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by Aethyna
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Mahjong Pirates 8 rate Ahoy matey! Are yer seeking for the finest adventure of yer life? If ‘Aye!’ is yer answer, then be sure to drop yer anchor in Mahjong Pirates! The game provides a huge variety of challenging mahjong puzzles for you to enjoy. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ahoy matey! Are yer seeking for the finest adventure of yer life? If ‘Aye!’ is yer answer, then be sure to drop yer anchor in Mahjong Pirates! The game provides a huge variety of challenging mahjong puzzles for you to enjoy as you island-hopped your way across astonishing landscapes! There are also in-game helpers, such as reshuffle and magic wand to –what else?- help you along your fantastic journey! Like to get yourself some shiny trophies? Great! There are trophies for every achievement you get! Not to mention, you will even have your very own home island whereby you can complete a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ ship by completing stages and collecting the necessary part! Ready to get pillaging? Then, get yer crew and start exploring the oceans in Mahjong Pirates today!


In Mahjong Pirates, the gameplay is very simple and there is even a tutorial to guide you through the basics if you have never played a game like this before. How do you play? Well, in each game, you will be presented with a board with a certain mahjong formation, like crossing, diamond, mounds, totems and many others. What you will need to do is to match 2 blocks with the same pattern to form a pair and each pair will reward you with some points before they are removed. However, you can only match tiles that are uncovered. Only exposed tiles which are on top of the other tiles, or on the sides (left or right) can be matched. You will also need to clear other blocks off the tiles that are obstructed before you can match them up.

Points in this game are awarded based on a combination of tiles sets and time. Time is the most critical aspect of the game. The faster you finish a level, the more points you will be awarded. However, if you’re unable to finish on time, then the number of tile sets that you’ve managed to complete will then come into account. The timed feature of Mahjong Pirates made the game much more fun and challenging to play! However, you will at least have to get more than 80% completion in order to proceed to the next level.

If you hit a snag in any of the levels, don’t panic! The game also provides a plethora of in-game helpers that will surely be able to get you out from that tight spot! Some of the helpers, including reshuffle, which will rearrange the tiles, as well as reveal, which will show you all the clickable tiles on the board, will cost you some coins to use. Some, on the other hand, cannot be bought, but can only be won or received as gifts. Some examples include magic wand that will remove any 2 blocks you select, time that will add more time to your timer and undo, which will obviously allow you to undo a move! So, you’d be sure to get some active friends playing along with you this game! There is also a helper - hint, which will randomly reveal a matching pair. It will cost you some time off your timer to use instead! Nonetheless, among all these helpers, the stash tiles are the best! They allow you to move 1 tile to the side and you use it later when you find a matching tile.

If you’re stuck with absolutely no moves left to do and you don’t want to spend your helpers, you can click on the ‘exit’ button to end the game early and calculate your score. However, it’s best just to use the coins to buy the helpers, especially if they can help you win the game. This is because coins are given to you for free, every 10 minutes you are in the game, even if you’re idle. There is also a daily bonus wheel whereby you will stand a chance to earn free coins or even a free helper!

Once you've finished all the levels in a sub-stage, meaning an island, you will need to get the maps for the next island so you can find your way around. Maps are free to obtain as long as you have the necessary number of stars. You will also be awarded with a piece of your ship that you can view on your home island. Sometimes, instead of getting a piece of the ship, you will get to recruit new pirates as well! After you've completed all the sub-stages in a stage, you will unlock a new stage that has a different theme and the same process continues.

Besides maps, you can also buy yourself new themes for your tiles as well as different beautiful backgrounds with coins. Any of these items you buy can be used whenever you want. Each different tile theme will provide different bonuses as well! There are also trophies for every achievement you get! Some achievements can be rather tough to get, but most of them you will earn in time as you play the game, for example, solving mahjong puzzles with 100% completion (meaning that you cleared the board).


There are almost 300,000 likes on Mahjong Pirates’ Facebook fan page! This number may seem small in comparison to triple A Facebook titles like Candy Crush Saga, but it’s a pretty respectable number for a relatively small game such as this one. The fan page also gives out free coins rather often. Thus, you may want to like the page for goodies, such as coins. You can also add new friends there and start a ‘gifting ring’ – a ring of friends who gift stuff to each other, as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The cartoony graphics in this game looks excellent! There are plenty of bright colors that will give you the feeling of enjoying a bright and sunny day by the beach! There are also plenty of cutely-drawn tile themes and stunning backgrounds that you can buy at the store. The music used in Mahjong Pirates consists of 2 varieties – one of which is used while you are playing and the other is used at the map interface. Both sounds are pretty short in duration and, when they are looped, the music may gradually sound annoying. The quality of the music is not as good as well.


In brief, Mahjong Pirates is a time-based mahjong game that has a very interesting pirate-theme. In terms of gameplay, each level is as challenging as the next one and considering that they are timed games, you will have even less time to think! Whenever you encountered any hard mahjong boards, there are in-game helpers that you can buy to slightly reduce the difficulty of that level. Being a pirate in this game is awesome as well, you will be rewarded with shiny golden trophies whenever you've completed an achievement… and you know how much pirates love gold! So, fair winds, pirate! Pillage and booty await ye in Mahjong Pirates!

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New Game Added: Mahjong Pirates

by Aethyna Mar 24, 2015
Ahoy matey! Are yer seeking for the finest adventure of yer life? If ‘Aye!’ is yer answer, then be sure to drop yer anchor in Mahjong Pirates! The game provides a huge variety of challenging mahjong puzzles for you to enjoy. Mahjong Pirates Pattern Squares in Mahjong Pirates Mahjong Pirates Wings Read More
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