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Roblox 8.8 rate If you enjoy building your own world, you’ll definitely like Roblox! Roblox is a sandbox, voxel-based game which is very similar to Minecraft. Build your own place brick by brick or for the creative, you can even use Roblox to design your own games! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review Aug 10, 2015 | 0 Votes 0     0

A complete world you can explore!

For starters, this is not a game on its own, but a portal where you can find hundreds of games that have all been designed by gamers like you. The platform is very simple and almost similar to that popular Minecraft game but this one has better graphics, slightly.

When you first enter its website, you will be greeted by a list of games that you can play. There are a variety of customized games that you can partake in. They are, in a way, MMORPGs on their own because they have their own server within the Roblox network, and you can play with other players who are online as the same time as you are!

The difference, of course, lies in the graphics. The Graphics here is very simple, and is not as highly detailed as other games you might be used to playing. This makes for faster loading time, however, and you could be up and playing in no time when you join one in the website. Here are a few games that you might be interested in.

If you are one who appreciates simplicity but would still want to enjoy a good game, then you should give the world of Roblox a try.

Before you can play a game in the website, however, you will have to download the client. It is less than a megabyte in size so it should download in no time for you.
One of the games that you can play is called Ship Tycoon. You basically build a ship and an entertainment center here using a conveyor as a means of collecting in-game cash, which you then use to purchase additional conveyors, start the hull of your first ship, add adornments to your ship's lounge and many others. The game's money grows as you let it be, while you explore your own little world. You have neighbors, of course.

Ship Tycoon, by the way, comes with a groovy soundtrack that should set the mood for you to build your own ship and lounge. Give it a try.

Another game is the Prisoner Life. Almost like a first-person shooter (FPS) game like Counter-Strike (but with lower resolution graphics), you get to pick a side. You either play as an inmate, whose life is ruled by schedules enforced by the armed guards, or as the guards themselves. As a guard, you are equipped with tasers, guns and riot shields to enforce the rule of law onto the inmates that become hostile or attempt to escape from the facility.

Last but not the least is aptly named Cube Eat Cube. This is similar to games like the Nokia Snake, in which you steer a sprite towards consumable objects that it, well, eats. Just like the Nokia Snake, your cube will grow in size as it consumes more and more cubes along the way. Take care, however, because this is not just a player versus environment game. Other players, whose cubes are definitely larger than yours, are also out to eat your cubes and get your game ended.

Of course, these are only three of the thousands of games that are found in the website. Good news is, you can build your own!

The website features a building interface through which you build your own game and world using the pre-loaded kits that are found through the API. When you first invoke the builder, you will be given a tutorial. Take note, this tutorial is actually accessible to other players who might just want to wreck your creations for the fun of it. Avoid putting your whole heart and spirit into building something that some troll will just lay waste to.

Once you have finished the tutorial, you are given your own space to create your world and that is where your best ideas should be put into practice. You have at your disposal various templates to create your own in-world game, including drafts for a first-person shooter. Exercise your innate creativity. Sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination.

The currency for this world is called Robux. Unlike most gaming platforms that provide you with free cash in the beginning, the website does not give you any at all. You will have to purchase using real money if you want to have hard currency in the website, which you can use to purchase limited edition items.
The website even has its own trading system for Robux currency!

Roblux is a good alternative to Minecraft, as the sprites here are well-defined and has better resolution although, of course, it's not high definition. With plenty of choices for the gamer, the website should have enough to keep you occupied.
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There are two sides to Roblox, playing games and creating games.

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