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My Little Farmies 9 rate My Little Farmies offers an excellent escapade for city-bound people, who wanted to be able to enjoy the virtual stress-free life of farming! In this game, you’ll plant, water, grow and harvest your crops for profit or turn them into processed goods to increase their price-worth. So, play now and start growing your farm today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you long for the idyllic life of farming at the countryside? If so, My Little Farmies offers an excellent escapade for city-bound people, who wanted to be able to enjoy the virtual stress-free life of farming! In this game, you’ll plant, water, grow and harvest your crops for profit or you could turn them into processed goods, such as flour to increase their price-worth. You can rear adorable farm animals, such as chickens and rabbits, at your farm too! The game features different types of crafting buildings such as the flour mill or the kitchen as well. If you needed some extra money to decorate your farm, you can take on customer orders from travelling salesmen as well as to sell your crops directly from your warehouse. Don’t forget to sign up for a guild if you want to enjoy the company of your fellow farmers while playing the game. My Little Farmies is a great farming game to come home to after a long day at work, especially if you love farming games! Try it today!


After signing up on My Little Farmies, you will be put straight to work! Plant your first row of crops by purchasing the necessary crop cards from the shop and using them, by selecting the crop cards in your cards bar, on your fields. There are a huge variety of crop cards, such as oats, potatoes, pumpkins, flax and sage that you can buy at the shop and these cards will be slowly available to you as you level up. You can also water your crops to speed up their growth by a couple of minutes and you can water them for multiple times… as long as the option to water the plants appear above the crops. After the growth duration is up, you can then harvest the crops and the crops will be automatically stored in your warehouse.

What’s a farm if there are no farm animals, right? It is the animal noises that made the farm seem to be a lively place, especially considering that plants do not make any sound. You can start populating your farm with cute little animals by buying your first animal cards, such as rabbits, chickens, cows, goats or pigs, from the shop! However, don’t forget to buy and build pens for them first! These animals cannot be left to wander in your farm or they will end up eating all your crops! Different animals will require different types of pens though – you cannot place all the animals into the same pen. You should also remember to feed them to raise their spirits and speed up their growth. The better their mood, the higher your animals’ selling price and production of goods will be!

What can you do with the raw produce stored in your warehouse in My Little Farmies? Well, first of all, if you really need to money, you can directly sell them for some cash. However, this is not the most profitable way to earn money in this game. The best way is to convert them into processed goods through the many different crafting buildings available! Building cards can be bought from the shop and can be immediately placed on your farm, as long as you have the space.

As opposed to certain farm games, My little Farmies do not force you to collect ‘X’ amount of building materials before you can construct your crafting buildings. Instead, you only have to wait for a duration (from minutes to several hours to days) before the building process is completed and you’ll be able to use the crafting option to produce more profitable goods. However, each building has limited slots for you to queue your crafting projects. Thankfully, the game allows you to upgrade your building in order to unlock 1 extra expansion slot. The subsequent two more slots will require gold (premium currency) to buy! It’s also awesome that the game allows you to upgrade while crafting at the same time!

Besides crafting buildings, there are also other buildings, such as the servants’ house, stalls, and carriage station that you can buy. The servants’ house for example will allow you to hire servants to relieve you of some of your daily chores on the farm, while stalls will provide you with a platform to sell your goods to other players.

Although you could directly sell your processed goods via your warehouse, the profits you gained are still not maximized. The best way to earn money is by selling your processed goods to the traveling salesmen. They will place an order at your farm and will wait until either you completed their order or you sent them away. However, do note that it will take awhile before the next traveling salesman comes along. As your farm size increases, you will attract even more salesmen to visit your farm and you’ll have even more orders to complete!

After earning yourself a nice stack of in-game money, it’s time to spruce up your farm! In My Little Farmies, you can also decorate your farm with beautiful paths, flowers, or even objects like the popular natural stone restroom and fences. The items are wonderfully designed, but the game only allows you to rotate the items in only 2 directions.

Last but not least, in this game, there are achievements that you can earn too! Each achievement has 7 levels for you to attain, namely specialist, expert authority, master, guru, myth and legend. As you achieved the higher levels, you will gain better rewards! You can also compare your achievement-point high scores with all the players in the game or with only your friends.


My Little Farmies has a small but tight-knitted community of dedicated virtual farmers. The players in this game usually band together into guilds in the game. After all, it’s boring to farm alone, so why not farm together in a one big happy guild of farmers, right? If you like, you could also head over to its Facebook fan page to meet with some of your fellow players too!

Graphics/ Sound

My Little Farmies has above average graphics that are incredibly detailed. There are also animated people roaming the streets as well as workers working around your crafting buildings. The game does not contain any music, but it does provide some sound effects from time to time. For instance, there’s this cheerful sound that the game plays every time you level up or completed a quest.


All in all, My Little Farmies is a nice little farming game that attempts to integrate cards with virtual farming in order to make the game stands out from among the other farming games. In this respect, it is successful. The game also offers a sizeable range of crops, trees, farm animals and even buildings and décor that you can buy using in-game money from the shop. You can craft your harvested crops into more valuable products before selling them at your stall for some cash! So, if you’re looking for a simple (not as complicated as Farmville) yet beautiful farming game, you should definitely give My Little Farmies a go!

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