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by Aethyna
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My Blacksail 9 rate Your obsession with the Bermuda Triangle paid off with you finally found it and had used it to travel to what seems to be another world. However, things are not as peaceful as they seem. Monsters have entered the realm as well, eager to claim it as their own. Are you ready to fight? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Your obsession with the Bermuda Triangle paid off with you finally found it and had used it to travel to what seems to be another world. However, things are not as peaceful as they seem. Monsters have entered the realm as well, eager to claim it as their own. Considering that you can’t return to your own world, you will need to stick around and fight. Upgrade your fleet as best you can and take on various challenging monsters and rival pirates in this pirate-themed MMORPG, My Blacksail. Hone your skills by pitting your fleet against a fellow captain’s and climb up the ranks. The realm behind the dimensional gateway that is the Bermuda Triangle is no place for a weakling. Are you ready to fight for your survival?


You have always been obsessed with the infamous Bermuda Triangle. However, being the captain of a ship, you have the luxury, unlike most conspiracy theorists, to actually go out and search for it... and yes, after the accumulation of years of hard work, you’ve finally found it.

Despite your crew’s objections, you’ve navigated the ship into the Bermuda Triangle only to find yourself in a world that borders between reality and fantasy... a place where both real people and fictional characters lived. Since there is likely no way for you to return home, you’ve decided to make yourself comfortable in this very odd world... but little did you know that the monsters have also found a gateway into this world and they want to take this place for their own!


To start playing, you’ll first need to pick a side. There are 2 factions in this game – the Aldrich and the eagle. Each faction provides 2 characters for you to choose from, a male and a female. After choosing an avatar and entering in the character name, you’re ready to start!

My Blacksail is a pretty standard browser MMO - Questing and running PvE dungeons are pretty much its bread and butter. However, unlike most browser MMOs, this game added an extra touch to these major game features. Due to the more “open” nature of its game environment, you can actually head out to go hunt for roaming elite enemies so as to complete special elite quests. There are also the even more challenging Camp Quests (6 per day) which you can complete to earn reputation that in turn can be used to raise your nobility standing.

In terms of PvE, the game has a wide range of options for you to choose from. There are the usual instances that you can access by heading over to the swirling portals on the map. Each region should have one of these portals. You’ll need to move about in the instance to search for enemies to fight. Some of these instances even include a boss enemy too. Each battle you undertake will cost you some Spirit, which will be regenerated over time.

Aside from the normal instances, there are plenty of special instances such as the Sea of Trials, which touted a much higher dungeon difficulty; and Experience Dungeon that is technically similar to the Sea of Trials in terms of difficulty but differs when it comes to the rewards. To view the complete list of quests and dungeons available, you can choose the Hall of Dungeon option.

When it comes to combat, My Blacksail opted for a simple turn-based combat on a gridded battle map as opposed to the usual combat system you’ll encounter in most browser MMORPGs. Although the system used in the game isn’t exactly unique, the game does introduce new combat methods based on the ship you use. Low level ships can only perform an action once per turn, be it a movement or an attack.

This all changes when you are able to swap your lowly ship for something much better. In addition to having more armor and dealing more damage, you’ll gain extra moves. Your firing range will increase as well. To craft a new ship at the Shipyard, you’ll need to gather enough ship-building materials along with the ship’s blueprint. Blueprints can be bought at Legion Shop (guild shop) while materials can be earned by running through the Sea of Trials or by collecting them from your Homestead. Old and extra ships that you have can also be recycled for materials at the Shipyard.

“Hold on... what’s this Homestead you’ve mentioned?” Well, it’s actually an island of your own where you own some resource-producing buildings like the mansion, logging camp and docks. There’s even a Transport Ship that you can use to summon a special boss monster per day. This boss monster is most definitely not solo-able, trust me. Instead, you will need to get any help that you can get by posting the help link on global chat or Legion chat. Like most village-building games, you can level up the buildings in your Homestead to increase their production, improve their production rate... and to ramp up their overall efficiency.

