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Robo Racing 8 rate Robo Racing is a Transformer-inspired game with gameplay that feels like a mix between the movie, Real Steel (the robot-fighting part), and the craziness of the car-version of a Motorcross game (the arcade racing part). Get your very own RoboCar and beat your enemies on the track or defeat them in the ring today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Get the best of both arcade racing and robot fighting in this amazingly addictive game, Robo Racing! Inspired by the Transformers movie no doubt, this game allows you to take control of a Robocar and race it through a derelict, post-apocalyptic landscape filled with collapsed metal towers, ruined flyovers and of course zombie cars, motorcycle riders and sometimes, even helicopters! That’s not all, every 4 racing missions, you’ll also get to transform your Robocar into an intimidating robot and participate in an exciting “boxing” match with another robot in the robot arena! To give yourself the edge you need, you can collect money you’ve earned from the matches and races to upgrade the various components of your amazing Robocar. Don’t forget to collect as many achievements as you can to get some bonus cash as well! Interested? Well, play now and show the world that your Robocar is the ultimate badass in the wasteland in Robo Racing!


Start playing Robo Racing by choosing your first Robocar! There are 2 to choose from, namely a yellow and a red one... well, honestly, you don’t have much of a choice since you only get to choose the red one for free - the yellow will cost you real money. There aren’t as many choices in terms of Robocars in this game, which is tad bit disappointing as you would have thought a racing game will at least provide more cars for you to choose from. There are no car customizations as well... unless you include Robocar upgrades as a form of customization, then yeah; the game does provide “customizations”. However, don’t let all of this discourage you from trying the game out though – gameplay-wise, Robo Racing has something unique to offer!

In terms of upgrades, there are up to 6 different components that you can upgrade, namely the gun, rocket power, nitro, armor, rocket count, medicine, in Robo Racing. For instance, the gun increases the power and fire rate of your Robocar’s gun (obviously). Rocket power, on the other hand, increases the power of the Robocar’s rockets while rocket count expands rocket launchers to provide your Robocar with more rockets. Medicine increases heal rate received from medkits and so on and so forth. You can also purchase an upgrade (Cash flow) to increase the rate of earning in-game money, but only this upgrade requires real cash.

All of these upgrades, no matter how awesome they are, require in-game cash and to earn some, you’ll need to complete racing missions by playing the game. The controls in these racing missions are fairly straightforward and easy to remember. You’ll be using WASD or the arrow keys to move your car... well, actually, you’ll only be using W and S to accelerate forward and move backwards since the game is in a side-scrolling 2D format. The A and D keys are there for you to stabilize your car in case when your car ends up like a tortoise on its back. You can also “jump” your car by pressing spacebar and press “X” to give your car that boost of nitro! Your Robocar even comes equipped with rocket launchers, though with rather limited ammo, and you can launch your rockets at your enemies (particularly useful against helicopters) using the “Z” key.

As mentioned, there are plenty of enemies that will try to destroy your Robocar. Thankfully, you have a helpful gun mounted at the roof of your car. This gun will shoot at all the zombie cars and motorcycle riders as you race through the game. Sometimes, there will also be a helicopter, with plenty of health, following and attacking you. In this case, you might need to dump your rockets into it so you can get rid of it. By bringing it down, you’ll earn some nice bonuses as well!

While racing, you can also collect beneficial items along the way... and you should. They are very important to ensure your subsequent victories. The medikits are important to repair your Robocar as it speeds through the derelict cityscape in Robo Racing while cash is needed for your car’s upgrades. There are also grenades that you will need to collect to be used later in the robot fight.

There are 3 stars per mission that you can earn and each star has its own objective for you to complete. Once done, you’ll get the star you so deserved! In addition to finishing the racing course, you will also need to get at least 1 star to proceed to the next mission. Robo Racing may look simple, but it can be pretty tough to play. If you fail a level, you will lose a life from the 7 maximum lives you have. If you lost them all, you will then have to wait for it to regenerate or swipe out your credit card to buy more lives.

Over time though, the gameplay of these racing missions may get a tad bit repetitive, albeit more challenging... well, this is the time when you are introduced to the “boss” fights, or they are also known as robot fights! You get to play 1 robot fight for every 4 racing missions. In robot fights, your Robocar will transform into its robot form and start automatically fighting the opponent, which usually have a lot more health than you, when the game begins. In other words, you won’t be given the controls in these fights.

However, there is something you can do that will definitely tip the battle and let you feel as though you’ve actually done something to help as your robot fights! Remember those grenades you’ve collected? Well, they are exactly what you need! Since bosses have much more health than you, you’ll need as many grenades as you can get your hands on and lob them at the robots. There are 4 different types of grenades, with the purple one being the strongest and the white one being the weakest. They all do substantial damage as compared to your robot’s blows and using each type of grenade will trigger a cooldown as well, so be sure to have all the different varieties of grenades too in order to use them all one after another!


Robo Racing boasts of having 100 thousand monthly active users and has around 14 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. The fan page is pretty active and the admin often posts about new games that the publisher, Mix Max Games, published. If you want to meet and add new friends or just to find a few people to discuss strategies, well the fan page is the place you seek! Do give the page its well-deserved “like” if you’ve enjoyed playing the game as well!

Graphics/ Sound

There is a rather huge disparity in between the 2D graphics for the car-version of your Robocar and its robot version. This is because the graphics for the cars are very cartoonish unlike the visuals for the robots which look absolutely polished and refined. It may feel a bit weird for some, I guess. In terms of music, the game offers a nice mix of techno/rock-type music. It is very upbeat and is the perfect music to amp yourself up before a race or a fight!


In summary, Robo Racing is a surprisingly addictive free-to-play arcade racing/robot fighting game that is rather fun and casual to play and yet has a nice mix of challenge in it! It is a Transformer-inspired game with gameplay that feels like a mix between the movie, Real Steel (the robot-fighting part), and the craziness of the car-version of a Motorcross game (the arcade racing part). Anyway, in this game, you’ll take control of your very own Robocar and race across a derelict, post-apocalyptic landscape while destroying as many zombie vehicles and collecting as many grenades and cash as you can. With the cash, you can then upgrade your car to be more durable and to pack a meaner punch. The grenades, on the other hand, are needed in the eventual robot fighting match, whereby your robot will be facing a boss robot that has a lot more health than it does... hence, the need for the grenades (as many of them as you can get your hands on) to even out the odds. Sounds like an awesome game to play? Well, you’re not wrong there! Do give Robo Racing a try and you’ve been warned... it can get pretty addictive if you enjoy this sort of game!

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New Game Added: Robo Racing

by Aethyna Jul 1, 2015
Robo Racing is a Transformer-inspired game with gameplay that feels like a mix between the movie, Real Steel (the robot-fighting part), and the craziness of the car-version of a Motorcross game (the arcade racing part). Get your very own RoboCar and beat your enemies on the track or defeat them in the ring today! Robot PvP in Robo Racing Robo Racing: Racing Jump in Robo Racing Read More
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