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Flyff 7 rate Travel the world of Roika and help save the people from the clutches of Shade and bring back peace once again. Experience a classic game featuring a wide range of character classes with the ability to travel around the region by flying as you journey through beautiful landscapes and fight monstrous creatures! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Flyff or Fly For Fun is an MMORPG that follows the traditional gameplay of classic MMOs. It allows players to create their own character and choose what type of class they want to build, the game is also heavy on relying with other players when grinding for levels. It is also popular for having the ability to fly to travel around the world.


The world was once created by five powerful beings and it was named Roika. It was filled with rich magic and unlimited energy. It was soon populated with humans and dwarpets which lived in harmony. The 5 beings eventually left the world where they created Rhisis to watch over the humans and dwarpets. As thousands of years have passed, Rhisis started to become lonely, she create three beings based on her aspects; Shade, Bubble and Iblis. However, Shade almost destroyed the world of Roika, breaking off a chunk of land which was then called Madrigal. The remaining humans and dwarpets that had survived the onslaught continue to fight right up to the point in time when eight brave heroes sacrificed their lives to finally defeat Shade and his army.


Flyff has all of the features of a traditional MMORPG, the requirement of grinding to increase one’s level and the hunt for the epic equipment to defeat some of the deadliest foes in the world. Players who are familiar with the usual gameplay of MMORPGs will feel at home with Flyff.

Starting the game will let you choose your preferred server, the standard servers are available while PvP servers tend to have higher exp rate but at a cost of staying in a zone where anyone can kill you. Creating your character is very straightforward as it lacks more options to customize your avatar. You cannot choose a character class when creating as all new players will start off as a Vagrant. You will then be prompt to a short tutorial explanation the basic functions of the game.

You can navigate around the town with the WASD keys or left clicking in an area to go there. You can also jump with the spacebar key, the other functions such as inventory, map, quest log, character sheet and party options are all mapped in several keys that are easy to remember. The hotkeys are also available where you can place restorative items and skills for quick access by pressing the numerical keys.

As you start the game as a Vagrant, you need to increase your level by defeating monsters and completing quests. Once you reach level 15, you can now get to choose four starting classes; Acrobat, Mercenary, Assist and Magician, each of them plays differently and uses different set of weapons and abilities. You can unlock more classes that allows you to branch out once your reach level 60, 130 and 150. Unlocking them will grant you more stat boost and special perks.

Combat in Flyff is very standard, you find your target and click on it to start attacking. Killing enemies will grant you experience points and a chance to loot for money and gear. However the game was designed in the early years of the MMORPG era so it is heavy on level grinding where you need to focus on hunting monsters for hours in order to gain more levels.

However, the tedious work can be shortened if pair with a party as the more players are part in a party, the bigger benefits they will earn such as increased attack, exp rate and drop rate. So partying is highly encouraged especially when in dungeons and the survival rate will increase if the party was a well-balanced line up of classes.

The mode of transportation in Flyff is of course flying, you will be able to choose the type of flying device that you can use when flying. Early in the game once you hit level 20, you will be given a surfboard where you can use to fly to each other town at a faster rate, there are different variants of flying devices, ranging from brooms, surfboards, hover bikes and even wings.

The controls is somewhat similar like when you are in land, so you won’t have a hard time controlling it. You can also take on aerial battles in some flying monsters in the area, the combat is similar that when fighting on land, but you cannot use any skills when in mid-air, you can then lure the enemy to the ground where you can perform skills or defeat them while flying.


Despite being online for a decade, Flyff still has an abundant on active players, which is important as forming parties can make grinding a lot easier. You can interact with them via in-game chat and even open up personalized stores where you can sell your rare loot. There is also the guild system where you can get benefits like stat boost and a guild warehouse to donate money to improve the guild level.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals are very dated, as most of the textures in the game lacks any details and feels flat, even when set to the highest graphical setting. The character portraits feature anime-style artwork to help visualize their appearance in the game, some monsters have okay designs as some look cute and cuddly while others are ferocious. The music department features a lot of great tracks that will remind you of the days in Ragnarok Online, the light-hearted tune inside towns and the fast beat tune during combat helps add intensity to the game experience.


Flyff is a dated game that still maintain the traditional MMORPG system where you need to grind more to reach higher levels. But that does not mean the game is not good, as the gameplay is simplistic that anyone can hop in and play. If you are into classic games and is not into visual heavy games, you might want to try out Flyff.

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by Richard Mar 12, 2017
Travel the world of Roika and help save the people from the clutches of Shade and bring back peace once again. Experience a classic game featuring a wide range of character classes with the ability to travel around the region by flying as you journey through beautiful landscapes and fight monstrous creatures! Flyff: Combat Basilisk boss fight in Flyff Flyff: Fancy costumes Read More
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