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Ran World 6 rate Join on a new journey after the world was struck by a series of meteors that almost wiped out humanity. Represent one of the three schools and pick any from the six unique character classes and challenge some of the most powerful bosses in the deepest dungeons. Prepare for the biggest challenge in Ran World today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Experience Ran World (a.k.a. Ran Online) for a classic MMORPG experience. Uncover the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world as a student from one of the three schools. Choose from the different character classes that suits your playing style. Complete quests, conquer raid bosses and become the most powerful student from the rest. Can you become the top student in Ran World?


The game focuses on an alternate world where a prophecy has predicted an inevitable apocalypse. Eventually that actually happened, a few years later, an organization called the Saint Foundation Group has taken power all over the world. This lead to the creation of four institutes; Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, Phoenix and Leonair, these schools enrolled some of the best and powerful students where they will be used for SFG’s Shaman’s Mayhem where the students are used to induce the other life beings from the other side of the world.


Ran World features the traditional MMORPG of the early 2000s; more on grinding, quest gathering and standard guild battles. You start off with picking one of the three schools in the game; Scared Gate, Mystic Peak and Phoenix. Though there are no special traits that makes each schools unique aside from the different starting points and starting uniforms, it helps add a new feel of exploring different territories at the start of a new character. There are also different kinds of character classes the new players can choose from, from the fist-using Brawlers to Swordsmen, Shamans, Archers and to the recently added classes the agile Assassins and gun-wielder Science. Character customization is rather limited as it only has few settings to change the hairstyle and facial looks.

One of the interesting features of the character classes is that each of them has three different builds, where each has its own advantages on how players handle these builds. These are the Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence builds that each specializes their respective attributes. Though each of the character classes plays differently aside from wielding different weapons, the different builds help provide more strategies and roles for boss raids and guild battles.

The combat in Ran World is rather stiff, there is no right mouse button and scroll wheel usage to adjust the camera angle, and you need to use the keyboard’s direction button to navigate the camera. This can be a troublesome for new players to navigate around the area. Also the combat system is very dated, it still retains the very traditional MMORPG combat where players spam their abilities on a target to win, but the very exciting part in the game is the Destiny Boxes, these provide random results when picked up either it will beneficial to the player or a trap, some of these include increased damage or attack speed or even higher experience and drop rate, or it could be a random mini-boss or a bomb that could instantly kills you.

The quest feature of the game is a bit cluttered and will require some time to get used to. Unlike some of the newer MMO games today where an automated movement system guides the players to the designated location or NPC for their next quest objective, this was not available in Ran World. So players must have to check on their map and read the quest objectives thoroughly to avoid getting lost in their current quest. It is also difficult to keep track on the accomplished objectives as there are no quest progress indicator displayed in the game as you still need to check on the quest window more often. The quests are still the typical straightforward tasks, from collecting items to defeating bosses, this won’t give players a hard time grinding to reach higher levels.


Although the game may be old, it still have a stable online community, with more players participating from Southeast Asia. It also have active in-game events, from weekly GM specials to monthly major game events and a lot of players are still participating it.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals of Ran World is very dated, even after several major game updates, the graphics still remain the same, though this could also mean that the game can still be playable on older rigs or even on netbooks. In terms of music, it only has limited tracks which feature some rock themes or even funky hip-hop tunes to fit the vibes of your average college/high school students. Sound effect is just decent, with sword slashing effects to usual grunts and groans from NPCs whenever they get hit or killed.


Ran World is an outdated game with most of its game features not catching up with the changes from the past decade. This could mean some problems as it can discourage new players from trying out the game as it restricts them from enjoying it due to the inconveniences found from older titles. However those who are used to the old MMO games may feel welcome to try the game as it can provide a refreshing theme that is away from the typical medieval and futuristic themes found in new MMO titles. But be warned as Ran World will require some patience to fully enjoy it.

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New Game Added: Ran World

by Richard Nov 8, 2016
Join on a new journey after the world was struck by a series of meteors that almost wiped out humanity. Represent one of the three schools and pick any from the six unique character classes and challenge some of the most powerful bosses in the deepest dungeons. Prepare for the biggest challenge in Ran World today! Ran World: Awesome skins Combat in Ran World Ran World: Character customization Read More
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