Rappelz: The Expedition

by Richard
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Rappelz: The Expedition 7 rate Rappelz is a unique dark fantasy MMORPG. There are 3 races to choose from, though all players will start with a fixed character class and must advance their characters to unlock more classes. It also boasts to have a special pet system where players can capture and train monsters as their pets. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Rappelz is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game that was released in 2009 and developed by Gala Lab in South Korea. It features a traditional fantasy world with familiar mechanics, it also has three distinct races that provide different lore and a set of character classes to unlock through character progression. It also has one of the unique pet systems where players can capture and train their own pets that can aid them in battle.


It tells the story of an ancient race called the Gaia, and as the gods of creation saw that the Gaia race needed some assistance, they have created two more races; the Deva that represents the light and the Asura that more into the darkness. All was well with the three races until an individual from the Gaia race calling herself the Witch became a powerful sorceress that rallied troops to rebel against the world. With the combined might of the three races, the Witch has finally been subdued, however after years of peace, the threat of the resurrection of the Witch has surfaced. It is up to the heroes to uncover the truth and put an end to the Witch once and for all.


Rappelz has the very familiar fantasy setting where you get to explore a medieval-like world filled with elves, dwarves and orcs, and now featuring some unique races such as the dark-skinned Asuras and the paled-skin Devas. It also features the classic game mechanics where you get to complete story-based quests and other side quests

Starting the game will let you choose from the three races; the Gaia, Deva and Asura, each has their own unique racial appearance but not much difference in terms of physique. You only have limited set of customization options for your facial appearance so there is nothing to focus much on giving more effort in the customization. Picking your character class us rather interesting as all races will start on a specific starting class, but each race can only use certain weapons that are tied to its race.

The early part of the game focus heavily in teaching the players on the basics, from the basic controls up to the different game features found in the game, it provides a large area for new players to discover more on the basics of the game. However there is no way to skip the entire tutorial phase for players who already played the game but decided to create new characters, but enduring the tutorial phase will provide a load of exp and item rewards to help new players start off to their adventure.

The character class progress requires a series of grinding and quest completion, at the start of the game, players will start with a basic character class, and these provide a few amount of skills and limited selection of weapons. But once they reach a certain level, they can now pick a branching point for their character class and after reaching higher levels, it will unlock more classes to master. Each of these class will have different special skills depending on their roles, support types such as priest will focus on healing and buffs while knights and Templars focus more on defense and larger HP.

Leveling is quite similar to the system found in Ragnarok Online where it focus on having two progression levels. The initial character level focus more on exp points found in quests and monsters and when reaching a certain amount it will increase the character’s level, this allows the access to new equipment and skills. Meanwhile the Job level focus on character progression, this can be earned from killing monsters but instead of automatically levelling up after meeting a required amount, players must distribute the accumulated points to increase skill abilities and other passive skills that can increase a character’s stats. The job level is also required to advance to the next tier of job classes.

The pet system is very unique for Rappelz, as these are your trusty companions throughout the game. You can obtain your own pet by taming a monster around your area, there are times that taming can be a hit or miss, but after several attempts you will be able to have your own pet. These pets can earn experience and level up the same way as your avatar, and they can also unlock skills to aid you in your battles. You can also evolve your pets into powerful versions with a new appearance and skill set.


Rappelz still has an active community where new players can still interact with. There is also the PvP system for competitive players who want to challenge others in PvP specific arenas, the classic Guild system is also present, letting more players band together and form their own guild and dominate dungeons to claim as their own.

Graphics/ Sound

There graphics was a bit dated considering it was released in 2009. The character designs provide a feel of a fantasy themed world though the textures are less detailed due to the outdated engine which could have help flesh out the fantasy world, but the architectural structures of key cities are still impressive to see and to explore. The audio are still okay as some music scores provide some great vibe to the medieval setting and managed to help provide identities to certain regions.


Rappelz is an old game but still has some interesting features that anyone can still enjoy trying it out. It may have outdated visuals but it still provides a presentable game, so those who are conscious with dated graphics may have some trouble liking this game but for those who are into unique pet systems and level progression may like this one. And the best part is that the game still receives new content update every month to keep players hooked.

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by Richard Mar 19, 2017
Rappelz is a unique dark fantasy MMORPG. There are 3 races to choose from, though all players will start with a fixed character class and must advance their characters to unlock more classes. It also boasts to have a special pet system where players can capture and train monsters as their pets. Rappelz: The Expedition: Combat Cool raptor mount in Rappelz: The Expedition Rappelz: The Expedition: Evolved naga pet Read More
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