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Silkroad-R 8 rate Explore a vast and breathtaking world by travelling on the legendary Silkroad and fighting off various creatures and enemies that have made a living out of killing and eating travelers or pillaging the traders’ caravans in this amazingly timeless 3D MMORPG. Will you be the guardian or the scourge of the Silkroad? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Despite being a tad bit old-school, Silkroad-R is still a rather entertaining, 3D MMORPG to play. In this game, you get to choose between 2 faction – the Europeans who has a capital at Constantinople, and the Chinese whose capital is at Jangan, customize your character and choose a job. Explore the vast and breathtaking world of Silkroad-R by travelling on the legendary Silkroad and fighting off various creatures and enemies that have made a living out of killing and eating travelers or pillaging the traders’ caravans. In Silkroad-R, it is up to you to decide whether you want to guard or prey the travelers and traders on the road, but one thing’s for sure, once you’ve chosen your path, you’ll definitely strive to become the best at it!


The game doesn't really start you off with an introduction to the story so it is assumed that you'll probably learn more as you read the quest texts while playing the game.


Silkroad-R is a pretty old game that’s still quite popular in Korea and the European regions. However, if you’re from the US, you might need to connect to the EU server instead. Thankfully, latency isn’t a huge issue despite having to connect to a server in another region.

Once you’re in the game, you’ll need to select a faction to side with – either the Europeans who are masters at using the energy of mana, or the Chinese who wield the mysterious energy of the east. Different factions will grant you different perks and may also require different play styles since European characters do better when they play together while the Chinese characters are stronger if they’re played individually.

Next, you’ll be asked to customize your character. Customization is a rather interesting aspect in Silkroad-R mainly because many of the criteria, aside from the usual height, body and sex, that you can adjust will determine your character’s backstory and how your character is played. For instance, by choosing a sword or a bow will then change how you play your character – whether melee or ranged. The choice you make in the Figure section, on the other hand, will decide your character’s background.

The weapon and figure that you choose are incredibly important because those 2 are the main factors in the next part of the character creation process, where you’ll need to choose a Job. Jobs that are not relevant to the weapon or figure you choose will not be available. Not to mention, once a Job is chosen, you can no longer change it, so be sure to choose wisely!

One of the first things that you’ll notice is the antiquated controls system that Silkroad-R uses. The game doesn’t support the modern WASD movement controls and instead, uses the point-and-click system. Also, your character is not clever enough on its own to avoid obstacles, so if you clicked on a spot that’s very far away and that there are some things littering the most direct and linear route to that location, you can expect your character to get stuck on something along the way.

The hotkeys for other common actions in an MMORPG are quite different too, so that is something you’d need to get used to. Considering that the tutorial is almost completely non-interactive, some players might just give up reading and decide to wing it; to learn as they play.

The combat system in Silkroad-R is pretty similar to that of World of Warcraft, minus all the magical mumbo-jumbo. In some way, it’s not entirely hack-and-slash since you can move around as you attack the enemy. There are also skills that you can use to burn through the health of your opponents faster. Do take note that skills level up independently from the hero level in this game, so if you want to have stronger skills, you’ll need to use them as often as you can.

There’s also a berserker mode that you can activate once the meter at the left side of your character portrait is filled. This mode will drastically but temporarily bump up your stats and damage for a short period of time. That said, there’s a small downside in this game too. You’ll actually need to click on an enemy to know what level it is or whether the mob is an “elite” (or as the game calls them, Champion mobs), and this is a crucial first step that you should do before attacking just so you could avoid accidentally take on mobs that’s much stronger than you.

Questing, on the other hand, can be a bit confusing to the veteran MMO gamer at first due to the weirdly inverted symbols the game uses to signify an available quest (a question mark) and a completed one (an exclamation mark). Not to mention, the quests you see in your quest log are the quests that you can take and not the quests you’ve already taken. So, if you notice that the quest you’re doing is not tracking your kills, you might want to think back to see if you’ve “activated” the quest by taking it from a quest giver first.

Once you got over all of this “weirdness”, you’ll then be able to appreciate the game’s old-school approach to questing, which mainly includes kill X number of mobs and collect X number of quest items. There’s no auto-pathing whatsoever, and you can only track up to 1 quest at a time. Finding the correct mobs to kill can also be a challenge since the map isn’t very helpful when it comes to showing your quest locations - only quest givers are more obviously shown - and that your quest mobs are not marked. Quests that are completed cannot be turned-in on the spot either – you’ll need to run all the way back to the quest giver to turn it in.

The loot stacking function that most of us, MMO gamers, have taken for granted is not available in this game, so if you notice that you’ve surprisingly ran out of bag space, you might want to check your inventory and do some rearranging. Oh, and by the way, loot drops (except quest items) are public. This means that other player can steal your loot and you can steal other players’ loot too.

Silkroad-R also features a variety of pets that will follow you around when summoned, beautiful mounts, and equipment which can be reinforced to increase its killing efficiency. For players who love crafting, the game even has professions that you can pick up, such as alchemy. Gear items in this game will require constant maintenance though, so do remember to repair it from time to time. If you follow through with the beginner’s quest, you’ll also get a lot of slightly over-powered “starter gear” from the get-go. This makes early leveling a breeze since you can practically kill everything with only a couple of shots with the bow or swings with a melee weapon.

In addition, the game has a series of regular instance dungeons and PvP arenas for you to play in as well. However, if you’re looking for something special, you might want to get a group together to go hunting instead! Hunting utilizes the game’s vast open world, allowing players to go around looking for special boss monsters. If you want a challenge, you can also attempt to hunt alone, but bear in mind that higher level mobs will grant you better loot and it can be difficult for you to take on boss monsters that are much higher than you alone. Want my advice? Just team up! Even having another player along is much better than trying to solo the mobs on the hunt.


Like most MMORPGs, Silkroad-R has its own list of guilds that you can join just so you can truly be part of the game’s community. However, it’s also interesting to note that there’s some sort of a mentoring system called Academy, whereby players level 30 and below can become the apprentice of a higher level player. You will get increased XP and your mentor is more likely to help you out since he/she is incentivized to do so. Thus, if you want to level up quickly and perhaps meet at least a new friend, this is a really good way to do so.

Graphics/ Sound

When it comes to visuals, Silkroad-R can only impress. Even the hardest-core players would be blown away by the breathtaking scenery the game has to offer, especially if they take into account that this is an old game and that they increased the resolution of the game to medium at least. The music in the game isn’t too shabby either. I particularly enjoy the Eastern music used in the game. The atmosphere it generates does feel a lot different than any other “modern” MMORPGs.


All in all, Silkroad-R can be a brilliant, timeless 3D MMORPG that’s still relevant today or a boring and obsolete game depending on who you ask. Players who can appreciate the brilliance of old-school MMORPGs and yet are willing to weather through the tedium that this sort of MMORPGs are “famous” for. That said, if you love old MMO games with great graphics, Silkroad-R is the perfect fit for you. Do give it a try!

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by Aethyna Jan 26, 2017
Explore a vast and breathtaking world by travelling on the legendary Silkroad and fighting off various creatures and enemies that have made a living out of killing and eating travelers or pillaging the traders’ caravans in this amazingly timeless 3D MMORPG. Will you be the guardian or the scourge of the Silkroad? Silkroad-R: Beautiful graphics at mid resolution Taking a quest in Silkroad-R Silkroad-R: Cool costumes Read More
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