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by Aethyna
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Helmet Heroes 8 rate Featuring a 2D platform-based gameplay and a cartoonish look, Helmet Heroes provides players with a vast world filled with various creatures to fight, loot to collect, and a very satisfying progression system whereby your character development is not hampered by your chosen class. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Helmet Heroes is a free-to-play, 2D platform-based MMORPG that not only has a Maplestory feel to it, but it’s also a child-oriented game due to its cartoonish graphics. Here, you’ll get to play as one of four adventurers who set out to explore an amazingly diverse world filled with various creatures to fight and loot to collect. The game also features a satisfying progression system whereby your character development is not hampered by your chosen class, a pretty challenging gameplay, and it can be somewhat punishing if you die while carrying a ton of cash.


There isn’t a plotline to speak off, but I like to think that the game is open-ended enough for you to create your own stories of your adventures. However, you could just play the game as it is – plotless and all.


To begin playing Helmet Heroes, you’ll need to first choose a class out of the four available. These archetype classes include the warrior, archer, mage and interestingly, the cowboy. Each class can be further customized to your liking. You can choose to play as either a male or a female, and change the hair, eyes, skin and facial hair (optional) of your avatar.

Considering that 2D MMORPGs aren’t exactly a dime a dozen – though 2.5D MMOs are a plenty, the game will have you go through its tutorial where you’ll be introduced to how the game works, especially the controls you’ll need to do combat, perform special movements and attacks such as the speed dash and Rage-charged attacks, and pick up loot. Despite having a very simplistic look, the game supports surprisingly more complicated movements such as wall jumps which will require accurately-timed taps on the Up key and sliding down slopes. Of course, aside from the arrow keys, you can use WASD to play the game as well.

In addition to the usual hack-and-slash gameplay that is kind of expected of this type of games, Helmet Heroes is a also platformer that provides slopes which you can slide down of. The thing is, these slopes, although they may be fun as a slide, can be immensely irritating for combat, especially if you play a ranged class like a mage or an archer because you can only shoot straight.

Not to mention, you’ll start off having the basic attack skill but you can eventually unlock more active and passive skills by investing skill points into your skill tree. Similar to Runescape, your class doesn’t really restrict you when it comes to investing points into skills. So, in some way, your class doesn’t really matter as much and you can change your character to fit your playstyle as you level up and earn more skill points.

The game also has a Rage energy system whereby you can charge it up by taking and dealing damage. Once you have enough energy, you can then unleash it to deal huge damage. However, this skill will need to be unlocked first and you’ll need a whopping 1000 coins to do so.

As you progress, you will eventually be able to obtain a pet companion as well. Ranging from sorcerous worms to speedy dogs, your companion will provide to be very useful in dispatching your enemies for you. In fact, considering how most areas in the game aren’t actually safe from enemies, your pet can serve as a guard dog and protect your avatar from certain death if you have to go AFK for a while.

Another important point is that monsters in this game can be really tenacious when tracking down their prey. Although not all of them are aggressive by default, some of them are and it can be difficult to shake off them off your tail. Also, death isn’t something you’d look forward to mainly because you will be penalized. The game will deduct 50% of the coins you’re carrying in exchange to resurrecting you at the closest safe area. So, unless you manage to reach an ATM first to store your coins, you might stand to lose a lot of your hard-earned cash.

Helmet Heroes is fun and all to fight monsters in, but ultimately, I think the core of the game is its exploration aspect. The game has a humongous world filled with so many different regions of different themes and biomes. Simply exploring them all can be quite the challenge, especially if your level is a lot lower than the monsters in said regions. To travel between locations in a region or between regions, the game adds in teleport circles that you can press the Down key to use.

In fact, the exploration aspect of the game ties into its progression since most regions will have a specific loot table, indicating the types of loot you can get. Naturally, as you advanced to higher level locations, you will have access to tougher monsters which will drop better weapons and armor. I also like that the game includes coin boxes that you can bump your head at to get free coins. It’s a nod to one of the world’s biggest and most popular platformer game, Mario.

Now, loot in this game is dropped by slain mobs from time to time. However, I’d like to point out that the game implements loot-stealing, so unless you pick up the said loot within like a few seconds or so, you will lose the right to your loot and anybody can just walk to it and pick it up. So, it’s important to pick up the loot you want. However, it’s fair to say that sometimes you might just miss a loot that’s on the ground since they can be really small and very hard to spot. Also, the inventory you are given is quite limited so you might want to only pick up the more valuable stuff just so you can sell them at the next vendor you see for some much-needed coins.

Like a true RPG, Helmet Heroes has a small sprinkle of quest givers and hence, quests as well. But interestingly, you don’t really need to do any of them to progress. Granted that it may take a bit more time to farm mobs for XP, it might be preferable to running from one location to the next just to collect a certain item or kill a certain type of mobs. There are PvP servers as well where open world PvP is a thing. It’s not recommended if you don’t plan on spending money to supercharge your gameplay though since you’ll probably die a lot for no reason other than being there.

Helmet Heroes is a freemium game and as such, you can actually buy game money, weapons, teleportation services, skins, skill point resets… etc via the Pay Vault using premium currency called “tickets”. Tickets, in turn, can be purchased using real money.


Helmet Heroes not only has a robust social aspect; it actually encourages players to work together and help each other in their adventures. In addition to being able to trade with other players or gift them items, you can also add them as friends and set up or join a guild.

Graphics/ Sound

The 2D graphics in Helmet Heroes has the sort of childish-like art style that may appeal to kids. Hence, the game may have a large young gamer population. The music in this game is quite nice actually. It’s catchy and I really enjoyed listening to the strumming of the guitar.


In some way, Helmet Heroes plays a lot like a simplified version of the platformer, Maplestory, with a hint of Mario albeit minus the anime part. The game focuses a lot on exploration whereby you’ll get to discover odd regions filled with as equally odd creatures which you farm for a chance to get the item you want. Item-stealing is a pretty fun aspect of the game and it reminds me a lot of the old Runescape, but the game does give the person who dealt the most damage looting priority, at least for the first few seconds. The open-ended-styled character development, despite having you to choose a class at the beginning, may also bring Runescape to mind.

So, all said and done, if you enjoy playing 2D platformer/MMORPGs, then Helmet Heroes is a game you should check out! The game’s free after all, and it can be played by the whole family as well.
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New Game Added: Helmet Heroes

by Aethyna Feb 12, 2018
Featuring a 2D platform-based gameplay and a cartoonish look, Helmet Heroes provides players with a vast world filled with various creatures to fight, loot to collect, and a very satisfying progression system whereby your character development is not hampered by your chosen class. Helmet Heroes: Explore a world filled with diverse biomes Fairyville in Helmet Heroes Helmet Heroes: Mushroom village Read More
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