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Open Sewer 9 rate Set in the dark and gritty city of Obenseuer, Open Sewer is an RPG/simulation game where you’ll not only get to manage your own apartment block; but to also scour the grime-covered streets for precious bottles to recycle and earn some cash from. Will you be able to survive and thrive in this desolate city? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Set in the dark and gritty city of Obenseuer, Open Sewer is an RPG/simulation game where you’ll not only get to manage your own apartment block; but to also scour the grime-covered streets for precious bottles to recycle and earn some cash from. There are plenty of characters to meet and perhaps get quests from, as well as plenty more crafting options using materials that you can either collect from dumpster diving, trash picking or drain fishing, or buy from the local stores.


In a dystopian future, every homeless person, the poor… generally, all the “undesirables” of society were swept from the streets and bussed to an isolated city called Obenseuer. The move, however, wasn’t very well-planned – the makeshift city was already bursting at its seams with people when a fungal epidemic caused by hallucinogenic green mushrooms broke out. With nowhere to house the increasing number of diagnosed patients, every person who was even suspected of having the disease was sent to a special quarantined area in Obenseuer.

As you may expect of a city filled with only the “scum” of society, all sorts of vices, such as alcoholism, and diseases, due to the lack of hygiene, are rampant here.

In this game, you play as one of the new inhabitants of Obenseuer. Will you be able to not only survive but also thrive in this ruthless and gloomy environment?


To start your adventure in Obenseuer, you’ll first need to create your character. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, allowing you to come up with your own, unique avatar. The game starts off with a nice introduction story which lays the backstory of how the city came into being, and an interrogation by the city’s registrant that lets you decide on your character’s own backstory.

The funny thing here is that due to some error in the paperwork or something, you ended up owning an entire apartment block in a city where homelessness is pretty rampant. Granted that the apartments you now own aren’t exactly the habitable sort at the moment, but with some renovations and furniture, you might just be able to earn a comfortable living just by renting your place out to the homeless.

However, aside from the few simple controls that are mentioned earlier on in your gameplay, Open Sewer isn’t exactly a very “new player”-friendly game. The tutorial currently available is woefully inadequate. Granted that you can still figure things out via trial and error, which I did, I still can’t, for the life of me find out how to assign a new tenant to my newly renovated apartment. A text-based guidebook that’s accessible in-game would be great.

Now, as opposed to what you might expect, Open Sewer isn’t exactly a “prison break” sort of game. Instead, your goal here is to build a comfortable life for yourself. How you can do that? Well, by collecting bottles and earning some cash!

There are 2 types of currency in this game – Open Sewer Coins (OC) for short, and Real Money (RM) which presumably can be used outside of Obenseuer and is definitely more valuable. OCs are the main currency of the game since you’ll need them to buy anything, from booze to crafting ingredients, and also to renovate your apartment block. OCs can be easily earned by collecting any type of bottles that are lying around in the city – you can do so by walking over them – and putting them into a special recycling machine that you can find in the O-Market.

RM, on the other hand, is a lot rarer to come by and, from what I know, can be found by either dumpster diving, trash picking or drain fishing, or randomly on the streets.

Open Sewer is pretty much an exploration-driven game because you’ll definitely need to scour the city in search of more bottles to recycle, consumables to maintain your character’s level of sanity and health, projectiles that you can, presumably, throw at people, and crafting materials that you can eventually turn into more valuable products via crafting. Sometimes, you may even stumble upon a homeless person whom you can then try to house in one of your available apartment units.

Crafting is another important aspect of the game mainly because it will allow you to turn seemingly useless materials like feces, rocks, and others into useful and more valuable products… items that you can choose to use yourself or sell to make a profit. There are crafting stations scattered throughout the city that you can use, but finding them can sometimes be somewhat tricky – you really have to check every nook and cranny of the city for them.

Sometimes, these crafting stations are placed in special, closed-up locations own by several co-ops that exist in the city. These co-ops are exclusive “crafting clubs” that you can pay to join. By being a member, you can then access the tools they have available to create valuable goods like moonshine.

