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Ragnarok: Path of Heroes 6 rate Ragnarok is back and now available for mobile platforms. Ragnarok: Path of Heroes features the classic gameplay and job classes that will be playable on your smartphone, you can form a party with friends or challenge other players in a classic PvP bout. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ragnarok: Path of Heroes is a free to play mobile MMO Role-Playing Game that is based on the popular Ragnarok Online MMO. Majority of the characters and gameplay are all inspired from the original game but streamlined to work well on the mobile platform. Players can choose from five character classes that plays differently, you can also party up with real players to hunt down dungeon bosses and collect the rarest loot.


Story and setting of Path of Heroes is quite the same as with the original Ragnarok Online, 1000 years ago, a 100-year long war against the Demons has finally ended as both the Humans of Midgard and Demons of the Underworld have forged a truce.

However, after 40 years, the Valkyrie Randgris was threatening the human world by using the cursed stone that she stole from the Underworld. Before any harm could have done, Monica from the Celestial Land of Valhalla, defeated Randgris then sealed and banished her, never to be seen again. In the present day, another threat approaches the world as a mysterious woman broke the seal and set Randgris free, terrorizing the world once again.


Ragnarok: Path of War works and plays like your ordinary Ragnarok Online game for the PC, however there are some parts that were streamlined to make the game fit on the mobile platform. Some may like it and some may not as there are some features that were now limited in the mobile game.

Starting at the game, you will be given a chance to pick your preferred character class, unlike in the original game, all characters will start as a novice, but in Path of Heroes, it was streamlined and skipped the novice class where players can start selecting a class. Only the first tier classes are available (Swordsman, Thief, Archer, Mage and Acolyte). You then select your preferred gender, hairstyle and color, just as the same as with the original. After providing a character name, you will jump into a short tutorial, but you can also skip that part if you know the basic controls.

You can move around the area by dragging your finger on the screen to the desired direction like there is a directional pad on screen, or you can just point at the area and your character will move to that location. You can interact with an NPC or fight an enemy with the action button or pressing on the NPC, as for other actions such as sitting and taking potions, there is a hotkey slot bar below the screen where you can put consumable items, command actions and other equipment that will be easy to access when needed, the same goes for character skills to land devastating combos against monsters.

Combat is a bit clunky due to the low framerate in the game, as attacking mobs feels tedious. But there is an auto target feature where you automatically attack any nearby monsters in the field and all of your normal attacks will continue will the enemy is dead, but the clunky feel on the gameplay cannot be remedied due to the overall performance of the game’s engine. The skills fees uninspired as the effects lacks any impact feel to it, this is probably due to the simplified design to make it fit to mobile.

What makes the mobile version better is that you can easily find quests from NPCs thanks to the handy map that you can use to navigate around, you can find NPCs with quest marks on the map and activate it. The quests are very basic as most of it composed of killing select number of monster or collect a specific number of items from fallen monsters or just basically talk to NPCs from different areas. The rewards may come in exp points or zenny or additional items to add in your stock, you can get more quests when you complete the succeeding ones as you progress further in the game.


Ragnarok Online was a hit MMO in the early years, and up to now there are still more fans who are playing the game, and the same goes with Path of Heroes. You can meet a lot of players in the game and form parties to battle tougher monsters. You can also form guilds just like in most MMORPGs where you can take of dungeon raids or even fight other players in classic PvP wars in real time.

Graphics/ Sound

The game still follows the classic retro style visuals from the original, however the way it was implemented is not working well as the character designs lack any animation and the movements feel stiff. The framerate in the game is very bad as it feels choppy to move and when attacking. The sound department was also disappointing, as all music tracks are just 5 to 10 seconds long and are in an infinite loop to make it look longer, but you can easily notice the track repeating again due to poor editing.


Ragnarok: Path of Heroes was not able to port the original game properly to the mobile platform as there are a lot of rough edges on the presentation. The gameplay also may need some improvements such as the framerate and combat animation as it feels slow and clunky. Fans of the original game may want to try this game and they could enjoy this if they don’t mind the majority of the performance flaws found in Path of Heroes.

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New Game Added: Ragnarok: Path of Heroes

by Richard Apr 29, 2017
Ragnarok is back and now available for mobile platforms. Ragnarok: Path of Heroes features the classic gameplay and job classes that will be playable on your smartphone, you can form a party with friends or challenge other players in a classic PvP bout. Ragnarok: Path of Heroes: Questing Choosing a class in Ragnarok: Path of Heroes Ragnarok: Path of Heroes: Mercenaries and pets Read More
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