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by Aethyna
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Mahjong Duels 5.5 rate Challenge other mahjong players to a duel in this competitive mahjong game! The gameplay in Mahjong Duels is uniquely different and offers a fresh new perspective to this classic game. There are plenty of scenes that you can unlock and power-ups to buy to give yourself an edge! Play it now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Mahjong Duels is an excitingly competitive mahjong game whereby you’ll be playing against other players in the game! The gameplay has quite a number of rather welcoming twists to the classic mahjong genre. For example, by performing a chain of matches, you can launch a volley of snowballs at your opponent, effectively and temporarily blocking out some of his mahjong tiles, which makes playing this game so much more refreshing. Starting with the ancient Egypt scene, once you win enough matches, you’ll level up and unlock new equally interesting scenes from various famous locations from around the world! You can also give yourself an edge in this game by purchasing the different power-ups using diamonds to help make the game much easier. There is also an undo option that is available for free that you can use as well! Sounds like your sort of fun? Well, don’t wait! Challenge your fellow players now in Mahjong Duels!


The gameplay in Mahjong Duels contains quite the twist that may even catch experienced mahjong players by surprise! Furthermore, do note that there are not tutorials in this game. Thus, if you’re just starting out playing mahjong games, this is not the game for you – try Mahjong Pirates or some other non-competitive mahjong games first and work your way up from there!

In order to find out what’s special about this game, you’ll first have to start a game! Each game will cost you 10 chips. While you start off with 150 chips as well as the daily bonus chips of 10 (this daily bonus increases the number of chips it gives by 5 for every subsequent day you logged into the game), you can easily earn more chips by watching advert videos or by, of course, winning the duels you played in!

There are 2 game modes that you can play in Mahjong Duels, namely tournaments and the basic duels. Tournaments are lengthy games, whereby you’ll need to play against a chain of opponents and win the duels in order to win the tournament prize pot! However, if you lose, you’ll be immediately eliminated from the tournament. This game mode can be a bit harsh, but if you are good enough to win, it’s a very lucrative and fast way to earn plenty of chips and experience points.

You will, however, likely be playing the basic duel mode most of the time. There are various stages of duels that you can play in, each boasting of a different theme and background scenery. For instance, the scene you’ll start off with is the ancient Egypt theme, whereby all your mahjong tiles will adopt Egyptian hieroglyph patterns instead of the usual mahjong patterns. Although they are very nice to look at, this actually does make the game much tougher as you’re not used to the different tile patterns, making spotting matches much harder at the beginning. You’ll only unlock new scenes from various famous and beautiful locations once you’ve collected enough experience points, from winning duels in both the basic mode or in the tournament, to level up! Do take note that draws or loses don’t count and will not award you with any experience points – you’ll need to win!

Right, enough with the introductions and let’s get a game underway! Mahjong Duels is unique in the sense that, as aforementioned, it contains quite a unique gameplay. For starters, instead of just rapidly matching mahjong tiles, there are 2 hold slots for you to “hold” 2 tiles that you want to match. It is very similar to the hold slots provided in Freecell games. These “held” tiles are the ones that you’ll be finding matches for and once both your slots are filled, you will not be able to perform matches that do not include the tiles that are held. You can also make things much easier by spending 2 diamonds (premium currency) and increasing your hold slot by an extra 1 slot. Your score in the game will be given to you depending on how many matches and how fast you perform them.

In addition, if you managed to get a combo or chain of matches, your avatar will throw a snowball at your opponent’s board, covering the tiles on their board with snow! You’ll definitely increase their ire as the snow is extremely annoying – they tend to block out quite a number of tiles and most of them are the important and match-able tiles. You’ll be able to effectively prevent your opponent from matching certain number of tiles… at least until the ice thaws. This feature does make the game much more challenge to play, but of course, the harder the challenge, the sweeter the victory, right?

Not to mention, Mahjong Duels does not contain a time limit, though a game basically lasts around 10 minutes, at most. If you realized that you are stuck with no more moves to make and that you are unwilling to spend diamonds to shuffle the board, you should immediately hit the “done” button to end the game. Once triggered, the button will give your opponent 45 more seconds to try to catch up with your score. If he or she cannot make it, you’ll win the game! It’s also interesting to note that after winning a game, you are given the option of spending diamonds to celebrate with fireworks or gunfire.

However, if you’re stuck, you can use the free undo button to reverse time and move one step backwards. There is an unlimited number of undo that you can use and it does not have a cooldown after you used it. Undo may be useful, but it may not exactly be that thing you need to win a game. Thus, Mahjong Duels provides 3 more other power-ups, namely the shuffle, hint and eye that you can purchase using diamonds to help you out! These power-ups contain a cooldown, so you cannot use them consecutively. The “Shuffle” power-up costs 3 diamonds and allows you to rearrange the tiles on your board. This is particularly useful when you think you ran out of moves. For the “hint” power-up, you’ll need to cough up 1 diamond and the power-up will randomly show you one of available matches that you can make on the board. Lastly, for the “eye” power-up, it is designed to show all available tiles you can hold or match. It costs 3 diamonds.

There is also an in-game shop whereby you can buy boosts, such as “double points” to increase your level fast or “shield your chips” to protect your chips from being taken from you every time you lost a game. The “shield your chips” boost will also earn you a 10% bonus chips for every victory you get! If you win enough games, your name may just turn up on the leaderboard at the hall of fame. You can even strive for the many trophies (a.k.a. achievements) in the game too!


Mahjong Duels is a very popular game it seems! The game has more than 222 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page. Moreover, there are always around 1000 online at any time in the game, so there is never any shortage of opponents for you to challenge to a duel! The game also offers an option for you to play against your friends, instead of random strangers via the game’s matchmaking. So, you can have fun beating all of your friends at mahjong!

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Mahjong Duels look superb for a casual mahjong game! The tile patterns are beautifully designed and the background just looks amazing! Besides the occasional sound effects, the game is practically void of sound! This is good in the sense that you won’t have some music interrupting your concentration while playing and if you need to listen to some music to be able to play, you can pop on some of your favorite tracks on iTunes, Spotify or any other music-streaming or playing provider.


In summary, Mahjong Duels is an amazingly fun and challengingly competitive mahjong game, with a couple of interesting twists that you can play with other players or with your friends! Its gameplay is uniquely refreshing as it deviates slightly from how classic mahjong games are played. For instance, you can perform combo matches in order to vault snowballs at your opponent and to cover certain tiles on his or her mahjong board with snow! There are also plenty of scenes that you can play in and even a tournament for you to test your skills against the best mahjong players in the game! There are even power-ups and boosts that may provide you with that edge you seek so that you can triumph over your opponent and level faster! If all of these seem to flip your switches in all the right ways… well, what are you waiting for? Challenge the players in Mahjong Duels to a duel today!

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New Game Added: Mahjong Duels

by Aethyna Mar 30, 2015
Challenge other mahjong players to a duel in this competitive mahjong game! The gameplay in Mahjong Duels is uniquely different and offers a fresh new perspective to this classic game. There are plenty of scenes that you can unlock and power-ups to buy to give yourself an edge! Play it now! Mahjong Duels: Pyramid formation Aztec mask in Mahjong Duels Mahjong Duels: Maze Read More

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Those 1000+ player are all robots - BEWARE!

Game is really not worth playing: Full of robot opponents that are either unbeatable or so easy to defeat that you can go and make a cup of tea during play. Daily high scorers are fixed as well unless...Full Review
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