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Jade Dynasty 8 rate Discover the mysteries in Jade Dynasty, you can choose from the wide selection of factions with incredible lore, based on a popular Chinese novel, relive some of the adventures of the main characters of the novel and create your own adventure with a wide range of quests to complete. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Jade Dynasty or called Zhu Xian in some countries, is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game where it features a rich Chinese mythology-theme world with different factions living in it. You will be able to play as one of the three races and try out fifteen character classes. It also has the auto grinding feature called the Esper items, it automatically lets you attack enemies and adjust your settings for auto healing.


The game focuses on a fantasy world inspired with Chinese mythology where mankind has sought after for immortality, as the five factions were about to share the secrets to immortality, a man named Shaw Danon disrupted the peaceful world. With the most evil Esper; the Sinister Orb, at Shaw Danon’s hands, he managed to open the gateway to knowledge to Ascension which houses the ability to become immortals, the other human factions have scrambled to gain this power. As a result, the immortals have sent a race called the Athans to reclaim those powers and bring balance to the world.


The gameplay for Jade Dynasty is very familiar to the other games made by Perfect World, it can be a welcoming approach to those who are into the same type of games however it can be a turn off to some who are tired of the same game design with just some reskinned characters and environment.

Right at the start of the game, you will be able to choose from the three different races; the humans, the athans and the etherkins. Each of these classes have distinct appearances to make them distinguishable from one another, each of the races have their own character classes based on the factions from the game’s lore, and some are gender locked while the majority are available to both genders. These classes have unique abilities exclusive to its race and has its own share of strengths and weaknesses.

Character customization is very limited at the start of your new character, with only a few options for the hairstyle, skin color and facial appearance. Your best bet to have your avatar fully customized is by acquiring costumes and colourful armor, you can obtain these from quest rewards or NPC shops, or if you have the money to spend, you can opt for acquiring premium cosmetic items to make your avatar look better than the rest of the players.

In terms of combat, Jade Dynasty follows the same mechanics from other Perfect World games, all of the characters can do basic attacks with their standard weapons, and their weapons are sometimes exclusive to a certain character class. Your basic attacks can deal higher damage but attacks slower or vice versa, certain weapons can also attack from range or only close up.

You can also use unique skills called Powers in the game. They can deal more damage than your standard attacks, and in some cases, you can deal status effects on your attacks, some can be in a form of defensive powers that can provide stat boost for a short period of time. New to the game is the Affinity, where you can choose a specialization that can unlock new and powerful skills, there are three kinds of Affinity available; Dagos, Fuwa and Felkin, you can only pick one Affinity at a time but there is an item that allows you to switch to a different Affinity.

The Esper items grant players the ability to fight monsters automatically without the need to supervise your actions. This allows players to let the Esper automatically attack any enemies to earn experience points and items, you can also adjust the use of health and mana potions to restore your life and mana when it reaches at a certain percentage. This allows you to leave your character overnight and let the Esper do the grinding for you.


There is a good number of active players in Jade Dynasty, and just like in other MMORPGs, you can interact with them and build bonds. You can chat with them at the global chat or send invites and form a party with other players to raid instanced dungeons without the hassle of being out-raided by other high-leveled groups. And if you want to go all out competitive, you can challenge duels with other players in a classic player versus player or join a clan or faction and participate in epic territorial clan wars.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Jade Dynasty is somewhat similar with other Perfect World games, which can be both a good and a bad thing. The good part it shows some great visual effects on the environment and to some character models which has that sort of glowing effect, however since it has similar visuals, it lacks that kind of unique art style to help make it stand out, making feel like just another copy of another game. The soundtrack is decent, having some nice background music when exploring, but some of the tracks are short and there will be times when there are silent moments when roaming around the area.


Jade Dynasty if a fun game if you haven’t played any of the Perfect World games, it has a large world to explore and more quests to accomplish. But if you have played any of those games before, you will notice a lot of similarities and you might feel disappointed as it may feel like it was copied and pasted and given it a different name. If you want to try a Chinese themed game and with a large world to explore, you can try out Jade Dynasty.

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New Game Added: Jade Dynasty

by Richard May 16, 2017
Discover the mysteries in Jade Dynasty, you can choose from the wide selection of factions with incredible lore, based on a popular Chinese novel, relive some of the adventures of the main characters of the novel and create your own adventure with a wide range of quests to complete. Jade Dynasty: Costumes and pets Etherkin in Jade Dynasty Jade Dynasty: Rorschach Mirage Wings Read More
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