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Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey 9 rate Featuring all the familiar cast of characters, Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey will pit your team of hand-picked heroes against the anime’s biggest villains as you battle your way through the Grand Magic Games and hopefully, help your guild, Fairy Tail, secure its title of being the most powerful magic guild in Fiore. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Unlike some of the anime MMO ARPGs out there, Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey is actually an official browser MMO game for the popular magic-dueling anime, Fairy Tail. Featuring all the familiar cast of characters, this game will pit your team of hand-picked heroes against the anime’s biggest villains as you battle your way through the Grand Magic Games and hopefully, help your guild, Fairy Tail, secure its title of being the most powerful magic guild in Fiore.

However, things don’t go as planned and soon enough, you may find yourself embroiled in an adventure that’s much more intriguing…


Set in the world called Earthland where magic is prevalent, people who are gifted to wield said power are often affiliated with a Guild. In the kingdom of Fiore, the strongest Guild is Fairy Tail. However, the annual, 5-day-long Grand Magic Games that determines the most powerful magic guild in Fiore is just around the corner and it’s crucial to help Fairy Tail retain its much-coveted title.

There are many obstacles you will need to barrel through, including completing the challenges at the arena, defeating powerful mages from rival guilds or even finding ways to counter the “dirty tactics” used by others. More intrigue ensues when a member of the Fairy Tail guild went missing and the team discovers a cave that’s filled with dragon bones right underneath the arena…


To begin playing, you’ll first need to create a character. The game provides you with 3 different classes to choose from, all of which are technically primarily DPS/ damage-dealing characters. The classes include Mage, Gunner and Magic Warrior. You can also choose to play as either a male or a female.

Although you start off battling enemies on your own, soon after, you’ll be joined by the first member of your team. As Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey is a party-based game, you’ll need to be able to assemble a good team of heroes in order to be any good in the tougher battles you’ll encounter later on.

You can obtain new heroes by recruiting them via the Bar which is only unlocked after you reached a certain level. You will need to challenge the heroes first before you can recruit them though, and aside from that, you will also need to have enough StarSouls. StarSouls can be, in turn, obtained by playing a slots game where you’ll spend quite a bit of silver in hopes of earning some StarSouls. If you don’t get any, well… at least you can get 60% of your spent silvers back.

You can even “Draw” shards for epic heroes if you’re really lucky. Collect enough shards and turn them in to get the epic hero. This Drawing feature is only unlocked after you reached level 21/ complete a specific milestone quest, however, and unfortunately, it requires Recruit Scrolls that can be rather difficult to get for free in the game. You do get a free Draw every 2 days though.

Having a lot of heroes doesn’t really matter much if you cannot deploy them in your formation. The game is pretty restrictive in this respect so eventually, you may end up having to choose which heroes get sent to the bleachers and which ones will get to see some action.

In addition to getting new heroes, each hero you get can be upgraded in a wide variety of methods too. You can level them up using EXP tokens/cards; you can equip them with upgraded items; you can rank- or star-up your heroes; you can even reincarnate or awaken them.

You can own a pet in Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey as well. Pets in this game not only provide you with passive stats increase; they also participate in combat from time to time! Similar to heroes, they can be upgraded in many different ways, but usually, you must have the necessary upgrade materials or monetary means first.

In terms of your own hero character, you can level him or her up in the normal manner, that is by playing the game. You can also unlock new skills or upgrade existing ones by investing Potency Points into your skill tree. Your hero can equip gear and weapons too, and both of those can be upgraded.

The game even has a Lacrima feature where you use Arcane Dusts to unlock bonus stats which will contribute an increase to your overall Combat Power (CP) rating. Like how the Grand Magic Games is used to determine how powerful a guild is in Fiore, your CP helps you to determine how strong your team or your opponent’s team is.

Combat-wise, Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey is pretty much your typical browser MMO. Every fight is automated so you can’t really do anything while a battle is ongoing except to watch and wait… unless you are a VIP 1 or above, that is. As a side note, the animation effects are pretty cool though! This, however, also means that it’s important to field a good team, upgrade everything and equip an advantageous skill before engaging an enemy lest you find yourself defeated.

Unlike many other browser MMOs, this game is actually pretty challenging to play despite having auto-combat. If you’re not zealous about finding every possible way to improve your CP, you may end up defeated.

Progression in this game is very linear in the sense that aside from upgrading stuff, you don’t exactly have a lot of other activities to do if a tough opponent is stopping you from advancing through the storyline or if you’ve gotten bored of the campaign.

This is true for at least up to level 22 or so. At this point, the PvP aspect of the game is not yet unlocked for me and the game’s many events are still out of reach. There aren’t any other dungeons that I can go into to farm EXP or upgrade materials either. In other words, it would be nice to have something else to do besides playing the campaign stages.

As a freemium game, Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey sells quite a bit of items in its in-game store in exchange for the game’s premium currency, Gold. You can top-up real money into the game to gain Gold but you do get some for free as you progress through the game.

The game also offers VIP levels to players who spend. By just buying 2 Gold, you can easily rank up to VIP 1 which will unlock perks like “Skip battle” and “Automatic gear enhance” for you. But if you topped-up more, you can get even more perks like more arena attemps, more bag space, more stamina to do battles with, and special shop discounts. Besides this, there are plenty more other promotional incentives that will encourage you to spend, including epic heroes that will take an average free-to-play gamer months to obtain.

If you’d like to go one step further, you can use some of that Gold to purchase Emblems too. Emblems work like 30-day benefits that you can buy. There are 2 types S- and A-Class, with the S-Class Emblem being the best of the lot (but free-to-play gamers can afford the A-Class). Having an Emblem will unlock a whole host of functions, features and advantages that normal VIPs don’t have access to, but unlike VIP levels, your Emblem’s beneficial effects will wear off once its duration expires.


Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey is a global game and hence, you can meet, chat and play with players from all over the world. The game also has a Faction and a Guild system. The Faction you choose will only affect the list of guilds you can join though, so don’t worry too much about “choosing the wrong faction”.

Joining a guild as soon as the feature is unlocked to you is a must! You’ll not only be able to start accumulating your contribution points by donating silver or Gold to the guild’s coffers; you’ll also gain access to any active guild skills and perks along with features like Guild Quests, which should make your leveling efforts a lot easier. You can also create a guild of your own if you want. It’s simple and rather cheap, really. All you need is to have 100 Gold, and in return for creating a guild, you will get a gift pack that’s purportedly 1880 Gold in worth.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in this game is pretty good for a browser MMO, but it’s not exactly top of the line since in some places, you can clearly see the blurred or pixelated edges. The details in each artwork are amazing though. The music is pretty alright as well. It plays a sort of cheerful, Celtic-inspired tune in the background as you play. Combat uses a whole different tune, however. The music sounds more like a fusion of rock and Celtic-inspired music. It’s still pretty good overall.


In short, Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey is a somewhat casual MMO ARPG that provides players with a storyline that will make the original anime proud. Gameplay-wise can be a tad bit boring since a lot of the exciting parts – read: combat – are automated and well, there just aren’t many other activities you can do or events you can join early on. If you enjoy playing browser MMOs now and then, and that you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, you’ll want to give this game a try.

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by Aethyna May 23, 2018
Featuring all the familiar cast of characters, Fairy Tail: Hero’s Journey will pit your team of hand-picked heroes against the anime’s biggest villains as you battle your way through the Grand Magic Games and hopefully, help your guild, Fairy Tail, secure its title of being the most powerful magic guild in Fiore. Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey: Mount Quest givers in Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey Fairy Tail: Hero's Journey: Magic Warrior class Read More
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