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Meeple Station 8 rate Meeple Station is is a rather fun sandbox simulation game to play where you can build your own space station, explore the galaxy, mine and trade for resources, and manage your team of adorable meeples. You'll even need to defend your station from space pirates and shield it from meteorite showers. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Meeple Station is a space-themed, sandbox simulation game that focuses a lot on exploration, trading and team management. In this game, you’ll need to build your starter space station and then venture out into the galaxy to find a place to set up shop, so to speak. Mine nearby resources and refine them into valuable bars and other alloys, and trade the resources you have with passing spaceships for resources that you don’t. Don’t forget to assign your meeples with tasks that suit their respective personalities, and give them everything they need to be content despite being cooped up in a tightly-packed space station.


Meeple Station starts you off by asking you to build a starter space station to explore the galaxy in. You can take the time to design your own ideal space station, which can double as a sort of “training” so you’d know how to expand your space station later in the game without messing up your rooms or your space station design. However, if you’re like me and would just like to get right into the game, you can simply pick one of the many preset stations available and get started!

Once in the game proper, the game gives you 3 meeples and a series of tutorials to go through. The tutorial consists of mainly text and images that works well enough to guide you through the basic, but personally, I’d prefer something more interactive. That being said, you’ll probably still need to spend some time figuring out some stuff, such as how to get fuel for your space station to travel to another location.

The gameplay here is fairly straightforward though. You’ll need to send your meeples out to mine for ore and then refine these ores into metal bars or combine them with other ores into alloys. Of course, you can sell ores directly to any passing spaceship that happens to dock at your space station – make sure to remember to enable the “trading” option at your station’s airlock or these trading ships will not stop by your place, but I’d recommend selling bars and alloys instead since you can get much more value out of them than mere ores.

Trading is simple in this game since you just need to click on the docked spaceship to bring up the trading list. Just click on the type or ore, bar or alloy you want to sell and buy, and set the amount. There’s no confirmation prompts though, so be sure you’re certain of your decision to sell or buy stuff before inputting the amount.

Another thing you’ll need to be aware of is that, in order to trade, you’ll need to be at the same level at the spaceship or you won’t be able to click on it. What do you mean by “same level”? Well, the map in this game is designed to be a lot like a huge Rubix cube with many more smaller-sized cubes in it, and there’s a pair of up and down arrows on the bottom right which will allow you to move either 1 level up or down depending on the Rubix cube-like map. This is how the game is able to let you to build a 3D space station on an isometric plane.

Besides mining, refining and trading, team management is also a huge part of Meeple Station. Each meeple in this game has their own personalities, likes and wants, and like normal human beings they often interact with each other. Depending on these factors and also what you need to keep your space station going, you’ll then need to assign jobs to your meeples.

It is crucial to assign the best person for the job because you’ll want to make sure your meeples are as content as possible. If not, they might decide that their lives are not worth living and eject themselves out the airlock. Plus, considering that getting new meeples can be pretty hard at times, you’ll want to hold onto whatever meeples you have, even the ones with undesirable personalities, at least until you have enough of them to pick up all the available jobs in and around the space station.

Managing your team can be quite tedious at first since you only have 3 meeples and you have like a gazillion vacancy that you’ll need filled, so you’re forced to occasionally switch your meeple’s jobs just to make do. Thankfully, as you expand your space station, add more beds and gain a certain amount of prestige, trading ships may sometimes drop off new meeples for you.

Not to mention, at the beginning, the game will ask you whether you want to play in a galaxy that has hostile forces like space pirates and disasters or if you’d rather play in a peaceful galaxy.

I’d highly recommend you start with the peaceful option since the game can take quite a bit to learn and play well, but once you’re done with the kiddie sandbox and want to play with the big boys, you can try the other option instead. In that version of the galaxy, you’ll not only build a space station that can help you grow your team and increase your wealth; you’ll also need to build defenses like turrets and assign guards to defend your station from various enemies.

Let’s not forget that you’ll need to set up shields to defend your station from meteorite showers as well. All of these will definitely ramp up the challenge by several notches and is perfect for a well-seasoned player of the game.

Now, as the game’s still in early access, it is obvious that the game would have plenty of bugs to squash as well as changes to be made to make the game even better. If you’re willing to lend the developers a hand in their development, then this is definitely the best time for you to buy the game.


Meeple Station isn’t a multiplayer game (yet), but I can see the potential of having a multiplayer mode added in the future where players will be able to trade with each other and even raid other player’s stations to plunder resources. It’ll probably be somewhat similar to Minecraft’s multiplayer mode I reckon.

Graphics/ Sound

The pixel-style graphics fits perfectly with its sandbox theme. I particularly enjoy following each meeple as they go about doing their thing – they are also so darn cute! There isn’t any music in the game but there are a couple of sounds which function as notification cues so you’d know something’s up.


Meeple Station is definitely an early access game with plenty of potential. Despite the bugs and game issues, it is a rather fun sandbox game to play where you can build your own space station, explore the galaxy, mine and trade for resources, and manage your team of adorable meeples.

If you’re interested, Meeple Station is currently available for purchase on Steam. Check it out!

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New Game Added: Meeple Station

by Aethyna Feb 17, 2019
Meeple Station is is a rather fun sandbox simulation game to play where you can build your own space station, explore the galaxy, mine and trade for resources, and manage your team of adorable meeples. You'll even need to defend your station from space pirates and shield it from meteorite showers. Meeple Station: Your meeple is mining for ore Galaxy map in Meeple Station Meeple Station: Captain's quarters Read More
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