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by Aethyna
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Raindrop Pop 10 rate Whether you’re a seasoned arcade veteran or a casual gamer, Raindrop Pop is a hybrid game that will intrigue you. It has a gameplay that only could be described as a cutesy yet innovative version of Alien Invaders where you have to shoot at falling raindrops in hopes of saving the island village from being flooded. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Whether you’re a seasoned arcade veteran or a casual gamer, Raindrop Pop is a hybrid game that will intrigue you. It has a gameplay that only could be described as a cutesy yet innovative version of the classic arcade game, Alien Invaders, where you have to shoot at falling raindrops in hopes of saving the island village from being submerged by the heavy rain. The game also contains elements of a village-building sim and an RPG in which you can assemble a party of special heroes.


As the new chief of Mani Island, is it your duty to save your people from an impending disaster – apparently, rain has been falling for every day now, and if this continues, the island village may end up being submerged…. Just like Atlantis! Will you be able to help?


Considering how unique this game is, Raindrop Pop can be a tricky game to get into. The tutorial doesn’t do a very good job of explaining things either. As such, you might be better off trying to learn the game by simply playing it.

Basically though, your task in each level is to remove the raindrops by matching them with a villager of the same color before the raindrop reaches the danger line at the bottom. It is crucial for you to not let any raindrop past that line. If you do, each raindrop that went beyond the line will slowly fill up the flood gauge on the left. Once that’s full, you’ll have a flood disaster on your hands and you will lose the game.

To avoid this, you will need to do some matching. How does it work? Well, the playing area has 3 dotted lines in it. Differently-colored raindrops will fall along these lines.

To pop the raindrops, you’ll need to rotate through your villager line-up until you get a matching villager, align him with the raindrop you want to pop, and then tapping on him. You can align your villager by tapping on the only villager that is standing outside of the playing area. Your villager will rotate automatically after getting rid of a raindrop as well, so you’ll need to take note of this when you’re planning your moves and trying to get a “chain”, a.k.a. combo.

You can also change the color of a raindrop by matching it with the villager with the color you want and tapping on him. This is crucial for performing a chain attack. A chain attack, or chaining, generally means getting rid of a series of raindrops of the same color from just a single match. To trigger this effect, you just need to make a match in a cluster of raindrops of the same color as the one you’ve matched.

Chaining is definitely the next level of gameplay in this game, and even I, despite my considerable experience with unique gameplay mechanics, have trouble figuring out how it works. There were times when I thought I’d get a chain effect but I didn’t; for other times, it’s the opposite. It can get kind of confusing, but this is something that you will just need to deal with because this effect is incredibly useful when taking down bosses.

Aside from chaining, another important game mechanism in Raindrop Pop that you’ll need to take note of is its energy system. This is to prevent players from mindlessly tapping away at the villagers below. Every tap you make on the villager will drain your energy level by a small portion, but it restores really quickly whenever you stop tapping on your villagers. Rotating your villager line-up won’t drain your energy though, so you can do this while waiting for the energy to be restored.

Raindrop Pop also provides collectable, special villagers that you can recruit to your village via a gacha-style Raffle system. These villagers can be added to your special villager line-up (6 villagers max) and they may appear in your games from time to time (as they are in your line-up). These villagers usually have a unique ability each and you just need to learn what each of them can do while in a game.

Like most casual puzzle games, Raindrop Pop offers a variety of challenges to try to spice things up. One such challenges is the boss levels. Here, you’ll need to get your villagers to hit the flying boss – he reminds me a lot of the alien in Alien Invaders – as he dumps raindrops on you. You will usually need to get rid of the raindrops first before you can even hit him.

There is also a rain shower mode whereby you’ll need to clear away a whole lot more raindrops within a short period of time. Naturally, chain effects work great here as well! Not to mention, there are several ranked challenge modes outside of the story-driven mode of the game. These challenges resets daily and will pit you against other participants.

Need some help with a game? There are plenty of power-ups and starting items to the rescue! Starting items are items you can start a game with. They can be purchased using game currency and include score booster, combo time increase, and others. You can only bring up to 3 types per game.

Power-ups, on the other hand, only includes the Raindrop Eraser, Flood Vacuum and Time Stoppers. Their use in this game is pretty self-explanatory – the Raindrop Eraser clears away raindrops; the Flood Vacuum drains the flood gauge while the Time Stopper literally stops time in the game.

Raindrop Pop isn’t all about popping raindrops, however. You can use the coins you earned to construct new buildings in your island village or upgrade existing ones to increase the maximum population you can support. There are plenty of islets you can uncover and explore as you play and all of these can be developed to accommodate even more villagers. To move on to the next islet, you just need to have enough stars collected – you can gain up to 3 stars per level you play.

Tapping on random objects while you’re viewing your island can be quite beneficial too. For instance, I tapped on a dandelion and got 10 free coins out of it. Interestingly, the dandelion respawned pretty quickly, letting me accumulate around 50 coins easy. The stork called Lupin Kana will occasionally fly across your island as well. Tapping on it will open up special offers that usually involve watching a video ad in exchange of getting some free stuff.

Unfortunately, aside from these little freebies, earning coins can be extremely tedious in this game and the cost of a building upgrade is ridiculously high. The developers really need to either bump up the coin-earning rate or greatly reduce the upgrade cost.

Raindrop Pop is a freemium game. It contains few ads and the game does have an in-app store. The store sells many different packages including an ad-free version. You can also buy premium currency, gems, using real money. These gems can then be used to purchase more hearts (which you’ll need to play a game), coins, raffle tickets, power-ups and more.


The game doesn’t really have a social feature to it besides the competitive, ranked-based challenges in Maniland. It is still a pretty new game too, so it might be slightly easier to rise up the ranks now, rather than later.

Graphics/ Sound

Graphics-wise, Raindrop Pop has some fantastic visuals and an art style that is very appealing. The characters are all so cute, especially the special villagers, and it’s so calming to watch your villagers bustling around and chatting to each other on the island.

However, when it comes to things that are soothing, the sounds in this game is perhaps the best among the lot. Aside from the relaxing pitter-patter sound of raindrops hitting the ground, you get to enjoy the sound of gentle sea waves lapping the shores of your island too!


In short, Raindrop Pop does offer a very unique and innovative take on the generic arcade shooter genre. In addition to being both fun and intriguing, the game also has plenty of extra features, such as unlocking special villagers, gacha-style, and developing your island village by adding décor and upgrading homes. However, I do think that in a quest to be different the developers may have made this game a whole lot more complicated than it needs to be.

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New Game Added: Raindrop Pop

by Aethyna Jul 18, 2018
Whether you’re a seasoned arcade veteran or a casual gamer, Raindrop Pop is a hybrid game that will intrigue you. It has a gameplay that only could be described as a cutesy yet innovative version of Alien Invaders where you have to shoot at falling raindrops in hopes of saving the island village from being flooded. Raindrop Pop: Chaining effect Develop your village in Raindrop Pop Raindrop Pop: Power-up Read More
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