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Solitaire Arena 8 rate Are you an ace in Solitaire? Well, come and pit your skills against hundreds of thousands of players worldwide in a game of solitaire in Solitaire Arena, the biggest, free-to-play solitaire site on the internet! Challenge your Facebook friends or, if you’re up for it, challenge top Solitaire players worldwide in fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping solo matches. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review Aug 5, 2015 | 0 Votes 0     0

Solitaire with an exciting twist!

Have you thought about playing Solitaire competitively? That's a thought that's nearly impossible to entertain because we're used to playing Solitaire by ourselves.

However, with the technology that has been available to us since the beginning of the Internet as well as the rise of social media, you can now actually play Solitaire in competition with other people. That's what Solitaire Arena is all about.

As its tagline suggests, this is "Solitaire with a twist."

Here's the deal with Solitaire Arena. Eight people are brought together to compete in a tournament, and whoever gets to finish last is, of course, declared the champion of the game. Just like any tournament, the rankings following a specific hierarchy that is displayed on your screen at the start of every game. Think of it this way -- you're part of Set A, where there are four of you. So, there are two pairs playing at the start in Set A.

First, you play against one opponent, and when you win, you move up and play against the winner of the other pair. Whoever wins in this match, gets to play against the winner of Set B. Whoever wins the semi-final competition, wins the current tournament.

This game plays by the classic rules of Solitaire. You have to create a set of cards that start with a King on top. You have to create that from the cards that are available to you at the beginning of the deal. If you find a King of Hearts for example in one of the stacks in the board, you need a Queen with a black suit to be placed below suit, so on and so forth.

Aces are to be placed on the four slots on the top of the board. For example, if you find an Ace of Hearts, it needs go into one of the four slots. A 2 of Hearts will also need to go into that slot if you come across that card on the deck or on the board. The same goes for all other Aces in the deck.

Pretty classic, and the only difference is that you have an opponent working to finish sending all his or her cards ahead of you. That puts a sense of urgency into your playing especially when you find that your opponent has a higher score than you. By the way, you get points every time you move a card into a stack or into the Aces slots.

The best thing about this game is that, if you pull an Ace from both the face-down cards on the deck as well as open one on the cards below, it is automatically sent to the Aces slot above. In fact, if there are any cards that should be sent up, the system does that automatically for you.

Also, if you double click on any card you pull from the deck, it is also automatically sent where it is supposed to go. Say you opened a 4 of Hearts and there happens to be a 5 of Clubs in the cards below, double-clicking on the 4 of Hearts will automatically put it below the 5 of Clubs card. This is a very neat feature to have, especially since you're working hard to finish sending all the cards ahead of your opponent. It saves you time.

Aside from those technicalities, Solitaire Arena is a very simple and very intuitive game that anyone can play as long you have the basic knowledge of playing this beloved card game.
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