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EndWar Online 10 rate Due to a nuclear terrorism event back in 2016 which has made a major global resource, fuel, scarce, war becomes the only way to ensure the survival of your faction. 3 factions from the USA, Europe and Russia vie to reclaim the land they’ve lost to rebel factions, such as the Legion. Play now and lead your faction to victory! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Due to a nuclear terrorism event back in 2016 which has made a major global resource, fuel, scarce, war becomes the only way to ensure the survival of your faction. 3 factions from the USA, Europe and Russia vie to reclaim the land they’ve lost to rebel factions, such as the Legion. In this game, you’ll need to use your skills as a general to strategically deploy your many unit types in various battlefields to destroy the enemy compound and win the day. Want to bring your skills to the next level? Play in real time with other players in skirmishes or engage in battle via the fortress mode. Don’t forget to upgrade your training facilities, your unit equipments and your commanders’ skills to ensure that you’ll continue dominate the battlefield! Sounds like fun? Join EndWar Online today! After all, war doesn’t decide who is right... only who is left!


In 2016, nuclear terrorism crippled the stockpile of oil in the Middle East, causing a worldwide energy crisis in 2018. Due to this, fingers were pointed and blame was spewed, resulting in increased tension, particularly among the 3 major nations of the world. They braced themselves for a world war - A new arms race began to seize hold of whatever resources remained in the world, that will undoubtedly arrive... and it did.


After signing up for Uplay (if you haven’t done so) and logging in, you can select a server and get right into battle. There’s only 1 up at the moment as the game is still in its open beta phase, but more will be added as the game moves into launch. EndWar Online is a browser-based game, but you could optimize your gaming experience by installing a small and optional client. Not to mention, the game also auto-checks your computer/ browser for compatibility, which is a nice feature to have.

Like most large web-based games, EndWar Online does take awhile to load up. During this waiting period though, you are treated to a nice introduction about how the war came about, and let’s not forget that the game itself is very much worth the waiting time!

You’re in? Nice! You’ll first be prompted to create a character. You can create up to 3 characters in this game, but the second and third slots are only unlocked after you’ve reached certain level with your first character. That said, as the game features 3 different factions, namely the European Federation Enforcer Corps (EFEC), US Joint Strike Forces (USJSF) and the Russian Spetznaz Guard Brigades (RSGB), it’s generous of the game to provide 3 character slots for you to experience all 3 different factions.

Why is this important though? Well, this is, most notably, because the factions all have different best units and due to this, playing different factions will change how you play the game. For instance, the European Federation Enforcer Corps has the best air intercept, anti-air vehicles and drones and thus, you’ll be more predisposed to using these units while playing as the EFEC. However, if you play as the US Joint Strike Forces, you’ll tend to rely more on your slightly more superior gunships, drones and airstrikes instead. Different factions will have different starting zones too. Anyway, once a faction is selected, you can then choose an avatar portrait (a cool-looking one, I might add), input your username and you’re ready to rumble!

One of the most important missions you’ll get as a new general of whichever faction you chose is to help your faction rebuild its military infrastructures. Each location of the buildings in EndWar Online is fixed on the map and each construction process will cost you energy. There are plenty of facilities - or “zones as the game calls them - to build in this game and each different zone will unlock a new unit commander for you to command. However, in order to train and recruit commanders (using fame), you will need a military academy first.

Commanders are vital in EndWar Online as they are the ones you’ll be bringing into battle, not your individual grunts. Each commander is in charge of a unit type, such as infantry and tanks, and each of them has their own range of special abilities (up to 5). How many abilities your commander will have though depends on his/her rank. Bringing your commander along for a battle will help him/her gain experience points. With every level up, you will be able to level up his/her special abilities (using energy) at the Tech Center. Moreover, you can improve your commanders (and hence, your troops) by giving them better quality equipments. Equipments usually drop from missions you’ve completed, but you can also craft and upgrade them using materials obtained randomly from missions as well.

