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by Aethyna
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Rooms of Memory 9 rate Mystery is brewing at the Bellows Manor, which you have inherited after your uncle disappeared. What family secrets will you uncover? Will you be able to find your uncle? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Love to get your hands on a challenging mystery to solve? Why, you can do so in Rooms of Memory, the online free-to-play hidden objects game on Big Fish Games! Explore the vast estate of your inherited new home and unlock new buildings as you go along in the game! Uncover clues to reveal your uncle’s and the Bellows family’s secrets! There are also a range of power-ups that you can buy to help you out in difficult scenes. You can even challenge your friends to see who can solve each scene with the highest score! You are ready to find out the truth?


You have inherited your uncle, Professor Bellows’ priceless manuscripts and possessions in the Bellows Manor after he mysteriously vanished into thin air near the fountain at his Manor, leaving only his clothes behind. However, there’s one condition to getting this inheritance – you’ll have to decode the professor’s diary and discover the secret family legacy of the Bellows that will guarantee to change your perspective of the world around you. As you embark on your pursuit to learn the truth behind the Bellows family, will you be able to uncover all the secrets and handle the burden of knowing them?


Wielding your trusty magnifying glass, you’ll be sent straight to your investigative work in the professor’s personal study to find his diary, after a brief intro in Rooms of Memory. What you’ll need to do is to mouse your magnifying glass over every part of the scene to find the clues that you need. It’s also best to get combos when you try to find the objects as they will give you a bit of energy points as well as the occasional artifact. Each scene you play in uses up some energy points from the total 70 energy points that you have. The energy expense for each scene increase with subsequent play and are not fixed.

There are various level types in this game – some will provide a list of words for you to find the items. Sometimes, you’ll get a list of the ‘shadows’ of the items and you’ll need to find them based on the shadow instead! This level type is much more difficult because some shadows of the items are similar to other unwanted objects and you will definitely be clicking on other stuff quite a number of times. Considering that the default game mode is timed mode, 5 seconds will be deducted from the total amount of time given if you’ve clicked wrongly for 3 times in a row. This is to prevent players from turning this game into a clickfest, whereby players will be clicking on everything and anything on the screenshot of the scene, just so they can, on the rare chance, stumble upon an item needed on the list without truly searching for them.

Rooms of Memory also have different game modes and you can switch to the one you want to play by clicking on the green change mode button. For example, there’s a night mode whereby you have limited amount of battery left on your torchlight and you’ll have to make the most out of it by scanning the scene and identifying required goals as quickly as you can.
There are also timed levels, whereby you are given 5 minutes to find all the items listed. You’ll need to find 6 items at the beginning, but as you progress, you’ll be asked to find more and more items!

After completing a scene, you’ll earn rewards in terms of in-game money (gold), experience points and collectible artifacts. Gold is needed to purchase keys to unlock other buildings, once their fog has been removed, for additional scenes to investigate. Experience points will also be accumulated to make up a level. Every level up will unlock a new building or scene. For artifacts, you will need to collect 5 of the same series and considering that there are a lot of artifacts in this game that may take quite awhile. Once you’ve completed a series, you can assemble them to form a relic, which will be stored on your relic album.

There are also level-specific achievements or medals that you can acquire by playing each scene repeatedly. Each scene will offer 3 different medals that you can earn. For instance, the easiest medal to earn is the ‘find 5 objects within 20s’. There are even several stages to these medals. After you’ve ‘found 5 objects within 20s’, you can earn the next stage of medals by finding 10 objects within 20 seconds instead!

If you encountered a particularly difficult level, you are given the freedom to use any of the many power-ups in Rooms of Memory. A prominent example includes the bell gadget, which will show the location of a random item that you’re looking for. This is the only power-up that is available for purchase with gold. There are also other gadgets, such as phase watch that will add 30s to the total time limit, while solar lamp will turns the lights on for night mode for an additional 30s as well. The hammer of Thor functions by instantly collecting the first 3 items on the list, on the other hand, the magic magnifying glass will warm up whenever you’re near an important object and it lasts for only 15s. Do use these gadgets with discretion since many of the free power-ups that you have can be hard to get once you’ve finished using them.

The best part in this game is that, unlike many other hidden objects game, each time you play the scenes, the items in the scene will change locations. This means that you can’t rely on memorizing the locations of the items to get a higher score – you will actually have to peel your eyes open to search for the objects.

Being a social game, Rooms of Memory also allows you to battle with your friends at level 8. Challenge your friends to a battle to see who has the best eye for finding stuff! You can also visit your friend to earn some sweet artifacts too! You can even check out the ‘legends’ tab whereby the high scores of players worldwide are displayed. Are your high score among the elites of the game?


Rooms of Memory is one of the top games on Big Fish Games website. It has around 300 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and that’s a pretty sizeable number! There is also a very active forum for this game whereby you can meet with other players and add them to the game. Not to mention, if you needed help of any sort for any of the scenes in the game, you can easily ask for help from other players.

Graphics/ Sound

The hand-drawn graphics in this game are absolutely stunning! Because it is a hidden objects game, the scenes are richly detailed as well! The scenery in your estate looks beautiful too! There are indeed plenty of eye-candies in this game! The soundtrack in Rooms of Memory mainly consists of a soothing and pleasant piano-based tune. The music in this game has also quite a nice variety as the game utilizes different music for different scenes.


In short, Rooms of Memory is a free-to-play, challenging and addictive hidden objects game that circles around the mysterious disappearance of your uncle, Professor Bellows, as well as the secrets that you’ve slowly uncovered at the Bellows Manor. Everything is not as it seems! The game also features plenty of beautiful scenes for you to examine for clues. You can easily unlock more scenes by leveling up and purchasing the key for the respective buildings on your estate. You are even given a range of power-ups to help with the tougher levels… when you encounter them later on. If you love mystery stories and enjoy playing hidden objects games, Rooms of Memory is, indeed, a great game to play! Try it now!

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New Game Added: Rooms of Memory

by Aethyna Mar 11, 2015
Mystery is brewing at the Bellows Manor, which you have inherited after your uncle disappeared. What family secrets will you uncover? Will you be able to find your uncle? Rooms of Memory: Library Ice castle in Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory: Cafe du France Read More

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Detailed graphics and challenging explorations

You have received a will from the late Professor Bellows, whose work has been so legendary that it was shrouded in secrecy.

As a student who received his will, you are tasked to decode the contents...Full Review
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