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Jurassic Park Builder 10 rate If you love dinosaurs, then you’re in luck! You can create your own virtual dinosaur park in Jurassic park Builder! Place many different types of dinos in your park and care for them! Discover and recreate new species of dinosaurs at the research center! Expand your Jurassic Park and set up more parks for your special dinos! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Are you passionate about dinosaurs to the point where you can recite up to 30 different dinosaur names? Okay, well, that’s an exaggeration. Anyway, if you do love dinosaurs, then you’re in luck! You can create your own virtual dinosaur park in this exciting game Jurassic park Builder! Place as many different types of dinosaurs in your park as well as discover and recreate new species of dinosaurs at the research center! Don’t forget to feed them regularly, especially those meat-eaters! You won’t want your dinosaurs scaring away all your visitors! Not to mention, expand your Jurassic Park by clearing the surrounding forest for more land and by setting up aquatic and glacier parks for your water- and ice-loving dinosaurs! Being the newly appointed director of the famed Jurassic Park, it is up to you to develop it and make it grow into a park that you can truly be proud of! Do you think you can do it? Well, play Jurassic Park Builder now and find out!


The game starts with a very straightforward tutorial. After all, you’ll definitely need to learn how to care for your dinosaurs if you plan on taking up the position as the manager of the Jurassic Park! Thankfully, there are many familiar characters in this game that will help you along.

Jurassic Park Builder, being a dinosaur zoo of some sort, houses a ridiculous variety of dinosaurs! If you’re a huge dinosaur lover, you’ll surely find your favorite dinosaurs here! The dinosaurs in this game can be separated into 3 categories - land-based, aquatic (water-based) and glacial (cold and icy environment), and they will need to be placed in their respective parks. You’ll start off with the land-based dinosaurs, such as Triceratops, Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor. As you level up, you’ll gain access to new parks, namely the aquatic and glacier parks whereby you can place dinosaurs that require such environments. It may seem not much at first, but as you place more and more dinosaurs, more dinosaurs will be added to the market.

Placing a dinosaur in your Jurassic Park is not as easy as actually placing them. There are plenty of stuff do prior to that! First thing’s first, you’ll need to collect ambers by clearing weeds or stones from your land. Usually, you’ll get 1 amber per new land you’ve cleared. This amber is important as it unlocks the research for a new dinosaur. Next, you’ll then need to carry out the required research - attempt to connect 3 separate DNA strands - at the research center. Research in Jurassic Park Builder is a lot like a slots game and it depends rather heavily on luck. Each go at the DNA generator machine will cost you a few hundred coins and you’ll need to get 3 DNA on the machine in order to “win”. If you get only 2 out of 3, the DNA you get doesn’t count. You can also get some help from your friends to improve your odds. Anyway, the DNA generated from the machine will then be added to the DNA meter at the top of the research interface. Once the meter is filled, you will then unlock a new dinosaur to be placed in your park.

Instead of placing the dinosaur itself, you’ll be purchasing and placing a dinosaur habitat in your park for the dinosaur. The egg of the dinosaur in question is included in the enclosure. After the incubation duration for the egg is completed, you can then hatch it to get your adorable baby dinosaur! If you cannot wait, you can spend a bit on Bucks, the premium currency in this game, and speed things up. Remember to link all the habitats to the entrance via roads to make your dinosaurs accessible to visitors. If you ran out of space to place the habitats, you may want to expand your park by clearing the surrounding forests. Each cleared land will double the cost for the next piece of land, so be sure to choose the right spot to clear as it’ll take some time before you can earn enough to clear another land!

Don’t forget to feed your baby dinosaurs too - You definitely wouldn’t want your dinosaurs to go hungry... especially the meat-eaters! After all, they have just clawed their way out from their shells and they are ravenous! Food is important as the dinosaurs will need it to grow up (increase in level) into adult dinosaurs. Moreover, the higher level your dinosaurs are, the more income you can collect from them.

No food? Well, you can order food for your dinosaurs by activating the crop and meat harbors. The crop harbor will supply you with plants to feed the herbivores while the meat harbor will provide you with fresh meat for the carnivores. Ordering food at the harbor will cost some money and you’ll have to wait as it generates the food stuff at a steady rate. Each order usually lasts 5 minutes. You can queue up orders up to 30 minutes in total, but the cost of each subsequent order will increase as well. Furthermore, you can also upgrade your harbors to increase the rate of food production as well as extending the duration of each order (and subsequently elevating the cost too). The tip here is that you should regularly keep your harbor active, so you won’t have to deal with restless and hungry dinosaurs!

As mentioned, the main way to earn money is to collect from the dinosaurs. You can add decorations near to the dinosaur habitats to increase the money you’ll earn and make the place more attractive! Besides collecting coins from dinosaurs (technically though, you’ll getting the money from your visitors), you can also construct buildings for your visitors, such as sabertooth diner and security tower. You can then collect money over time as the buildings generate money at a steady rate, similarly to the harbor. There are also quests that you can complete to earn a lump sum of in-game cash as well!

In Jurassic Park Builder, you are also given the chance to pit your dinosaurs against each other, gladiator-style, in the battle arena and against other player’s dinosaurs at the tournament. The battles feel a lot like Pokemon battles! However, to unlock the battle arena, you will need to reach level 5 while, to unlock the tournament, you’ll need to reach stage 7 at the battle arena first.


Join the community of more than 2.3 million virtual dinosaur-keepers by liking Jurassic Park Builder’s Facebook fan page and that is not including the fan and player base that the game has over at the Google Play store or the App store. The page is filled with dinosaur experts and enthusiasts, so if you are as equally passionate about dinosaurs as they are, well, this is a great place to meet new friends! The fan page is very active and constantly posts dinosaur quizzes for its players to enjoy! The game also releases new dinosaurs every week or so, and if you have an OCD in wanting to collect them all, you will definitely not be bored with this game!

Graphics/ Sound

Jurassic Park Builder contains amazing movie-quality music, which unfortunately is restricted to the loading screen only. While playing, the music is replaced with some pretty nice ambient sound, which includes dinosaurs roaring and stomping their feet around. In terms of graphics, Jurassic Park Builder did the dinosaur models brilliantly well as the dinosaurs are all very adorable, though the baby dinosaurs will win the cuteness contest by a mile! The animations are very realistic too, especially when you collect money from the dinosaurs and they will be like stomping around while looking agitated.


In short, Jurassic Park Builder is a very well-developed management/ simulation game that allows you to set up and manage your very own Jurassic Park... now, how awesome is that? In this game, you get to populate your park with a huge variety of dinosaurs from different periods of time and not limited to those in the Jurassic Period. The dinosaurs are not limited to land-based dinos as well! As you level up, you will unlock aquatic and glacier parks for your water-based and ice-loving dinos too! Keep your dinosaurs well-fed and they will return the favor by being well-behaved for your visitors, which in turn will net you some profits! With money and the rare amber that you can collect from clearing weeds on new lands you’ve purchased, you can discover (unlock) new dinosaurs at the market! Sounds like fun? Well, realize your dreams of being the director of the famed Jurassic Park now by playing this amazing game, Jurassic Park Builder!

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New Game Added: Jurassic Park Builder

by Aethyna May 25, 2015
If you love dinosaurs, then you’re in luck! You can create your own virtual dinosaur park in Jurassic park Builder! Place many different types of dinos in your park and care for them! Discover and recreate new species of dinosaurs at the research center! Expand your Jurassic Park and set up more parks for your special dinos! Jurassic Park Builder: Dolichorhynchops Deinosuchus in Jurassic Park Builder Jurassic Park Builder: Rajasaurus Read More
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