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Florensia 7 rate Florensia is a fantasy based MMORPG that allows you to explore its massive world on land or at sea. Featuring a deep skill system and a good range of character classes to play with, players will be conquering the dungeons and high seas. You can even customize your personal ship to your liking. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Florensia is a MMORPG game with a fantasy theme that lets you explore its massive world in different ways; either trekking on land or sailing on your personal ship at sea. It features the traditional MMORPG where you take on quests and defeat formidable foes be it a boss in a dungeon or a rival player in the arena. Will you be able to become the best adventurer in Florensia?


Set in the fantasy world, it was told that a large continent called Lux Plena was divided into smaller continents during the era of the Great Revival. You take on as an adventurer that must uncover the secrets of the world of Florensia that is rich in history and powerful artifacts.


Just like the rest of the MMORPGs that are available today, Florensia features that very familiar setting; you start on a kingdom and a person in charge will explain to you what should your first task would be, and then a series of quests will commence to help you understand the basics of the game.

The tutorial portion of the game provides some pop up images to provide a brief explanation on the basic controls, it is helpful in some parts but the issue with the small text makes it difficult to read some of the descriptions. The controls are still the basic ones in your normal MMORPG, the WASD keys for the movement and the mouse for the interaction and view control. The spacebar where most games use it for the jump was replace as an interaction command for Florensia, though the setup was helpful, some may get used to the key as the standard jump function.

The skill system is one of the major highlights of the game, it offers a wide ranges of abilities and some branch out to provide a whole new skills depending on how you branched you character. Though majority of the skills are still required to be purchase or use a skill book to unlock it, upgrading them only requires skill points which you can earn when levelling up.

At the start, you can choose from four basic classes; Mercenary, Explorer, Noble and Saint. They play like your standard MMO classes (Saints be the healer types, Mercenary the warrior, etc.), but once you reach a certain level, you will be able to choose a branching point for a class specialization, you can be a Saint that focuses more on powerful buffs or maybe even tanking mobs in raids. Players will have more choices in their specialization that makes it more engaging.

Taking quests can be done by talking to NPCs, however tracking down your quests can be difficult especially when getting a ton of them. The game does not provide a handy quest tracker as part of the UI on screen to remind you of any pending quests, the only way to keep track on it is by opening the quest window which eats up a space on your screen. Another issues is that some quests do not provide enough details on your objective. It tells you to hunt a specific monster but does not tell where you can find them, or even a helpful navigator that automatically sends you to the location. With a lot of quests that are available at your disposal, a useful tracker will make the grinding more efficient.

Another major highlight is the sea exploration, you can acquire your very own ship as you progress further. It opens up a whole new world for you to explore and different enemies to engage at. Just like any ships in the sea, the controls will be different as you use your sail to gain speed and momentum.

Combat is very tricky and provides a different combat system that is way different from the battles when you are on land. Some of your attacks have specific attack range and can only engage a monster when you are in the attack’s field of range, the controls may be difficult to control, but you get to hang of it, you will enjoy this feature.

Aside from the exploration and combat at sea, you can customize your ships, from its base body up to its equipment for powerful weapons and even cosmetic designs, to give you a very unique ship.


Though the game may be old like almost a decade, there are still players enjoying the game. Starting out a new game, there are also other new players exploring the newbie area which is nice as other players can form parties at the start of the game. Aside from the population, there are also some guild features and the standard dungeon raids to keep loyal players occupied.

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals are very outdated as Florensia was launched in the mid-2000s, with less detailed characters and environment despite focusing on an anime-like character designs, but the water effects when sailing the seas are the best for its time. The sound and music of Florensia are decent, with light-hearted and campy themes that match which blends well on the anime style of the artwork.


Florensia is an interesting game but with its dated features, some players may look away from it find a different game. The controls are clunky and the quests are very grindy. But some may enjoy this one due to its anime-themed setting and unique sea battle and exploration.

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by Richard Jan 11, 2017
Florensia is a fantasy based MMORPG that allows you to explore its massive world on land or at sea. Featuring a deep skill system and a good range of character classes to play with, players will be conquering the dungeons and high seas. You can even customize your personal ship to your liking. Florensia: Escaping from a huge sea creature Character selection in Florensia Florensia: Cute chick mount Read More
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