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Farm Days 4 rate Transform a small farm into a busy production hub in Farm Days. Plant wheat, beets, pumpkins to create more materials from the mill or bakery. Keep completing quests to get more money and unlock more game features. Put on your work clothes and start Farm Days today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Farm Days is a time management game that combines a bit of farming and building. The objective of the game is to grow crops and fruits so you can sell them or use for creation of even better products like pies, sugar and animal feeds. In addition to crops and trees, you can also tend to animals to get raw materials like eggs and milk. Soon, you’ll be busy juggling your chores and expanding your small farm.


When you start Farm Days, you’ll find a small patch of land, a farm house and a well. You’ll then be guided into completing the first few tasks like building the barn, planting wheat and building a mill. Planting crops in this game is a bit different from most other farming games, as you need to fetch water from the well first to water fruit trees and seeds you just sowed. Your water supply will eventually dry out, so you need to keep fetching water from the well to water more crops and trees.

All quests will appear as a to-do list that you can open from the left side of the screen. Accomplishing all quests in a list will grant you coins, Farmbucks or other special items. You also earn XP, which is important for leveling up. Farmbucks are used for many things, including speeding up crop growth and production of materials. Farmbucks can also be used to skip quests. Another quest with a time limit is also shown on the left side. These time-bound quests offer greater rewards and a faster way to level up.

Leveling up will unlock more items from the Shop, including buildings like the Bakery and other crops like pumpkins and tomatoes. You can also unlock some expansion areas when you reach the required level. Be sure to check the Quest log to see that you’ve done every item on each quest. This helps you level up and earn coins faster. You are given a few Farmbucks each time you increase your level.

Anything you harvest or collect will be stored in the Barn, which will eventually become full. You can avoid this by filling orders on the Order Board. The Order Board will list specific items and the quantity needed. You can sell available items to free up your Barn and earning coins at the same time. You can also go to the Market right outside the farm to sell your goods to others. Unlike the Order Board, you can decide which items and how many of them you want to sell in the Market.

Other than planting and collecting crops from your farm, you can hire farm hands (you start with two) to forage deep into the forest and find rare items. Each “search” takes 15 minutes and will reward you with special crops, fruits or tools. You need to make sandwiches in the Bakery for your farm hands to start the search. As you level up, you’ll be able to unlock more farm hands, and as a result, get more items from the search.

Some of the most important quests that you’ll encounter later on involves asking help from your friends, so make sure to add some right from the start. You can send invites to your Facebook friends, through email or simply search for your friend’s user name if he’s already playing. A quicker way would be to simply add random players from the Friends menu on top of the game window. You’ll get a list of players that you can invite. Once you have friends, you can request items that you may not have and you can also help them out by sending them items they need. Note that you can only send one request a day for each friend.

Once you level up, you’ll be able to buy more animals such as goats, sheep, dogs and pigs. You can also unlock their own enclosures or pens including a dog house. Other buildings will be available such as a Beehive, a Loom, Farmer’s Oven and Workshop. You can build more than one type of building, such as the Mill, but the second one unlocks at a later level and costs more than the original price. Some areas near the farm unlocks when you reach the required level, like the Mine and a pond.

The first few expansion slots can be unlocked when you reach a certain level, but others require you to accomplish quests first before you gain access to the land. There will be some debris left on new land, and you can use shovels or bombs to clear it. You can get shovels as gifts from your friends, and you can buy bombs with Farmbucks.


Like other games published by Plinga, Farm Days has a pretty solid gaming community and support. You can find friends, join forums or contact support all from the Plinga menu bar on top of the game window. You can also check out the game’s own blog at the Plinga website to get updates and information about the game.


Farm Days has a vibrant, cartoon graphics that’s both endearing and fun to watch. It’s definitely one of the better looking farming games out there. Animations and images are clear with great details, which makes for a pleasant gaming experience. From bird sounds to water splashing from the well, sound effects are excellent in portraying life in the farm.


Farm Days is an excellent farming game with more focus on time and resource management and selling. You don’t have to plant lots of crops to earn a hefty amount of coins, as these crops are only needed to create higher-value items like pastry and dairy products. This is definitely a different game mechanic from what you might be used to, but the game itself is still enjoyable all the same. When you learn to juggle your chores and start reaping the rewards, you’ll see that Farm Days is another excellent farming game that’s worth your time.

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