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Ragnarok Online 8 rate Ragnarok Online is a massively multiplayer RPG that features 2D sprite characters in a full 3D world. It features a wide range of character jobs and has a deep job skill tree and stat development, you can also unlock more potential job classes and different monster to hunt for loot and monster cards. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG that is based on the popular Korean comic series of the same name. It features a large roster of character classes that featured different abilities and playing styles, it also has job class progression and a wide range of possible character build customization. The game features 2D sprites for their characters and real 3D visuals for its environment.


The game is based on the Ragnarok Manhwa that is heavily inspired by Norse Mythology. The world was in an eternal conflict between god, humans and demons which eventually ended with a truce. But it did not last long... After a thousand years, the truce was broken and the humans began to search for the ancient relics of Ymir that legends say would bring peace back.


Ragnarok Online features the classic point and click gameplay where you must click to a location for your avatar to move or interact with. Since the game was created in the early 2000s, most of its features are very dated, one of the examples is the menu navigation. Accessing any of the menu such as the inventory, character stat sheet and skill tree will require holding the alt key and the corresponding key to open a certain window. Remembering the corresponding keys may be a chore as it can be a dragging if you forgot which button to open the window for the equipment.

Attacking monsters can be done by clicking on them and pressing on the ctrl key to continuously attack with your weapon. You can assign skills to your hotkeys from the function keys and you can stack different presets for your hotkeys such as weapon swapping or item usage.

There are 13 basic job classes available in the game which the main highlight game feature, but all characters must start at the Novice class. The Novice has the basic stats and fewer skills and was the essential class for branching out to newer jobs. But in order to access a new Job, you must first reach a certain level and complete a Job Quest, once you complete these tasks, you may now begin with a new job class.

Each job class plays a different role, and all of them have branching job class progressions that also offers more variety of skills and roles. The swordsman can play as a tanker or a secondary damager but when you reached its second job class, you can pick from being a Knight that can deal great amount of damage or as a Crusader that can buff allies and be a primary tank. Reaching the second job class also requires reaching a certain level and must complete a series of quests. And the new update includes the 3rd job class that provides more powerful jobs for your selected class for the end-game content. Reaching this far will require a lot of patience in grinding and getting the most powerful equipment.

Equipment is another story, you can get the basic equipment from shops or finding them from monsters. The loot found from monsters offer better performance than from equipment bought from shops, or alternatively you can purchase the rare equipment from players in-game. Enhancing equipment can be done by the NPC or from Blacksmith character classes, improving the equipment provides higher damage and defense rate.

Unique to Ragnarok Online is the cards system, certain equipment have slots in them, and these can be inserted with monster cards that you can found from fallen enemies. Only a select number of monsters have specific cards and each of them can be inserted to certain types of equipment and they can yield stat bonuses or special abilities that can enhance your character, some even provide new skills that are not available for certain classes.

The only flaw in Ragnarok Online is the lack of story quests. There’s something like a storyline at the start of the game, during the tutorial in fact, but once you leave that area, you have no designated goal to accomplish. Though this system gives you more freedom to play, it lacks any drive for players to pursue more on the lore of the game, instead they are focused on grinding to reach higher levels.


The game may be more than a decade old, but there are still a lot of active players found in the game. Interacting with players can be done by the standard in-game chat messages or via private messaging, also popularized was the animated emoticons that can add funny interactions with other players. The guild system provides some nifty bonus for players who are in high ranking guilds, especially those who are competitive in PvP battles. The War of Empirium PvP puts top guilds who occupied cities from previous War of Empirium battles on the defense as they try to protect their city from invading guilds and if any of invaders successfully destroy the Empirium, the city is theirs to keep.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics features a combination of 2D and 3D visuals, the 2D sprites of the characters and monsters provide a very anime styled presentation that fits well to the game while the 3D environment help flesh out the world of Ragnarok Online, however due to the lack of graphical updates, the visuals are very dated and the lack of animations from the sprites makes it now uninspiring to play for some.

The soundtrack however is top notch, each map or region provides a different tune that fits on the theme of the area, from oriental instruments for Asian-themed lands to the epic orchestra in massive castles, it provides a very inspiring tune that keeps players hooked.


Ragnarok Online is already a decade-old game, but it still has some vibe for players to try it, especially the interesting wide array of job classes to experiment with. But new players may have a hard time to appreciate the game with the lack of quests and other features to keep them entertained and not just focus on grinding.

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New Game Added: Ragnarok Online

by Richard Jan 10, 2017
Ragnarok Online is a massively multiplayer RPG that features 2D sprite characters in a full 3D world. It features a wide range of character jobs and has a deep job skill tree and stat development, you can also unlock more potential job classes and different monster to hunt for loot and monster cards. Ragnarok Online: Starting the game Adorable costumes in Ragnarok Online Ragnarok Online: Hanging around in town Read More
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