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Ragnarok Journey 8 rate In Ragnarok Journey, you will be able to experience the classic Ragnarok game in a much more convenient and casual setting. Hunt and grind your way in different dungeons and monsters as you strive to level up. Choose your character's job path and have fun exploring Prontera once again! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ragnarok Journey is a browser-based game that is heavily based on the original Ragnarok Online MMORPG. It features most of the main mechanics of the classic game, but added some functions to make it appealing to the casual MMO players. Ragnarok Journey still features the known job classes in the original as well as the locations and monsters, which makes it very welcome to veteran players to play.


Ragnarok Journey still follows the same storyline with the original Ragnarok Online. The world of Midgard was scarred with gruesome war between the humans, demons and god, but a truce has finally been settled and peace was brought back a thousand years of war. However, the balance of peace was broken once again, as peaceful creatures became aggressive, violent earthquakes became frequent. The demons have returned once again, now adventurers have sought out the legends of the parts of Ymir that protects the world and started their journey in finding these lost artifacts.


There are a lot of similarities with Ragnarok Journey with the original Ragnarok Online, from the basic gameplay to the character design even up to the background music. It still has that familiar vibe of a classic game.

Since the game is using a browser to run, loading time may depend on your internet speed, and if your connection is slow, some characters will not load properly and it will take a while. Starting off the game will put you in the character creations screen, though just like in any other browser games, there are very limited customization options, you only have the option to switch gender and hairstyle. All players will start off as a Novice class, with limited skills and equipment, but once you reach a certain level early on, you will have the option to change character class to your liking.

The controls in the game are very basic, there is no need to use the keyboard for movements, and you use the mouse to click on the location that you want to move. Opening stat or inventory windows will require you to click on the displayed shortcut icons, there are no keyboard shortcuts available, however you can still use the keyboard when chatting with other players.

There is a short tutorial to explain all of the basics of the game, and these are very straightforward so you won’t have a hard time playing. All of the activities in the game relies on quests, as this is the best option for you to gain levels faster. You just approach an NPC to receive your quests and complete it to gain tremendous amount of experience points and zeny (money currency in the game).

Just like in the original game, there are different job classes to choose from, from the basic classes like Swordsman, Thief, Archer, Acolyte, Mage and Merchant. In the original game, you can see the different play styles from each class as they have to work together to be a well-balance team, but in Ragnarok Journey, this does not exist. As you can choose to whatever class you want and can still play the game with no changes on your strategy and playing style, and this is a bad thing as there is no sense of diversity from each class and making it less interesting to experiment with the build just like in the original.

Level progression is very simple, as majority in the game relies on level grinding through dungeon crawling or quest completion. You will be able to reach higher levels faster and with less effort. Though the levelling system is very similar to the original, the rate of earning exp points is faster, but the difficulty curve of needing a party member to survive is lessen, so you don’t need to hunt for party members to grind on a tough dungeon. You can distribute the stats to your liking, but you can opt to use the recommended stats to distribute the earned stats automatically.

There is also an automated system that lets you complete quests and defeat monsters without much effort. All you have to do is click on the highlighted name on the quest objective and the system will automatically hunt for the specific target. Once you complete the objective, you can head back to the NPC that provided the quest automatically and earn the rewards.


There are a lot of players active in the game, most of them can be interacted with the global chat. You can invite them in private chats or in party to increase the exp gained or even beating raid dungeons faster. Unfortunately, there are no PvP based activities in the game for those who are competitive by heart, so some may not enjoy playing the game with the lack of competitive battles.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals are almost quite the same with some exceptions. For one the background used in Ragnarok Journey are 2D artwork, and you cannot rotate the camera as the backgrounds are static. The character sprites are somewhat copied from the original, as some of them have similar animations, the monsters on the other hand have some different designs, some are a bit different from their original counterparts. The sound department was very faithful to the series, with all of the soundtracks were taken from the original as well as the sound effects, unfortunately there are no original tracks created for the browsing game.


In the end, Ragnarok Journey plays very similar to Ragnarok Online, but more of a pocket-sized version as it lacks the diversity of the different classes and some of the PVP elements. What you will be getting is a quick and easy game that you can enjoy on your browser without the hassle of grinding for hours. Fans of casual games may enjoy this and as a bonus, they will be introduced to a great MMORPG franchise... maybe enough for them to try out Ragnarok Online 2.

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In Ragnarok Journey, you will be able to experience the classic Ragnarok game in a much more convenient and casual setting. Hunt and grind your way in different dungeons and monsters as you strive to level up. Choose your character's job path and have fun exploring Prontera once again! Ragnarok Journey: Job selection Starting as a novice in Ragnarok Journey Ragnarok Journey: Autoplay Read More
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