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by Aethyna
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My Sunny Resort 10 rate Furnish your new bungalows and set up shops in your island resort to offer a beach-side paradise that customers would flock to in droves! Provide the best holiday experience to your guests and they may even come back for more! Are you up to the task? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Longing for the sea breeze or to listen to the sound of waves lapping on the shores? Well, you can virtually enjoy all these and more in this exciting new game, My Sunny Resort! In this game, you get to set up your very own beach-side resort! Fill your small resort island with bungalows, as well as facilities and shops that provide everything a guest would need at a resort, including a swimming pool, a snack bar and souvenir shop! Don’t forget to furnish your bungalows with furniture and resort-related décor before renting it out to your queuing guests! Provide the best holiday experience to your guests and who knows? They might just come back for more! Do you think you can do that? Why don’t you play My Sunny Resort now to find out!


The game starts off with a simple tutorial, teaching you how the game works and what you can do to improve and build up your resort! Building in this game is simple and easy. Unlike games that forces you to collect materials before building anything, My Sunny Resort only requires you to have enough money to pay for the buildings and the patience to wait for the buildings to be built. You can of course skip the waiting period with shells, which can be bought with real cash, of course.

To start, you’ll need bungalows for your guests to stay in. Build them by buying the bungalow cards at the shop and then placing them onto the location that you like. Different bungalows will have different capacity in My Sunny Resort. For instance, small bungalows can only house up to 3 guests while large bungalows can house up to 5 people!

Don’t forget to furnish your bungalows before renting out to your guests – you can’t possible ask your guests to sleep on the floor and to take a bath in the sea, right? Thus, remember to add in some basic furniture and also 1 means of entertainment (like a TV) to make your bungalow rent-worthy first!

Not to mention, your bungalows can level up and increase in star class as you add in more and more furniture or other décor. After all, every piece of furniture you add will increase your bungalow’s comfort value and room price. This basically means that you can offer these higher star class bungalows to guests with higher star preferences while higher room prices translate into more money spent by the guests and more money earned by you!

How to add furniture into your bungalow? Well, you just need to click on the ‘hide roof’ option on the top right corner of the screen, so that you can see into your bungalow –like you have some sort of X-ray eyes- and start the furnishing process! You should also take some time to decorate the surroundings of your bungalow with beautiful decorations too! Decorations attract guests and the more variety of decorations, the more guests will come.

That’s awesome; your first group of customers has arrived! You’ll then need to assign guests from the reception stand to a suitable living suite! Each group of guests will have their own vacation budget. The guests will leave once they have spent all their money and there are many ways you can get them to do so, a bit at a time!

Besides charging them for the accommodation when they check in, you can also set up shops selling beach supplies or souvenirs, or even provide facilities, such a swimming pool, open-air disco and casino, where you can charge your guests some hotel dollars (in-game cash) to enter. Your guests will need to eat too, so by building seafood restaurants, snack bar or cocktail bars, you’ll provide them with another building to spend their money in!

How does this work? Well, your guests’ needs and wants can be determined by looking at their thought bubbles. For example, when they are hungry, a thought bubble will pop up telling you so, and what you need to do is to pick up and place the guest at any of your food-providing shops, such as the snack bar. Another example is the beach supplies shop. Your guests will be able to buy everything they need for a fun day at the beach at that shop as long as you remember to place them in there when they wanted to buy something.

The customer will occupy the building for a short period of time (a couple of minutes) and you won’t be able to add more customers to the building until that time is up… unless you unlock more guest slots by leveling up (up to 2 unlock-able slots in addition to the free first slot)! Once your customer is done, he or she will automatically leave the shop. All the thought bubbles associated to that particular shop type will turn to green and you can add in a new guest to the shop.

The other type of thought bubble is the question thought bubble. For this type of thought bubbles is way easier to fulfill, you just need to click on it and poof! You get free experience points! Awesome, right?

Ran out of space? Well, you enterprising, management genius can uncover more usable land by removing the rocks scattered on the island. Larger rocks will require more time and money to be removed, while smaller ones will consume less time and money. This is the most inexpensive way to ‘expand’ your island resort. If you need to expand the land instead, you can do so by paying a hefty amount of hotel dollars or shells too!

There are plenty of other features including hiring and managing your staff and goods production, which will only be unlocked at level 8. Your staff will be able to help you clean the room from time to time and cater to your guests’ questions. There are also achievement levels, including professional, specialist, expert, master, guru, myth and legend that you can attain. You can even trade card pieces that you get from your daily log-in with other players, so you can complete all your pieces to get the exclusive item on the card! There's a taxi stand that you can build at level 30 whereby you can send your 'extra customers' to your friends. After you’re done with this island resort, there are 2 other ‘franchises’ that you can set up – one in the mountains and one in the safari that you can set up as well!


The community in My Sunny Resort isn’t exactly huge, particularly considering that it is still in its open beta phase. At the moment, its Facebook fan page isn’t truly up and running yet since there hasn’t been an update on it for a month now. However, if you want to meet and add new friends who play the game, feel free to drop by at their community forums. If you encountered any bugs or have any great suggestions while beta-testing the game, you can also submit a report to the developers on the forums as well!

Graphics/ Sound

My Sunny Resort has a very bright and colorful outlook to it, making the game seems like a very cheerful place to be… and it is a very cheerful place to be indeed! The furniture, decorations and even the guests who are walking around your resort look extremely well-designed for a browser-based game. Not to mention, the background music in this game is very soothing and relaxing as the game is filled with the calming sounds of seagulls’ cries and the waves rushing up the shore! It is rather impressive!


In short, My Sunny Resort is a very well-developed management/ virtual world game that allow you to set up and manage your very own island resort! In this game, you will have to set up respectable accommodations as well as facilities and shops to cater to the needs of your guests! Let’s not forget to furnish your bungalows with furniture to increase the room price before renting it out to your already-queuing guests. Can you develop your island resort into a beach-side paradise that customers would flock to in droves? Play My Sunny Resort now to find out!

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Manage your own island resort!

If you have dreamt once of owning your own beach resort, then playing My Sunny Resort will definitely be a great way for you to practice.

This is a virtual world simulator that is build around the ...Full Review
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