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inFamous Second Son 10 rate Play as the Delsin Rowe, a superhuman who recently unlocked his powers in inFamous Second Son and decide whether you want to become a hero or an anti-hero. Grasp your awesome powers and fight the corrupt and oppressive DUP and its minions in the streets of Seattle. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ever wonder how it feels to become a hero with superhuman abilities? Regretfully, we won’t get to experience it in real-life. However, it’s not as easy as it seems: you will have to deal with moral choices, decide whether you’ll use it for good and evil, and of course, learn to fully master it. Fortunately, you will get to experience all of these in a game, specifically, inFamous Second Son, which is a free PlayStation Plus title this September 2017. You will be strapped into the boots of Delsin Rowe, a superhuman who recently acquired his abilities. So, is his journey something you would want to experience? Let’s find out!


In the world of inFamous Second Son, the world, particularly the city of Seattle, has people with unique superhuman abilities. They are known as “conduits”, but to normal citizens and the government, they are considered “bio-terrorists”. Capturing and putting them in custody is the job of the Department of Unified Protection, which is headed by the game’s main antagonist, Director Brooke Augustine.

Without diving deep into spoiler territory, you will journey around Seattle as Delsin Rowe who is on a quest to absorb a power used by the DUP to fix the mistakes he committed in the first part of the game. Along the way, you will be encountering a number of characters, like his cop brother, Reggie and other conduits. Delsin himself isn’t what you would call the typical protagonist. Right off the bat, he comes off as a brash, sarcastic young man causing trouble for his law-enforcing older brother.

The game does not lack an interesting story, but unfortunately, there is a great deal of fascinating characters that are not fully fleshed out. With that said, the plot isn’t its strongest point, yet it’s not the focus either. It wouldn’t be smart to nitpick the story, because the gameplay is arguably one of the best in the current-gen games.


Gameplay is one of inFamous Second Son’s strongest elements. Though the game’s first part is you doing parkour in a small area, the game transforms into an open world type later on. You will get to freely explore Seattle, whether by flying around the city with your powers, running around the streets while leaving a smoke trail, or going around buildings in air vents by transforming into a wisp of smoke.

Speaking of your powers, the game’s morality concept plays a crucial part in deciding what your abilities are. By going on a path to being a Hero, you can unlock abilities that will enable you to subdue your opponents. These include slowing down time so you can hit them with paralyzing projectiles accurately and more ways to keep them restrained. Of course, you will need to do morally right deeds to obtain good karma. These include keeping an enemy incapacitated instead of executing him, saving others instead of yourself, and healing civilians.

If you are going to take the morally-questionable Infamous route, the focus is on destruction and by obtaining bad karma. Who cares if you accidentally kill bystanders while killing DUP minions? Instead of restraining enemies, you can simply light their heads on fire or dive into the ground 300 feet from the air and cause huge explosion in the middle of a park. To upgrade your abilities, you will need to gather “shards” which are essentially skill points.

The various abilities and customizations makes up for the rather shallow morality element. It’s not set up like a visual novel where there are numerous endings depending on your choices. You’ll always only have two choices (Good or Bad) and two or more playthroughs will be needed to see the differences between the two. Moreover, there is no point to playing “neutral”. Doing so means you won’t get access to various abilities, so be sure to go with one choice from the get-go.


inFamous Second Son is mainly a single player experience. There are no multiplayer modes to speak of, though it would be cool if it had one. Thankfully, if you’ve become a fan of the game, it has robust communities in Facebook and on Reddit.


The gameplay is only second to inFamous Second Son’s graphics, sound, and overall presentation. The environments are highly detailed, from the bright, neon-colored lights of the signages around Seattle, to the picturesque sunsets overlooking the bay. Delsin’s powers range from throwing projectiles like smoke and neon lights, and the graphics does a lot of justice to this. Everything looks flashy, from the explosions to the sight of the DUP soldiers being thrown into the air. There are a few framerate drops here and there, but these are far and few in between. The ability menus are a little convoluted and hard to understand at first, but you will get used to them as you spend more time in the game.


Overall, inFamous Second Son is totally one of the games you should definitely play. Free for PlayStation Plus users, it definitely is a steal. It is an extremely fun game, and a good-looking one at that. Try it and experience one of the best games in the PS4 console!

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New Game Added: inFamous Second Son

by Mikhail Sep 17, 2017
Play as the Delsin Rowe, a superhuman who recently unlocked his powers in inFamous Second Son and decide whether you want to become a hero or an anti-hero. Grasp your awesome powers and fight the corrupt and oppressive DUP and its minions in the streets of Seattle. Neon power in inFamous Second Son Delsin Rowe absorbing powers in inFamous Second Son Running around a tunnel in inFamous Second Son Read More
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