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Pirates: Tides of Fortune 8 rate With your cutlass in hand and the wind at your back it is time to sail into the unknown looking for treasure. With a Haven to call your own to return to it is time to build your fleet of ships and fill it with pirates and take what you want, and defend what you hold. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Taking up piracy in Plarium’s Pirates: Tides of Fortune is not for the soft-hearted or the weak-willed! In this game, you’ll need to to get your crew in check, build up your haven into a pirate stronghold and defend your haven from the Spanish fleet as well as from jealous pirate captains. Do you what it takes? If you yelled “Aye!”, then we want you! Come join your rowdy crew of pirates and make a name for yourself today!


Captain O’Malley, a famous lady pirate, has somehow taken a fancy to you and decided to give you Isla Fortuna, an ex-smuggling hideout. The island has ample of resources and fresh water, enough for you to turn it from haven into a pirate stronghold under the guidance of your lady pirate-friend. Do you think you are ruthless enough to dominate the seven seas and have your name whispered in fear by everyone? Try it to find out!


You start off with a square-shaped island among a vast network of archipelago. It may seem insignificant at first, but soon you’ll be turning it into a pirate stronghold that can be reckoned with! Pirates: Tides of Fortune can be rather confusing at first, considering that it has many features, the game compensates by providing a very clear tutorial-quest line that will help you get your sea legs. So, don’t worry, you’ll do fine!

The first thing to do in for any new pirate captain is to ensure that your haven produces enough rum. As the game has succinctly put it, “What put the ‘jolly’ in the Jolly Roger? How does your crew stare death in the eye without flinchin’? What’s cheaper than actually payin’ ‘em? RUM!”, so building yourself a rum distillery is your first priority as the owner of this island. In fact, why not make that a couple of rum distilleries, to be on the safe side, and upgrade of all them too? After all, if you don’t have enough rum to keep your crew merry, they may – god forbid – sober up. If that happens, they’ll start jumping ship faster than you can say, “certain death for little pay”, that’s for sure!

However, with rum as the staple of your crew’s diet, what you’ll need now is wood and timber to build your ships, and, of course, peg-legs. So, build lumber yards (you can build a maximum of 5) to start harvesting wood! Furthermore, although digging gold out of the ground isn’t as piratical as pillaging it from a Spanish galleon, as a fledgling pirate captain, you’ll need to show a bit of gold to keep your crew interested. Order your crew to build you gold mines (up to a maximum of 5 as well) to start filling your coffers! Remember to upgrade your resource-producing buildings from time to time. Each resource-producing building will also have their own maximum capacity, so you’ll need to log in periodically to collect your resources. Just keep a good supply of resources and you’ll already be halfway to the top!

There are also other, easier methods in Pirates: Tides of Fortune to gain resources, short of plundering the Spanish ships and ports or other pirate havens, of course (you just don’t have a strong enough crew to do that yet). The first method involves your market. Although “Steal! Plunder! Take what you want and burn the rest!” is the motto of every respectable pirate captain, you sometimes just have to do it the boring way.

Barter with fellow pirates for provisions as well as sketches (will be explained later), but take note that barter only works like for like. So you won’t be able to trade provisions for sketches and vice versa. These barters are performed in a realistic way as well – you will not instantly get the resources that you’ve traded for right after you’ve completed the offer. Instead, you will need to wait for the ships of the pirate that you’ve bartered with to deliver the goods to you. Most of the time, it’ll take hours before you can get what resource you need.

To get resources much faster, there are floating crates and barrels around your island that you can collect for a small amount of resources. There are these daily quests, offered by Davy Jones himself that you can do as well. You just needed to activate it, wait for the quest duration to complete and then collect your resources. There’s a limit of 5 quests every 6 hours though, but you can get more quests if you are in a brotherhood (guild) or if you have your prestige status activated. Another easier and faster but costly alternative is to spend your hard-earned rubies at the smuggler’s den. If you don’t have enough rubies to spend, you can always dole out some real money to buy more.

Once the 3 cornerstones of a pirate’s success: gold lumber and rum are well taken care of, it’s time to build up your unruly crew of pirates and take the fight to the Spaniards! You can recruit pirates to join your crew at the tavern. There are two sorts of military units that you’ll be able to build in Pirates: Tides of Fortune – offensive and defensive. Offensive units like marauders are only useful, obviously, in offensive actions – using them for defense will only result in some needless slaughter.

