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Rail Nation 9 rate Rail Nation is a brilliant railway business management game whereby you are given the chance to virtually manage your very own train station as well as to collect all the magnificent trains in the game! Schedule the journeys of your trains to transport goods for profit! Rise up and be a railway tycoon today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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If you love trains with a certain fiery passion, then Rail Nation is definitely a game that will suit you! In this game, you are the proud owner of a train station in a home city. Schedule the journeys of your trains to various production factories on the map in order to transport goods from the factories to the home city for some profit! With more money, you can either choose to upgrade your trains via research or purchase new mightier trains, connect to new facilities by building new tracks, or upgrade the various buildings in your home city to improve their functions! Don’t forget to keep your trains in tip-top shape by regularly repairing them when needed. By expanding your railway business one step at a time, soon enough, you’ll have a huge network of tracks and a magnificent fleet of trains plying them to bring in profit for your “rail nation”! If you think you have what it takes to be a railway magnate, you should definitely give Rail Nation a try!


To start, the game lets you choose between 2 countries, either the UK or the US, to start your railway business in. After that, you’ll be prompted for your player name as well as a home city of your choice from among the cities provided. Some cities are unavailable due to overpopulation, but there are still plenty of cities you can choose from. Then, you’ll be given the chance to create your own in-game character. There are limited customization options, but they are sufficient enough for this game – it is, after all, not an MMORPG.

Rail Nation then proceeds to give you the option to start with the tutorial or skip the tutorial entirely. It’s always best to see the tutorial to the very end... who knows you might end up with some freebies? Furthermore, the game is quite different from any other train games and the tutorial is indeed very helpful in laying out all the basics for you.

First things first, to start your railway business, you’ll need to set up your trains! To do so, you’ll need to purchase an engine. You’ll work with the most basic model at first. Don’t worry though! As soon as you’ve researched new engines, you will have access to advanced models. An engine is nice and all, but we need wagons in order to transport goods! There are many types of wagons and each type of wagon can carry different types of goods, such as coal, grain, wood, iron and boards. Be sure to buy the right one for the trip you have in mind as it is best not to mix them all up together – you never know what will happen! Do also note that each train can carry a limited number of wagons and you will have to attach the exact same number of wagons that they can carry – no more, no less. If not, you will not be able to send your train out!

After getting your trains all set up, it’s time to give your trains some errands to run in Rail Nation. Send trains out on deliveries to the various connected production facilities around the map in order to bring in some profits for your business! For each delivery to a city or a processing industry, you will receive transport revenues and this is your most important source of income!

To start, set a schedule for your train by clicking on the trains’ schedule mode. This mode allows you to queue up stops such as cities or factories in your train’s journey. Don’t forget to end the schedule by getting your train to offload your goods at your home city. The offloading process is automatic, so don’t worry that you’ll need to come back frequently to collect your goods. Do remember to click on “confirm” to send your train out on its way! After scheduling, the train will keep running the same tracks you’ve set it on, earning you some nice constant income, until you‘ve decided otherwise and changed the schedule.

If you want to change a train’s schedule and location, you can decouple your train/s and add new wagons to your engine. How many wagons that can be added depend on the tractive force the engine has. Trains will experience wear and tear, so remember to repair it. If the condition of the train is too deteriorated, you’ll lose some of the profits and there is an increased risk of an accident happening, losing you all the goods on the train and a sizeable amount of money to get the train repaired!

Your profit margins can be increased by enhancing your train engines using new technology, so that they can be more efficient! Researches will help you make the most of an engine before you are able to buy a new one. Upgrade enough times for a selected few parts in the tech tree and you’ll unlock the next type of much superior train engine. Each research uses up a certain amount of research points and you will need to fulfill the research point requirement before you can unlock a new engine component. Ran out of research points? Well, the points can be earned by waiting for it to regenerate by itself at a rate of 1 point per hour... or you could always spend real money to buy more! You can have a maximum of 6 research points at any time.

Researched technologies are not automatically installed in engines, but have to be installed manually. Each upgrade brings vast advantages to your engine, so the cost is very worth it and you earn back your investment quite quickly. However, you will have to decide which ones you would like to research and install, and which you can possibly do without since you probably won’t have enough money or research points to research and install all the upgrades.

To further boost your profit in Rail Nation, you can invest a little into building more routes to connect more production buildings in order to obtain their goods and transport them to your home city. Though, to do so, you first have to upgrade the track production building to increases the number of routes that you can own. The cost of routes will increase as you build more routes, so you should consider carefully which ones you want to buy and when you buy it. You could also buy licenses to increase your profit margins for transporting a certain goods using real money or buy it via bidding at the randomly generated auction using in-game money.

Besides earning a steady stream of income from your trains, you can also get some money by collecting bonuses from certain buildings in your home city, such as hotel, shopping center and restaurant. Sometimes, you will be given some prestige as well! Completing tasks in the game will also earn you money and prestige. Prestige is a criterion for victory in this game and is given out via medals (a.k.a. achievements), as well as completing upgrades, in addition to finishing the tasks assigned and from the building collections.

These buildings in your home city give your railway company many advantages and each of them can be upgraded to further increase their usefulness. For instance, the level of the engine house for example determines the total amount of engines you can own. So, be sure to keep these buildings upgraded too! There are also events, such as competitions that randomly pop up to keep the game interesting.


Although the game is merely in its open beta phase, Rail Nation has already garnered quite a following and is becoming more popular among players who love this sort of game. It has around 67 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page, which is truly impressive! The fan page is very active and there are contests and sweepstakes for players to get a chance at winning some free premium currencies as well as certain special in-game items. It is also a great place to meet and chat with fellow train enthusiasts. Who knows? You may just become fast friends with some of these people who share the same passion as you for trains!

Graphics/ Sound

Rail Nation has absolutely stunning graphics! The train engine models look fantastic and the maps as well as the production factories are all well-designed! This is definitely an eye-candy of a game! In terms of music, the game provide a soft piano music that is accompanied by the sounds of birds chirping at the map at first, but it switched out with another soft music which has a strumming guitar in it. This shows that the game has quite a variety of music and all its sounds are very pleasant to listen to.


All in all, Rail Nation is a brilliant railway business management game whereby you are given the chance to virtually manage your very own train station as well as to own all the magnificent trains in the game! In this game, you’ll need to schedule your trains to journey to various production factories on the map in order to transport goods from the factories to sell in your home city for some profit! The money earned can be used on a variety of upgrades, such as train upgrades or building upgrades that will eventually contribute to the growth of your railway empire as well as your increasing profit margins! Expand your network to secure new resources by connecting factories with new railways so that your trains can transport the goods. Trains experience wear and tear after some time and you’ll need to remember to repair them so they can be at their maximum efficiency! Do you think you can rise up to the top in Rail Nation and own a massive and vastly profitable rail nation? Play the game to find out!

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