to race across many famous cities, such as Los Angeles, Rio, Dubai and Miami, while defeating racers left and right in this thrilling drag racing game, StreetRace Rivals! Go head-to-head with gang-affiliated racers and your competitors, and show them who’s the King or Queen of Drag Racing! StreetRace Rivals: Wasp Gang racer in StreetRace Rivals StreetRace Rivals: Zeth Read More

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A great beginner racing game

StreetRace Rivals is a third person racing game that will introduce you to the world of drag racing with its simple but challenging gameplay. Battle with fictional racing gangs in cities around the wo...Full Review
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