The same could be said for defensive units like Bonnie’s beauties (interesting name choice, by the way). Therefore, you will have to be extremely careful which type of crew you sent out for pillaging and which ones you’ll use to defend your haven from other pirates’ greedy hands. You should also remember to secure your offensive crew at your harbor before you call it a day.

Having lightly-armored crew like marauders and Bonnie’s beauties is good and all, but you’ll soon realize that to try to defeat a force as mighty as the Spanish fleet, you’ll certainly need some better crewmen and ships of your own! In order to unlock these much superior units, you will need to discover them by collecting sketches. For example, by discovering Flight, you will gain access to scouts. Don’t forget to research fortifications as well, so you can set up walls, cannons and gates to make any pillaging pirates think twice before dropping anchor in your waters!

Sketches are produced by your eccentric tinker at the observatory. He doodles a new sketch each day as inspiration strikes his fancy. When he’s collected a complete set, then he can begin to master you a new Discovery. Unfortunately, the problem with geniuses is they don’t always doodle the sketches you want and when you want them, so you may need to wait awhile. If you have any extra sketches, you could always trade them for other sketches with other pirates. You can also buy the sketches that you need from the smuggler’s den with rubies.

Discovering is all good, but what truly matters is your mastery of that knowledge. Hence, you should remember to upgrade your discovered knowledge! Moreover, you can swap pearls at the witch doctor’s hut for passive bonuses for your crew! You can also extract potions from special barrels at the alchemist’s shop and use them for additional benefits as well!

After getting a mighty crew of murderers, scallywags and thieves, it’s time to show the Spaniards and other pirates what you are truly made of! Ready your scurvy crew, captain! Time to go on a plundering spree! You can choose to pillage other havens or perform a blockage on the havens to hold them ransom. You can also seek out adventures or prizes (Spanish ships or ports) at your lighthouse. If you have your Whitmore and co. offices built up, you can even capture rum convoys, gold ports, ruby coves and even salvage shipwrecks for more resources.

Since pirates are not generally known for their life expectancy, thus, in order to have a shot at immortality, you will need to have committed the blackest deeds most foul to earn yourself some shiny trinkets and medals! Not only they make you a dashing figure on the deck, but they have also been known to stop a bullet or two! It may not be an easy task, but if you could managed it, future generations of pirates will definitely speak of your deeds most foul for years to come!


One captain cannot conquer the seven seas alone! There is strength in numbers and it looks like you’ll need it. Sign up for a brotherhood and work with fellow captains to drive the Spaniards back to where they came and send any pirate who dares to oppose your brotherhood to Davy Jones’s locker! You can also offer an accord to your fellow pirate captains by building a brethren court.

It can get rather brutal in this game, but thankfully, the community is very mature about it, so if you ask a pirate politely to back off, he or she will usually do so. Furthermore, there’s a chat system in the game that allows players to ask questions and to get help from more experienced pirates. The conversations over there are very civil, although the game is a pirate-themed game.


The graphics in Pirates: Tides of Fortune are richly detailed and looks absolutely awesome! The ship models are exquisite and it’s amazing how the crew models turn out! This is definitely a game that is best played at full screen.

Since voice acting is Plarium’s forte, it’s no surprise that the voice acting in this game is flawless. The Irish-pirate accent fits perfectly with the game, though if you have a hard time hearing what was being said, you could turn off the accent and listen to the normal English version instead!

The music in Pirates: Tides of Fortune, on the other hand, is very similar to what you’d hear in a sea-side tavern. There is also a variety to the music and sometimes, the tavern music will be replaced with the calming sound of the waves and the cries of seagulls. Needless to say, the music is spot-on for this game and is very suitable to the overall theme of the game.


Even if you’ve played Plarium’s other games, it’s still worth your time to play this game! Pirates: Tides of Fortune does not differ much from the Plarium’s template to creating a game, but the feeling that you get when you are swashbuckling your way to pirate fame is exactly what this game can offer! In fact, you should give this game a go just because of its funny dialogues and pirate speak … seriously! When the ‘share’ button can be relabeled as ‘blabber’, you certainly know that you’ll have a good time playing this game. So, are you ready, captain? Chart your course and set sail to Pirates: Tides of Fortune today!

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by Aethyna Jan 6, 2015
With your cutlass in hand and the wind at your back it is time to sail into the unknown looking for treasure. With a Haven to call your own to return to it is time to build your fleet of ships and fill it with pirates and take what you want, and defend what you hold. Pirates: Tides of Fortune Sailing Battle in Pirates: Tides of Fortune Pirates: Tides of Fortune Pirate Read More
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