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Nova Genesis 9 rate The once peaceful world of Cerulea is under attack by mysterious forces, and a few heroes are standing up and fighting for what is right. Become a powerful hero yourself and join the adventure in one of the newest and best browser MMO Games. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Nova Genesis is a browser-based MMORPG developed by Feiyin Games that is currently in open beta. In this game, you will need to seek out the Nova Weapons and keep them safe from the greedy hands of the Pyroi demons. The game offers you a zenith for resource production and much more player involvement in its turn- and team-based combat. It also has many similarities to famous browser-based MMORPGs, like League of Angels, particularly in its gameplay, such as auto-routing for quests and mounts. Nonetheless, it is a pretty good game that is worth your time to try out!


Since the time of the ancients, Cerulea was blessed with an age of peace and prosperity. This age was now shattered! The Pyroi demons, dormant for eons, have crawled out from the planet’s core in search of the powerful and legendary Nova Weapons, which include the Nova Claymore and Aquila’s Bow. Do you have what it takes to beat the Pyroi in the search for the weapons and to keep them safe from these demons?

Currently the game only has 3 chapters, namely Nova Claymore, Haunted Forest and Guardian Castle, but the developers promised more chapters once the game is properly launched.


The game starts off by offering you 3 rather unique character classes – corsair, wraith and psyon. However, Nova Genesis does not provide any description of the classes. Although it is pretty obvious that corsair is the warrior archetype, wraith and psyon both look like casters. Most players may be slightly disappointed to later find out that wraith follows the rogue archetype while psyon is the only caster class in this game. It’ll be better if the game had just added a short description of the classes.

Anyway, the controls in this game consist mainly of right clicking as well as some hotkeys that you’ll be using to cast your spells or use your abilities. It’s interesting to note that although Nova Genesis follows the basic feature of any browser-based MMORPG by providing auto-routing for quests, the auto-routing does not apply when you are in a dungeon. Instead, there is a very obvious trail for your character to manually follow. Besides the special auto-routing condition, the quests in this game are pretty generic.

There are many types of dungeons in this game. Some aim to provide you with rewards, like double experience points, a new hero or items while others, such as squad rush or surge skill, will test your combat skills (though you will still earn rewards) instead! Dungeons will also contain boss fights. The boss in the game uses skills to attack you and the countdown to the next skill that the boss is going to use on you is noted at the top of the screen. Thus, boss fights are no mere hack-and-slash encounter! You will need to time your skills perfectly to avoid getting caught out in the open with your skills on cooldown.

Similarly to League of Angels, the combat system in Nova Genesis is team-based. There are 3 rows in your party formation, with melee characters taking the front lines and casters at the back. Furthermore, the combat system is turn-based which includes a quite lot of player involvement, as well! Each character class will have their respective skills or abilities that they can use during combat – your main character will have 5 skills total while your heroes will each have a maximum of 3, all of which will be unlocked as you or your heroes leveled up. However, these abilities need to be manually assigned by you while battling before the start of each round of combat. These abilities, when used in battle, are usually accompanied with awesomely flashy animations.

Moreover, as you know, you will be able to recruit heroes at the shrine later on in the game. Interestingly, you can select the skill that you want your hero to use in each round of battle as well! These skills use up rage, which can be gained by dealing normal damage. The combat system even has a combo feature whereby you will need to press ‘spacebar’ repeatedly when the combo is triggered to deal more damage!

Like all browser-based MMORPGs, you will need to have a higher battle rating (BR) than your opponent in order to win your battles. Battle rating (BR) is the score that represents the accumulated strength of your team and should be increased whenever it is possible. There are several methods that you can use to increase your battle rating. Character equipments contribute a good part to your battle rating, thus it is vital to make sure your character, as well as your heroes, are well-equipped at all times. You can also enchant your gear to boost its stats. There are even achievement-linked titles that you can use for some extra passive bonus as well!

Another important way to increase your team’s BR is by leveling your heroes using anima. In this game, hero level can surpass the level of the main character and once he or she reached the level cap at level 10, you can ascend them. Ascension requires the use of soul stones, which can be obtained through completing quests. After ascension, your heroes will have a sweet stat boost and increased level cap to level 20. Your heroes will also have access to more skills and their skills are given a boost, allowing them to be able to attack or hit more targets with their abilities.

In Nova Genesis, you are allowed to buy and own cool mounts, like the black stallion, Dusk moor or a sabertooth. You can even buy, if you have the cash, unique mounts like the animated skeletal dinosaur too! Mounts are not only pretty to look at and can increase your movement speed by quite a bit; they provide a passive team stat bonus as well! There is also something called a mount combo, whereby owning two mounts that have synergistic effect with each other will further increase the team boost provided.

Furthermore, your main character will have 3 skill trees in this game, with only 1 active at any time. Each skill tree is designed particularly to handle different situations. For instance, the second skill tree, which is unlocked at level 30, will contain skills that will enable you to perform area of effect attacks as well as group stuns. The last skill tree, which is available at level 80, will allow your character to deal continuous damage and provide him or her with crowd control skills. Every level up will award you with 1 skill point, which you can assign to either your surge (a.k.a. active) or passive skills in your skill tree. So, don’t forget to use those skill points whenever you leveled up!

In addition, Nova Genesis provides you with a zenith. You can incubate your wyvern egg there. You can also build gold mines to earn more money or phantasma core to produce phantasma. At level 37, you can even plunder other players’ zeniths and you can get plundered in return. For PvP fans, you can also duel other fellow players by just clicking on the character’s portrait and select the duel option. This is a good way to test your strength and, of course, to show the other players how superior your team is!


The community in this game is huge, especially considering that it is a relatively new game that is still in its beta phase. Most of the community tend to gravitate towards guilds for social interactions. However, there are also people who will chat in the public channel, particularly experienced players who are willing to answer questions posed by new players. There is even a mentor system that new players should definitely use to get that much-needed head start and guidance in the game.


The graphics in Nova Genesis are richly detailed and looks rather astonishing for a browser-based game. However, due to some problems with the Facebook game platform, you might want to play this game at the developer’s website instead. Over there, you can at least get a fuller screen and not have parts of the interface cut off and unreadable.

The music in this game is very much like the soundtrack in Wartune. The music is epic and inspirational enough, but somehow, certain music in the game is full-length while some are awfully short and seem to be cropped. Nonetheless, the game deserves a brief applause for having a variety of music (and not only 1) and the music changes depending on the different location or dungeon.


In short, Nova Genesis is a pretty average browser-based MMORPG that borrows a lot of features from other browser-based MMORPGs. However, its uniqueness in terms of its combat system that requires players to be involved does make it somewhat stands out from the rest of the flock. There are also other features like the zenith and multiple skill trees are more than enough to compensate for the game’s downsides. Not to mention, the sceneries in this game are stunning and very detailed too! If you can spare the time, Nova Genesis deserves your attention! It is free-to-play after all!

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by Aethyna Feb 1, 2015
The once peaceful world of Cerulea is under attack by mysterious forces, and a few heroes are standing up and fighting for what is right. Become a powerful hero yourself and join the adventure in one of the newest and best browser MMO Games. Nova Genesis Wraith Demon in Nova Genesis Nova Genesis Corsair Read More
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