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Pokemon Duel 8 rate Pokemon Duel is a mobile strategy game that is based on the Pokemon Trading Figure Game. The game has a combination of board game and tactical strategy game where players must occupy the base tile of their opponents to win. Players can build their decks to unleash their most powerful Pokemons in battle. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Pokemon Duel is a mobile strategy game which is a spin-off game for the Pokemon series. Based on the popular Pokemon Trading Figure Game in Japan, it has some minor changes to fit in the mobile game set up. You battle against other trainers in a board game where you place Pokemon figures on the board and race to reach the enemy base tile to win. You can collect other Pokemon figures and customize your deck in an attempt to battle other tough Pokemon trainers and become the best.


The game features an original story but still uses the original Pokemons from previous games. You, as a new trainer, aim to become the next Hotel King as you arrive in Carmonte Island which is filled with resorts. The island is currently hosting the Pokemon Figure Games (PFG) Tournament where the grand prize is the Jewel Tower; the symbol of Carmonte Island. With your new friends - Luca, an AI named Carlo and Sharon who is a popular idol - behind your back, you will battle other trainers as you strive to win the tournament.


Most of the gameplay mechanics from the Pokemon Figure Game was retained for Pokemon Duel but with some minor adjustments to make it work for mobile gamers. Those who are new to this kind of game may need to learn the basics from the tutorial, but the learning curve is not that hard as you may think.

At the start of the game, you will be customizing your trainer with a few cosmetic options from hairstyle, hair color and skin color. After giving your trainer a name, you will be prompted to a short tutorial match with Luca. It shows all the basic functions of the combat in Pokemon Duel in which are very straightforward to understand.

At the start of any duel, you have 6 figures for your deck and your main goal is to reach the enemy base tile in the board game-like field to win. Each of your Pokemon figures have a certain amount of tiles they can move per turn, and some have higher amount than the rest, however do take note that you can only move one figure per turn. The battle field has an odd design that is filled with adjacent tiles that figures can uses for strategic placements. Do take note that your figures cannot progress further if an enemy Pokemon figure is blocking the path.

When your figure is beside an enemy figure at any turn, they both will engage in a battle. In the combat phase, the battle is more of a roulette where you will tap on the screen to stop the spinning wheel and reveal what attack will occur. It is more of a battle of chance than your usual Pokemon battles, and depending on your Pokemon the roulette will have different abilities.

If you land a higher damage point, you will be able to kick the enemy Pokemon out of the field and put them on their Pokemon Center, Pokemons placed on the Pokemon Center can return to the deck when two more are kick out from the field and placed on the Center, but newly returned Pokemons will have a one turn cooldown before they can be used again. Another way to kick a Pokemon out is by surrounding it with your Pokemon which will automatically remove it from the field, similar like how chess works.

At the end of the battle, you can earn points to increase your rank and other item rewards as well as money. You can use this for improving your Pokemons or purchasing packs to get new ones, alternatively you can purchase the packs with gems that can be acquired with real money, or just sell any unwanted figures to earn enough points for a booster pack. You can combine other figures to create a powerful version of your current figure.

There is a campaign mode where you can take on battles against enemy AI trainers to stack up your inventory to upgrade your figures. The campaign has a story where you can track the progress by completing missions from different locations, each of these locations will become more difficult to beat as you progress further.


There is a huge following for the Pokemon franchise and Pokemon Duel is no exception for gaining more players. You can battle other real player trainers for rank battles where you can earn special rewards if you perform well. Unfortunately, there is no trading feature as the lack of this feature is supposedly to prevent any abuse of the system or any possible hacks.

Graphics/ Sound

Pokemon Duel features some animated battle scenes from your favourite Pokemon during a combat phase, and the animations were handled very well and the artwork in the cut-scenes are faithful to the original artworks in Pokemon games. The soundtrack has the familiar tone with the Pokemon games as well, so the entire presentation is very familiar for any Pokemon fan to take notice.


Overall, Pokemon Duel is an interesting game that plays like a board game. Fans of the Pokemon series may get interested on the game but some might not enjoy this kind of gameplay. The gameplay may take some time for players to get used to as it requires a lot of strategy, but for those who are into strategic games and collectible figures, they may enjoy Pokemon Duel.

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New Game Added: Pokemon Duel

by Richard Mar 14, 2017
Pokemon Duel is a mobile strategy game that is based on the Pokemon Trading Figure Game. The game has a combination of board game and tactical strategy game where players must occupy the base tile of their opponents to win. Players can build their decks to unleash their most powerful Pokemons in battle. Pokemon Duel: Victory Pokemon line-up in Pokemon Duel Pokemon Duel: Gameplay Read More
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