The unit types are possibly as important as the commanders due to the game mechanics EndWar Online has in place. The game offers quite a range of unit types to spice things up, including basic units like tanks, gunships and anti-air vehicles (AAVs); tactical units like infantry, artillery and air-transport; as well as off-map units like air strike, air-intercept and attack drones. For basic units, each unit in this game is strong against certain units and is weak against others – there are, generally, no in-betweens. So, using the correct units to counter the enemy’s troop lineup is very important. For instance, tanks can crush AAVs, but are vulnerable to helicopter gunships.

The other unit types, however, are there to make things more challenging and fun. For example, infantry is generally the “capture” unit as they are essential to capture uplinks on maps that will give all your troops in the field a very nice boost. Artillery, on the other hand, is basically the defensive units in the game and is best used to repel enemy attacks by stationing them at artillery sites... provided that you can get to them first. It is these tiny little things that may turn the tide of battle in some cases, and thus making the game so much more interesting and engaging.

Now that you know the roles of your units, it’s time to see some action! The first thing you may notice is that the maps in EndWar Online look a bit familiar... well, that is because they are somewhat similar to the maps in a MOBA game. Most maps have 3 lanes that you can deploy your troops on while some have 2 lanes instead. There are also maps with important structures on them that you can capture, such as uplinks and artillery sites, and there are even maps that have lanes that are close together, allowing your units from one lane to attack the enemy units on the other lane.

To deploy your units to the battlefield, you’ll need command points though. Command points regenerates passively and rather rapidly over time. However, do take note that using your commanders’ abilities will also consume your command points as well. So, there’s a pretty tactical and strategic line to be drawn between spending points on abilities and deploying new units, and this is exactly why EndWar Online is so incredibly fun and challenging to play! There is also morale that you have to keep an eye on in the game. Morale can be earned by killing enemies and naturally, you will want your troops’ morale to be high. Each level of morale you attain will grant your deployed troops bonuses to damage and hit points.

Moreover, EndWar Online provides solo missions that you can play in at varying difficulties (harder difficulties will be unlocked once you’ve won the “normal” mode). The main objective of every solo game is very simple – you just need to destroy the enemy base. However, the game also offers 2 other side objectives which you can complete for bonus rewards.

In addition to solo missions (“campaigns” as some may call them), the game even offers PvP events, such as fortress mode, skirmish mode, and friend match that you can participate in. PvP is a lot different than PvE as you won’t be able to see your opponents’ selection of commanders to use in the battlefield... unless you spend some energy to do some recon, of course. In fortress mode, you could also set up your own defense in case another player decides to attack you so he could displace you from your current rank on the leaderboard.

There are military exercise maps for each type of unit along with special operations that will be unlocked at level 20 too. In fact, there are so many features in EndWar Online that you will definitely have fun discovering them all. So, give the game a try today and have fun!


Due to its recent transition to open beta phase, the community at EndWar Online has seen a steady increase among their ranks. However, you could do your part by recommending the game to your friends and let them know such an entertaining game exists! Don’t forget to drop by the game’s Facebook fan page as well and catch up with the other players, whom you might or might not have defeated during PvP.

Graphics/ sound

Like all of Ubisoft’s games, the sounds in EndWar Online will definitely get your heart racing even before you get to see any action! It’s really nice that different factions have their own “theme music” and that the music is of high quality. The sound effects during battles are also very well-done as they do help you get immersed in the game. The graphics in the game are excellent as well. The war-torn sceneries and maps are so beautifully crafted. It’s great that you can also zoom in to view your units up close!


In short, EndWar Online is a very entertaining yet challenging MMO strategy game that has managed to successfully merge interesting elements from both conventional strategy and MOBA games. The game is very easy to pick-up, and it also offers so many ways to upgrade your commanders, and by extension, your troops. There are even fun solo missions that you can play in, along with a load of PvP options. Let’s not forget about the very engaging storyline the whole game is set in as well! So, don’t wait – be a victor and write your own chapter in the pages of EndWar Online’s history today!

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by Aethyna Dec 1, 2015
Due to a nuclear terrorism event back in 2016 which has made a major global resource, fuel, scarce, war becomes the only way to ensure the survival of your faction. 3 factions from the USA, Europe and Russia vie to reclaim the land they’ve lost to rebel factions, such as the Legion. Play now and lead your faction to victory! Choppers inbound in EndWar Online EndWar Online: Getting flanked Headquarters in EndWar Online Read More

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