Now back to the topic at hand – the combat system. Being a browser MMO, the game provides an auto-combat option that every player can use (not restricted to VIPs only). However, due to the combat system used, you might want to play challenging or close fights manually. This is because the auto-combat usually put your ships in a head-on attack instead of learning when to stop short of an enemy’s range and letting your opponent make the first move.

The auto-combat option is unfortunately turned on by default when you fight other players’ fleets in the game’s many PvP modes, like the Battle Arena or the Cross Server Arena. That being said, it is therefore crucial for you to have the upper hand by having a much higher Battle Power.

To get a high Battle Power, you’ll need to ensure that your fleet is the best it can be. This means you’ll need to recruit new ships to join your fleet. New ships and their captains can be recruited via the Tavern. Naturally, being pirates and all, you’ll need to have Rum or other forms of alcoholic beverages to attract them to join your crew. Once you’ve got a new ship, you’ll then need to deploy them in your fleet. You can only have up to 4 other ships in your fleet.

You should also remember to equip your ships with the best equipments you can get your hands on. There are 6 equipments overall, they include the magazine, cannon, deck, figurehead, rudder and armor. All of these items can be enhanced at the Forge, but be warned – the success rate of the enhancement process will be gradually reduced after the item is level 10. Each upgrade will also add to the overall enhancement cooldown timer. Once the limit is reached, you won’t be able to enhance anything until the cooldown’s up.

To increase the quality of your ships’ gear, you’ll need to merge them instead. Merging will require some materials and, of course, blueprints which can be tricky to come by, but the drastic increase in the Battle Power you’ll get makes everything worth it!

Let’s not forget about your ship’s set of skills. Skills can be pretty hard to unlock since they require the special skill books. Upgrading them can be difficult too, especially considering that the Captain’s Skill Book that you’ll need can be hard to come by. There are 10 skills in total in this game, but you can only equip up to 5 of them, so choose wisely!


Legions (a.k.a. guilds) are the places where most of the community in My Blacksail flocks to, and it’s not at all surprising. There are many benefits in being a part of a Legion. In addition to gaining access to the Legion Shop, Stronghold and special Legion-only events at the Legion Station, you can also donate coins or diamonds (premium currency) to upgrade various Legion Tech. The bonuses that these technologies offer is shared guild-wide so every member in the Legion is pretty much invested in upgrading the more critical and useful bonuses such as bonus damage and armor. Donations will also reward you with Tribute points that you can then use to exchange for goodies at the Legion Shop.

If you can’t find a Legion that you like, you may want to consider creating one of your own. Legion creation will cost you 50k coins as well as a Legion Battle item which will cost you some diamonds.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in My Blacksail isn’t much to shout about since they seem to be more functional than aesthetic. That said, the visuals aren’t too bad for a browser MMO. The game’s soundtracks on the other hand are pretty awesome. It’s interesting to note that most of the pirate-themed tunes in this game seems rather ominous. The battle music is quite catchy too.


To sum it all up, My Blacksail is a pretty fun, pirate-themed MMORPG whereby you get to captain your very own fleet of ships in a dangerous, enemies-filled world. The variety of dungeons and quests provided in this game is amazing. Not to mention, it’s also interesting that the rules of its turn-based combat changes depending on the type of ship you use. With great visuals and sound to boot, My Blacksail is a solid browser MMO with plenty of fun activities to do. Do give it a try!

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New Game Added: My Blacksail

by Aethyna Nov 17, 2016
Your obsession with the Bermuda Triangle paid off with you finally found it and had used it to travel to what seems to be another world. However, things are not as peaceful as they seem. Monsters have entered the realm as well, eager to claim it as their own. Are you ready to fight? My Blacksail: Questing The big city in My Blacksail My Blacksail: Combat Read More
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