The city of Obenseuer isn’t very big but it has all the commodities, and even more, that you will need. There’s a bazaar where you can buy common and specialty items, a store called the O-Market that primarily sells consumables like food, booze and cigarettes, a pharmacy for medical supplies, a bar (more booze), an inn and a hotel for you to pass the night, a bank, a church, a sauna, a school, a builder who will help you renovate your apartments for a price, and more. Note that many of the shops have open hours and aren’t open 24/7. You can check the time via any clock in the game or by asking an NPC.

When it comes to buying stuff in Obenseuer, Open Sewer has a rather unique game mechanism in place. Instead of spending money the moment an item enters your inventory, you actually have to check out your purchases at the counter where you’ll pay the cashier whatever amount you owe. There’s no bargaining, however, even at the bazaar, but this is a completely optional feature that would be a great fit for this game.

All of these places are also helpfully marked on your map once you’ve discovered them, but you won’t be able to access all of them right from the get-go. Unfortunately, this useful feature doesn’t include crafting stations and quest givers.

Not every crafting station or quest giver is placed in a marked location, and for those that aren’t, you will actually have to manually memorize the location. You can’t place a pin on the map or jot down any notes in the game. It’s bothersome but it’s not really a big deal, I guess. The map is currently rather small and rudimentary as well, but this is something that I think the developers plan to work on as they develop and improve their game.

Survival is also another crucial aspect of the game. Aside from catering to your character’s the basic needs (food and drink, sleep, and hygiene), you will also need to fuel his/her addictions to booze, cigarettes, and if you consume enough of them, the hallucinogenic green mushrooms. You can get most of these stuff at the bazaar or the O-Market.

If you recall, you own an apartment block in this game, but due to its deplorable state, you’re finding it hard to convince homeless people to stay there. As such, you’ll need to spend your hard-earned OCs, resources, and sometimes even RMs to renovate the place, making it a whole lot more habitable.

Eventually, once your apartment unit is well-renovated, you’ll be able to purchase some furniture to decorate the place too. Every tenant you managed to get will diligently pay you your rent every month so you won’t need to worry about running out of OCs when you needed some cash the most.

Now, as entertaining as Open Sewer is, some aspects of the game can be pretty tedious. For instance, it would be nice to have a “bulk transfer” option when adding bottles to the recycling machine. Double-clicking the bottles one by one can be pretty insane when you have many of them stacked up. A flashlight and a “recipe book” to keep all the recipes you’ve found would be pretty great too!

As the game is still in early access, there are also some bugs in this game, such as the one involving returning items that you have not paid for. Apparently, if you stacked the items you already own with the one you have not paid, and then you return the goods due to not having enough OCs, the items you own will also “disappear” from your inventory. Some features are not available as well, such as the presumably quest-tracking feature called Tasks.

Open Sewer may still have plenty of room for improvement, but from what I can see right now, the game seems to be moving in the right direction!


Open Sewer is a single player game and as such, it’s not exactly very social. You can still discuss the game with your fellow players via its Steam forum though!

Graphics/ Sound

Due to its dystopian theme, Open Sewer has some of the darkest and grittiest graphics I’ve seen. Its visuals may not win awards – I’m looking at you, you beautiful thing… The Witcher 3 – but its art style perfectly creates the atmosphere of despair that many inhabitants of Obenseuer would probably be experiencing day in and day out. Couple that with the occasional sounds of people yelling (more variety can be added here) and you’ll get a really immersive game.


Despite still being in early access, Open Sewer has astounded me from the very start. The game’s perfectly set, the atmosphere perfectly framed, and the gameplay, despite being somewhat inconvenient at times, is rather enjoyable.

Granted that there are still plenty more the developers could work on to make our lives slightly easier and our eyes less strained as we play the game, the game has shown us that it could be so much more. If the developers would take its players’ feedback into consideration and use them to improve the game, I’m positive that Open Sewer will become one of those rare indie hits!

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New Game Added: Open Sewer

by Aethyna Dec 29, 2018
Set in the dark and gritty city of Obenseuer, Open Sewer is an RPG/simulation game where you’ll not only get to manage your own apartment block; but to also scour the grime-covered streets for precious bottles to recycle and earn some cash from. Will you be able to survive and thrive in this desolate city? Open Sewer: Character creation Answering some questions in Open Sewer Open Sewer: At the store Read More
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