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EverQuest 8 rate Heavily inspired by text-based multi-user dungeon games from the early years of RPGs, EverQuest is one of the world's first MMORPG that rose to popularity in the late 90s. The game features a deep and immersive lore and a large selection of classes with distinct abilities, allowing the game to persist until today. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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EverQuest is one of the first generation Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that help popularized the genre alongside Ultima Online. It features the text-based Multi-User Dungeon mechanics that was popular in the 90’s. It also has a deep lore with an extensive history that’s set in the beautiful world of Norrath.


The game focuses on the fictional world of Norrath, where it is heavily set in a fantasy medieval setting. It foretells the never-ending conflict of different races that has ravaged Norrath for centuries. The interesting part in the lore of EverQuest is that the players are involved in creating the storyline where their characters become a vital piece in most of the event-changing scenarios in the game.


The first thing you will notice in playing EverQuest for the first time is that its gameplay was very dated, it is because it focuses more on text-based conversations rather than just pointing the cursor to the NPC and accept a quest immediately. Here there are different ways to interact to an NPC, you can send an item to them by dragging it out from your inventory and point it to the NPC or start a conversation with them by pressing H or typing /hail on the command.

You can pick from the different races when you create a new avatar. Some of these races feature different appearances such as frog-faced Frogloks, the cat creature Vah Shirs and the dragon-blooded humans called Drakkins, then there are the familiar races such as the Dwarves, Humans, High Elves, Orges and Trolls. These races also provide trait specialties that may be beneficial to certain character classes.

After picking your desired race, you may select your preferred character class. There are a wide range of classes to choose from and are sorted based on their roles; tanks, damagers, casters, healer and support. And finally, you may then choose a deity that you will be worshipping, choosing a deity has its benefits as some powerful weapons and armors are deity-bound meaning players who worship a specific deity can wield them.

Combat in EverQuest is heavily inspired in the classic pen and paper years of role-playing games. Those who played the early years of World of Warcraft can see some similarities on the combat system, taking turns in dealing damage depending on the attack speed and attacking in close range does not guarantee that your attacks will be a sure hit. Casting spells can only be done without any interruptions, if you get hit by an attack or move to a location, your spell will be cancelled. Defeating enemies will provide you loot from their corpses, which you can pick up by clicking on them.

Taking quests can be done by talking to NPCS, however you need to start a conversation with them in a different approach. You then need to select certain words from the NPC’s dialogue to initiate other options such as selecting quests or opening the store window instead of the usual choice selection. Completing these quests will net your bonus experience points, gold and better equipment, and completing them will unlock more that will provide better rewards. Some of these also provide some interesting backstories about the world of Norrath, which makes it fun to complete as it reminds you of the popular western single player RPGs that focuses on storytelling.

The major issue with the game is the in-game interface, as the game was created in 1999, so the entire interface is much cluttered as the entire area is filled with text and lacks any icons that would help distinguish the hotkeys for certain abilities or shortcuts. Though some of the interface windows can be moved to other locations which allows you to customize their placement to make it easier for you to keep track.

Since it was originally created as a monthly subscription game, some elements where changed to allow the developers to gain more revenue with micro-transactions after transitioning to a free-to-play model. One example is the limitation of the number characters that can be created and certain features were restricted such as the game expansions, an optional one-time membership fee will unlock some of these features as well as providing other perks exclusive to the membership.


With EverQuest being online for so long, it still has it fair share of players contributing to the game content. Some of the quests and other new features were designed by the loyal community who are still supportive to the game, and the in-game content weren’t the only thing that were created by the community, the ever-growing lore of EverQuest was also part of it. The player versus player content was also active thanks to the community, but there are certain zones that allow PvP matches to prevent abuse to those who are not into competitive matches.

Graphics/ Sound

As EverQuest was created in 1999, don’t expect any breathtaking graphics on this one, as the 3D designs on the world and its characters are very dated and lacked any details. This however ensures that players with low spec computers can run this game without any performance issues. The musical score on the game is impressive, providing that epic instrumental tune that give its fantasy feel to the world of Norrath. It also includes voiced dialogue which was ahead of its time and still sounded great up to this day.


Even though the game was already 18 years old, EverQuest is still a great MMORPG if you can bear the dated user interface. Its deep lore and story driven quests will keep players engaged for long hours. And with a dedicated community, you can expect more content coming out every month. Players who are a bit more particular about the graphics might be disappointed, but if you are looking for a game with a deep storyline, EverQuest will surprise you!

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by Richard Jan 25, 2017
Heavily inspired by text-based multi-user dungeon games from the early years of RPGs, EverQuest is one of the world's first MMORPG that rose to popularity in the late 90s. The game features a deep and immersive lore and a large selection of classes with distinct abilities, allowing the game to persist until today. EverQuest: Guardian Wrulon mount Character creation in EverQuest EverQuest: Frostspirit unicorn mount Read More
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